Batman Beyond

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 18, 2001 on The WB



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    • Busybody: Shoudn't he be playing?
      Miguel's Mother: He is playing.
      Busybody: I mean with the other children.
      Miguel's Mother: Miguel. Why don't you give Soldier Sam a rest and go play with the other boys?
      Miguel: But Mom.
      Miguel's Mother: Come on, you have been doing that all day. Time for something else.
      Busybody: Uh.. such aggressive behavior.
      (Moves to a picture of little boys fighting)

    • Terry: (panting) Hi, Max. Sorry I'm late.
      Max: What new threat was it this time? Root-rot-man?
      Terry: (still panting) This time it really was Mr. Wayne. He needed a ride. His back again. Where's Dana?
      Max: She got tired of waiting for you. Sounds like an old song, doesn't it?

    • Batman: Come on. You have to trust me.
      Miguel: (moves his head away) Um ...
      Batman: Ah, slag it! (pulls off his mask) Look!!

    • Batman: It's all right. Don't be afraid.
      Miguel: Get away from me!
      Batman: Hey, I'm one of the good guys.
      Miguel: You don't look like a good guy.
      Batman: This (the suit), it's just to scare the bad guys really.

    • Bruce: I didn't. She (Barbara) was in a meeting. I couldn't get through. (pause) Terry??
      Batman: I think I just handed Miguel over to Kobra.

    • Batman: They've ditched the cars. Don't see the boy.
      Bruce: Follow them.
      Batman: Like you had to tell me.

    • Max: The cops were Kobra agents?
      Terry: Yeah, they must have figured I would be watching over Miguel, so they set up a distraction. The old man never would have fallen for it.
      Max: Hey, don't put yourself up. You were just starting out, remember?
      Terry: And I walked right into it.

    • Max: So the kid got on TV and told the whole world how he saw you without your mask?
      Terry: Yep
      Max: And the old man, he saw the report?
      Terry: How could he not, it was the news bite of the day.

    • Terry: It happened right after I started being Batman. There was this kid, Miguel Diaz. Around the same age as my brother. He was ganzo over the new action-figure, Soldier Sam.

    • Max: And I don't get what the big deal is anyway. If a few more people knew your secret, especially a certain girlfriend, life might be a lot easier for you.
      Terry: Oh yeah, just like with the Diaz kid, remember how easy that got.
      (Max look questioningly)
      Terry: Come on, it was all over the net.
      Max: The net's a big place, McGinnis.

    • Terry: What was that about?
      Max: made a little joke.
      Terry: What kind of little joke?
      Max: Just somethin' about how this school sees more of Batman than it does of you. (Terry glares at her) I know, it wasn't that funny.
      Terry: Max!
      Max: I'm sorry, okay?
      Terry: You can't even joke about this, understand?!
      Max: It just slipped out.

    • Nelson: Well if it isn't Mr. School Spirit.
      Nelson's Friend: Don't worry, McGinnis, Batman filled in for ya.
      (they walk away laughing)

  • Notes

    • After the cancellation of this series, there were many crossovers with other shows like Justice League Unlimited, The Zeta Project, and Static Shock.

    • Even though this was the last episode, it wasn't the true series finale. Justice League Unlimited revisited these characters in their episode entitled "Epilogue" -- Season 4 Episode 13, which aired July 23, 2005.

    • As with most Kid's WB shows, Batman Beyond ended with 52 episodes.

    • This episode was originally scheduled to air on Kids' WB on September 14, but was pulled after the September 11 attacks. Instead, it premiered on the Cartoon Network.

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