Batman Beyond

Season 2 Episode 18

Sneak Peek

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Mar 25, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Reporter Ian Peek is presenting his show, The Inside Peek, to his audience, Terry included. Among several stuff he shows, we see local celebrity Jamie Jerald having herself a genetic alteration despite it no longer being legal; Paxton Powers' playboy life; a boxing manager having an affair with the wife of one of his clients. Terry's mom tells him not to watch the show and tells him he wouldn't like being on the receiving end. However, Ian Peek has a secret of his own. He has the ability to pass through walls much to his advantage on his job, he uses it to get news on a mobster making a deal with D.A. Sam Young. Eventually Terry has to save Peek from mobsters who want to keep him from publishing his story. Peek is saved but Terry notices something odd about how he escaped and now suspects Peek's phasing abilities. At school, Terry learns about a scientist who researched a way to have two bodies occupying the same space at the same time. Terry later discusses the matter with Bruce Wayne, who reveals that his company used to sponsor the scientist. Terry suggests questioning him but Wayne reveals it's impossible since the scientist died years ago when a fire destroyed his house. Terry's investigations eventually lead him to Peek's secret. Unaware that Peek has planted a portable camera on the Batjet, Terry goes back to the Batcave to tell Bruce his findings. Terry suggests calling Commissioner Gordon to arrest Peek but Wayne asks what would he be arrested for. Terry says Peek trespassed but Wayne replies that's a reporter's job. When Terry goes home, he sees his brother and his mother preparing popcorn they plan to eat while watching the next The Inside Peek as Peek announced he's going to reveal the identities of the Batman and the old man supporting him. Terry reminds her of what she had previously said about being on the receiving end and she takes it back. Deciding his family decides to hear the truth from him before hearing from TV, Terry confesses he's the Batman but they only laugh. Terry talks to Peek trying to discourage him from exposing them. After Terry leaves, Peek realizes there's something wrong with his body as it starts changing without the device usually needed to render himself able to phase through walls. Peek postpones the exposure in order to have something to blackmail Bruce into helping. When Bruce asks him why he wants his help when there's so many other companies that could help, Peek mentions the scientist Bruce and Terry talked about earlier and Bruce realizes Peek is the one responsible for the scientist's death. Unfortunately for Peek, it's too late to help him. Now he can't keep himself from passing through the floors beneath him and he's unable to follow any law of physics except for gravity, which keeps pulling him down. Bruce tells Terry that Peek won't stop until reaching the Earth's core. The secret is safe again.
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