Batman Beyond

Season 3 Episode 8

The Call (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 18, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • How does Batman plan on getting back to Gotham City at the end? He turns around and walks off into the Arctic, which is kind of dramatic. However, the Batmobile has been destroyed and he has no way back! (Reply: Well, he is walking towards the crashed Batmobile. Maybe he hopes to be able to use it again.)

    • Even if the possessed Superman had to wait to initiate his plan (whatever the heck it was that required calling in Batman and destroying Metropolis) until it had bred enough other starfish, why didn't it use some of the first few to take over the remaining JLU members far earlier?

    • So why did the possessed Superman launch the attack on Metropolis in Part 1?

    • How did Warhawk escape from his armor? The events of Part 1 seem to make that it very difficult, if not impossible, for him to have done so. And why didn't Terry see Warhawk exit his armor on the replay?

  • Quotes

    • (On the radio receiver)
      Batman: The krytonite was two inches from my hand but I hesitated.
      Bruce: Why?!
      Batman: The guy's the greatest hero who ever lived. Er, one of the greatest, I'm thinking there had to be another way.
      Bruce: But now you know better.

    • Barda: Kal, you know I would never betray you or anyone who's fought at my side. But something's wrong.
      Superman: Nothing's wrong!
      Aquagirl: Please let us help.

    • Warhawk: So what were you really trying to do, hero? Finish him(Micron) off like to tried with me?
      Superman: I don't know what you're talking about. But I do know there's a traitor here. And I have been trying to find out who it is. That's why I brought him(Batman) in.
      Batman: You did bring me in but that doesn't mean you're innocent.
      Superman: Now I understand, it wasn't one of you that betrayed the League. It was all of you, you're all traitors.

    • Warhawk: You can talk, I have got other plans for him.
      Barda: We have to give him a chance to explain. He deserves that much.
      Warhawk: Fine, let him explain. And then I'll rip his arms off.

    • Warhawk: Yeah, Barda, calm down. The kid's right.
      Aquagirl: Warhawk! How did you....?
      Warhawk: I wasn't in the armor. I was operating it by remote, that's the only reason I'm not dust right now.
      Tibetan Green Lantern: Very shrewd. Not very like you.

    • Barda: It's easier for me to believe that you fabricated this (about the video).
      Batman: Listen lady, I never asked to be part of this club. You people just came to me.
      Barda: That was only Superman who came to you and now you're accusing him of murder! It doesn't make sense!
      Batman: I know it doesn't! And it's not going to be unless you open your eyes and stop being so pigheaded!

    • Batman: It came straight from the Batmobile's recorder.
      Barda: And that's suppose to convince me! I know even less about your vehicle than I do about you!
      Batman: What reason do I have to end up in the middle of this.
      Barda: What reason would Superman have to kill Warhawk!

    • (After seeing Superman betray them on a screen)
      Barda: I don't believe it.
      Aquagirl: It is hard to accept..
      Barda: No, I mean I don't believe this thing.

    • Superman: Yeah, he (Bruce Wayne as Batman) wasn't what you called a joiner.
      Batman: Maybe he and I have something in common after all.

    • Bruce: Never did trust those boom tubes.

    • (Fleeing an alien-possessed Superman in the Batmobile)
      Batman: (on the radio) How fast does this thing go?
      Bruce: Mach 3.
      Batman: Is that faster than a speeding bullet?

  • Notes

    • As with the previous episode, when Superman chases after the Batmobile, the Superman: The Animated Series theme plays, although this version is changed to fit the "evil" mind-controlled Superman.

    • It wouldn't be until the Justice League episode "Twilight" why we find out why Bruce distrusts boom tubes.

    • Although the starfish-creature is not referred to by name, it is presumably a variation of "Starro the Conqueror", a long-time opponent of the Justice League in various incarnations. Its origin and powers as shown here are somewhat different here then in any other comic book incarnation.

    • Wayne Brady is voice credited, even though his chracter Micron has no dialogue in part 2 because it was originally planned to air as a one hour special.

    • Though newly animated, this episode features flashbacks to events that occurred in the Superman: The Animated Series two-parter, "The Main Man".

  • Allusions

    • Terry asking "Is that faster than a speeding bullet" alludes to the same phrase from early Superman comics where it was said that Superman was "faster than a speeding bullet."