Batman Beyond

Season 3 Episode 7

The Call (1)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 11, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Superman spins Inque around everywhere, there is a goof. It shows Terry step and hold Inque on the ground. When he sees that the innocent bystander is really Superman, it shows them both in a full screen shot, but Inque has somehow vanished from the scene.

  • Quotes

    • Superman: Bruce, how you feeling?
      Bruce: I could use some of that Kryptonian DNA.
      Superman: You'll outlive us all, Bruce. You're too stubborn to die.

  • Notes

    • Throughout the episode, during Superman's on-screen appearances, one can hear parts of the Superman: The Animated Series theme.

    • This episode won a Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Directing in an Animated Television Production.

    • The Warhawk character is later revealed to be the son of Hawkgirl and Green Lantern/John Stewart. This is stated in the JLU episode "Once and Future Thing (2)." Warhawk sees Jon Stewart and calls him Dad.

    • According to Bruce Timm, he said that this episode was a test to see if they could do a Justice League series.

    • We see Aquaman in this episode, while Batman is checking Marina's file, but the design is not the same as the Aquaman from Justice League. Instead, it is the orange-suited Aquaman also seen in Superman: The Animated Series.

    • Warhawk has a "bird-head" image on his chest that most of the Thanagarian/Hawkpeople superheroes have. Warhawk's armor and costume look very similar to the armor that Hawkgirl had on in her Alternate Universe/Justice Lord appearance (seen in the Justice League season 2 episode "A Better World" - the Justice League of that world become the Justice Lords: considered by their world to be the bad guys because they ruled with an iron fist. Their Flash was dead)

    • Christopher McDonald voiced Jor-El (Superman's father) in the first episode of the animated Superman series.

  • Allusions

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