Batman Gotham Knights

Season 1 Episode 8

Growing Pains

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1998 on The WB

Episode Fan Reviews (2)

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  • One Lost Soul

    This is my second favorate episode of this season because it's one of the most emotional moving and saddest ones I've seen.

    In a way the format of the episode is almost oddly similar to author Dean Kootz story "Watchers" which was about a smart dog that escapes from a goverment facility and is on the run from some genetic engeneered monster and both carry a psychic connection where they can sense where they are. Here a little girl we don't know is on the run from her abusive father and both can psychically sense one another.

    This episode is Tim Drake/Robin's episode and it's him at his best, just seeing the amount of emotion and independance he exercises are the first steps into his future superhero role "Red Robin".

    I like the action and suspense, I found myself constantly hoping Robin will get to the girl on time. But you also wonder how is he going to win against his opponent whom doesn't seem human, so I'm concerned for both lives.

    But what makes this episode is the interaction he has with the girl Annie, I liked the chemestry both had I felt both becoming friends. It's true that we don't really know her to well but well enough to actually care, she seemed like the kind of girl that I had a crush on when I was about both Tim and Annie's age. And that is why there is this strong sense of emotional attachment because both represent an innocence of love. I will admit the only drawback is I don't feel both Tim/Robin and Annie have nearly enough interaction time, it's probably because of time limitations so I can't hold it against the episode for it.

    The ending I'll admit is heartbreaking, I just felt completely empty inside. One lost soul does matter because it can touch another soul deeply.
  • Robin see a young run away girl who dosen't remember a thing. Robin helps her out, only it would lead them into trouble with ClayFace! And he want the girl! Will Robin save her?

    What a good episode. I'll admit that it's not one of my favorite episode from this show, but it's good. It had a great twist. And Robin seem to have a crush on a girl named Annie. It was great to see how they brought ClayFace back, who was suppose to be dead at the end of Batman: TAS episode 'mudslide.' It was well written.
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