Batman Gotham Knights

Season 2 Episode 7

Girl's Night Out

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1998 on The WB

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  • Terrible

    I see the good rating and need to take it down a couple of notches. So Batman is out of town and Batgirl is in charge. That makes sense. Superman is out of town and Supergirl is in charge. Ok...the story is already starting to fall into the tubes since Superman could fly there in a heartbeat to try to apprehend one of HIS villains (livewire). Let's also take into account, that as an avid Batman watcher up to this point, I have never seen Supergirl before nor do I care a thing about her. Her presence in the storyline doesn't add much other than the fact that they try (unsuccessfully) to play her off of Batgirl. Thirdly, why does Livewire seek out Poison Ivy and Harley? We don't know. Just randomly occurs. Where is Nightwing or Robin? No one knows. Just seems to me that they're working way too hard to try to create an all female atmosphere. If they wanted to make a 'girls can do what guys can do' type ep, than they should have pinned the heroes up against a MALE protagonist to prove that point. Instead, it was like watching an animated version of Birds of Prey...something I don't care to repeat.