Batman Beyond

Season 1 Episode 9

The Winning Edge

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Apr 10, 1999 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Batman ties up Bane's nurse, the rope is coiled five times around the nurse's body. In the next shot, there are six coils.

    • The number of petals on the flower the Joker wears on his jacket changes from six to seven between shots.

    • Trivia: It's been 20 years since Bane left prison. Twenty years is the same amount of time that Bruce stopped being Batman.

  • Quotes

    • News Anchor: Although their coach denies any involvement, he's been given a "time-out" from teaching.

    • Terry: You've got any ideas on how to play this?
      Bruce: Arch criminals I know how to handle. Mothers are something else.

    • Robber #1: Look I'm on the big screen!
      Batman: (kicks him) Five hunderd channels and nothing good on!

    • Terry: What is it?
      Bruce: Venom. A highly addictive steroid compound. Only one man has the formula. Bane.
      Terry: I heard of him.
      Bruce: You're going to meet him as well.
      Terry: Sure, as long as I'm home by nine.
      (Bruce gives him a look)
      Terry: (gives back an innocent look) I told you I was in trouble.

    • Dana: Wasn't that a great game! I mean the part you stayed awake for.
      Terry: Wasn't you. Honest. I'm just seriously REM deprived. See ya tomorrow.

    • Bruce: Good work.
      Batman: (yawns) Thanks.
      Bruce: These late nights too much for you?
      Batman: The nights aren't tough, it's the mornings.
      (Moves to a scene of him asleep in class)
      Teacher: Mr.McGinnis, I see that gravity has gotten the better of you.
      Terry: Huh?!
      Teacher: I'm sorry that my tests aren't more stimulating perhaps this failure to perform file carture your attention. Take it home and have your mother scan it.
      Terry: But?!
      (Bell rings)
      Teacher: Class dismissed!

    • Batman: Drop it, clown!
      Joker: It's the bat freak! Smoke him!
      (all Jokers grab guns and shoot but get beaten by Batman)
      Fake Ice-Cream Truck Driver: Geez, what will I tell my suppliers?
      Batman: Say you had a fire set-up.

    • Joker: Hahaha... Time for something sweet.
      Fake Ice-Cream Driver: Now boys, don't crowd. There's plenty for everyone.
      (Reveals weapons hidden inside an ice-cream truck)
      Joker: I can have some laughs with this. (Fires a weapon and creates a small explosion) Nasty.

    • Bruce: Remember, he was a formidable opponent. Be careful.
      Terry: C'mon, he's a zillion years old! How much trouble could an old geezer ... never mind.

    • Coach: I eat punks like you for breakfast.
      Batman: Sorry to spoil your appetite.

  • Notes

    • This episode, along with "Golem" and "Dead Man's Hand" were released on VHS as Batman Beyond: School Dayz. It was later paired up with the VHS release of Batman Beyond: Spellbound (consisting of "Spellbound", "Hooked Up" and "A Touch Of Curare") on DVD.

    • This episode, along with "Golem", "Dead Man's Hand" and "Meltdown" were released on DVD with "Rebirth" (parts one and two) a.k.a. Batman Beyond: The Movie.

    • As the second original Batman villain to return, Bane makes his Batman Beyond appearance as a sickly, skinny, old man recovering from Venom addiction.

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