Batman Beyond

Season 2 Episode 16

The Last Resort

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Mar 04, 2000 on The WB

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  • A new "rehabilitation" centre for adolescents gone awry opens in Gotham, appearing as the solution to all parents and teachers' problems. Terry's friends are being hauled off by the truckload and all is not well behind the centre's closed doors.

    Enjoyable, as most Batman Beyond episodes were - well written and good characterisation. Not a bad plot either. But this may be the weakest episode so far in the series.

    [warning spoilers ahead]

    The execution of this episode is flawed however - with inconsistencies in character - and plot that could have been resolved with minor changes. I would chalk this down to the "rushed delivery" of this episode's writing due to the many rewrites (see the Notes Section).

    The majority of the episode is pretty flawless and the beginning (and premise) holds up well. But red flags in the story start appearing as soon as Terry returns from the ranch the first time:

    Terry and Bruce discuss how to reveal the plans of the ranch to the authorities. Bruce replies, "And what do I say when they ask me where I got it? A little bat left it on my front porch?" This is a moot-point when it comes to Batman. Batman would normally hand it over to the authorities himself. He is a third-party - a vigilante. The rest of this episode would not exist if he did - but he should have.

    And again when in confrontation. He could not deal with the guard hauling him to a cell. Should have been able to. And again having trouble, needing to be saved later on by the same guard. He's Batman! His resourcefulness comes into question when cornered and he needs Sean Phillips to get him out of the situation (really should have been the other way around).

    So in conclusion, yes - this episode does deliver the suspense and action that it promises - as well as having a nice social commentary on the easy traps that "instant parenting/teaching solutions" to behaviour that parents are desperate for (think therapy).

    Things that I came away with? There is no cure for teenagers. And Terry is not a very good Batman without the suit. Something that we learn is not true from the rest of the series. This episode is a bit of a black mark on Terry's career as Batman. Unfortunate.

    But if you are reading this review, think about it this way: If this is the worst episode in the entire series, there's a lot to look forward to. And is indicative of all the quality there is to witness.