Batman Gotham Knights

Season 2 Episode 10

Beware the Creeper

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1998 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: The accident which transformed the Joker happened exactly seven years prior to this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Creeper: Breaking news! And if you broke it, you have to pay for it. And now the weather, partly gaga with a fifty percent chance of schizophrenia!

    • Harley: (singing to the tune of "Happy Birthday") Happy anniversery Mr. J. You're very swell and okay. Seven years to the day. Take the night off, let's play.

    • Harley: What do you want?
      Creeper: The inside story on The Joker. Also your phone number.

    • Ryder: What's going on here? We're live!
      Joker: No, I'm live; you're dead!

    • Creeper: Aw, sweetie got a boo-boo?
      (Harley hits him with her hammer)
      Harley: Aw, Creepo got a concussion?

    • Harley: You think Bat's saw you, putty tat?
      Joker: Oh he did, he did! He wouldn't dare miss a show about me. He's my biggest fan!

    • Joker: (waving nitroglycerine) How would you like a free trip to Metropolis, aboard Air Nitro?

    • Creeper: That's right, Mama. Hurt me - I've been bad.
      Harley: Knock it off, creep.
      Creeper: Creep-ERRR!

    • Batman: We've got to get him out of there.
      Robin: (looking at wreckage) Got a mop?

    • Batman: Who are you?
      Creeper: (sinister)They call me... (in manner of cartoon announcer) ..."Yellow-Skinned Wacky Man"! (sinister again) But I prefer "the Creeper."
      Robin: Call Arkham, quick.

    • Creeper: (to Harley) Baby! I love a girl who plays hard to get!
      Robin: She just tried to kill you!
      Creeper: (patting Robin's head) You're'll learn.

  • Notes

    • Ditko's Vintage Clothing store, where The Creeper gets his costume from, is named after The Creeper's creator Steve Ditko.

    • A Batman imposter for a show was later done in the Batman Beyond episode "Out of the Past" in which Terry and Bruce go to a musical, but in this episode they used this imposter to show the origin of the Joker.

    • The Creeper went on to become a member of the Justice League in Justice League Unlimited, although he never had any dialogue.

    • Batgirl, Nightwing, Bullock, and Gordon are absent in this episode.

    • Was dedicated to Bob Kane (creator of Batman) on its orginal broadcast date of November 7, 1998. Bob had passed away just four days earlier due to natural causes.

    • The line the Creeper uses after he spots a woman in her window "Okay, I love you, bye bye" is the same thing that the character Mindy from the show Animaniacs always said.

    • This episode establishes that Joker has used 'many aliases', including Jack Napier. The episode also works in past events from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

  • Allusions

    • News Report Scene
      In the scene where Bruce Wayne is watching the news report on the Joker, there is a scene where you see a dramatization of the origin of the Joker. During this, they cut to a scene where Joker and his henchmen are breaking into Ace Chemical plant but through a shadow-shot. This is directly from the scene from the first Batman movie by Tim Burton where you see the henchman and Jack Napier (Joker) break into the office of the plant.

    • The Joker's Henchmen
      They are based on the Three Stooges, with identical hairstyles and voices (as well as the clumsiness). The one who was supposed to be Curly had the perfect voice when he said, "Let me at 'em, let me at 'em!"

    • Creeper: It's been done.
      When the Creeper holds the plastic Batman mask to his face, the face and cowl is rendered in the style of Adam West's portrayal of the Caped Crusader from the '60s Batman.

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