Batman Beyond

Season 2 Episode 19

The Eggbaby

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Apr 01, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: When Carl throws the eggbaby out the window, and Batman catches it and flies past him, watch closely - this is the only time you'll ever see Batman sticking his tongue out at someone.

  • Quotes

    • Bruce: There was another robbery a week ago.
      Terry: More rubies?
      Bruce: Exactly.
      Terry: What's she gonna do with them all?
      Bruce: Dunno. But I have a feeling she's not making slippers.
      Terry: Slippers? From rubies?
      Bruce: Before your time.

    • Batman: Daddy's got to go to work now.

    • Batman: Got the signal, gonna follow it.
      Bruce: Terry, remember, it's not worth risking your life for an egg.

    • Bruce: Its cries are computer-generated, aren't they?
      Batman: Yeah. So?
      Bruce: That would mean that the cries would have certain quantifiable, digital properties.
      Batman: Then I could set the Batmobile to scan for them, can't I?
      Bruce: Uh huh, unless they've already made an omelet out of him.
      Batman: Oh, hey!

    • Batman: No sign of them anywhere. I lost him.
      Bruce: Him!? That's a doll you're talking about. Not a life.
      Batman: It's my life, if it's lost. I'll have to take Family Studies again! And you ever taken Family Studies! Poor kid's going to cry until he shuts down.

    • Batman: (Finds a corner) This would be perfect. (to the eggbaby) Now please, don't wake up.

    • Terry: Hey, maybe you could... (Bruce looks at him) ...never mind.

    • Bruce: Do you have to keep lugging that thing around with you.
      Terry: I need the grade.
      Bruce: Even real parents with real children find ways to get away for a night.
      Terry: I tried leaving it with my mom but she said she was too young to be a grandmother.
      Bruce: What about your brother?
      Terry: I tried that too and I caught him shooting rubberbands at it.

    • Blade: And how is our little A+ doing.
      Terry: He's sleeping, you'll hardly know he's around.
      Blade: Forget it! Jorgan has this new vide, I want to check out. (Walks away)
      Terry: I want a divorce!

    • Nelson: It's not so bad, McGinnis. Really.
      Max: Here's the bio and physics.
      Nelson: Thanks, hun, how about the math?
      Max: It's coming, stop nagging.
      Terry: I get it, you're doing his homework so you don't have to take care of the baby.
      Max: We altered the traditional marriage. One breadmaker, one homemaker.
      Nelson: Beats algebra.

    • Howard: Does yours say anything yet? I swear, I heard little Howie say "papa." (Everyone looks at him) I mean it sounded like "papa."
      Terry: It will be a long time before I'll want anybody to call me that.

    • Nelson: Something's wrong, he's not eating. Why isn't he (Nelson's egg baby) eating!
      Terry: Maybe because you are trying to feed him through his nose.
      Nelson: Ohh...

    • Bruce: What's going on there! Is that a baby?!
      Batman: Ermm...
      Bruce: You brought a baby with you!
      Batman: It's not what you think. Really.
      Bruce: Terry, is there something you need to tell me?
      Batman: It's not a child, it's a... turn on your vid link. (Bruce sees the egg) See, it's not a real baby.
      Bruce: Why am I not reassured?

    • Bruce: (about the Batmobile) My instruments are saying you're only doing one-eighty. Is there a problem?
      Batman: Uhh.. (Looks at the eggbaby) She's feeling a little sluggush tonight. Didn't want to push her.
      (the eggbaby giggles)
      Bruce: What was that?!
      Batman: Er... nothing.

    • Terry: It will have to wait until tonight. I got to get to class. It's Family Studies and I'm failing.
      Bruce: (to Ace) How does someone fail Family Studies?

    • Terry: Ma Mayhem?
      Bruce: A tabloid gave her that name, it was the golden age of alliteration.

    • Garbage Man #1: Was that Batman? Dumpster diving?!
      Garbage Man #2: Hey, fella's gotta eat.

    • Ma Mayhem: This is getting old, Batman.
      Batman: Look who's talking.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Terry: Slippers? From rubies?
      This is an allusion to the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, and Jack Haley, based on the novels by L. Frank Baum.

    • Ma Mayhem is based off of 1930's gang leader Kate "Ma" Barker, who, with her four sons, terrorized the US with a series of robberies, kidnappings, and murders.