Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 35

Almost Got 'Im

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 10, 1992 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, and Killer Croc play cards and tell stories about the time each one almost got Batman only to have the revolution of Batman being there the whole time listening to their stories.

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  • Definately in the top 5 episodes. Click on continue =P

    EXCELLENT EPISODE! I loved watching this episode. I didn't expect Killer Croc to be Batman at all when I was watching the episode. I like how they encorperated the top 7 villains (Joker, Two Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and Catwoman) into one episode. I thought that Joker's story was the best but that Penguin came closest. Trapped in a room with poisonous birds chasing you is scary. I also liked Harley and Batman at the end of the episode. Catwoman saying "Almost got 'im" at the end was the perfect closer for the episode. It could have been improved but I feel the episode was one of the greats.moreless
  • Reseviour Dogs

    This episode is my favorate of all because it has a lot of things. From the non linar story telling style which is similar toward the neo noir film "Reseviour Dogs" but most of all that it's like a lot of Batman adventures rolled in one.

    I like how everyone of these characters are at their best from the humor which is black and dry, one scene in a brief interaction with Poison Ivy and Two Face which has one of my favoarte quotes and just made me laugh.

    Two Face: "Half of me wants to strangle you."

    Poison Ivy: "And what does the other half want."

    Two Face: "The other half wants to hit you with a truck."

    After what Poison Ivy did to him in one episode I don't blame him.

    But we pritty much see from their perspectives in how they tell the story all of the close calls they came to killing the Batman, and their opinions about their efforts. The Joker of course is just being insulting of all their efforts sort of his way of saying "I'm better than you are."

    I personally think all of their efforts are comendable even though they didn't work in the end. From Poison Ivy who has exploding Jack O Landerns, Penguin with killer birds, Two Face with a giant coin, Croc well I can't comend his effort since it sounds pathetic but trust me there is a reason for this, and of course the Joker's story when he has Batman in the chair.

    I just love how all these stories in the end all add up to a twist in the end, where there was really only one person that almost got the Batman. Who it was I'll let you find out.moreless
  • Awesome Batman episode

    This ManBat aka Flying boar well this episode is a hit to me . It has the greatest stories and a twist at the end. I couldn't believe it. I love it. It was on favs. It why watch Batman the original animated series. It's dark nature and everything. It was beautifully written. And let me say Mark hamill as the joker is awesome. I recommend people who are reading this i advise u yo watch this episode. Its amazing you wouldn't guess, Its awesome awesome awesome well i got to fly but remember watch almost got im on of the best.moreless
  • The famous Almost Got Im deserves the title.

    This episode was nothing but amazing. The interaction between the Joker Penguin Poison Ivy Killer Croc and 2 Face was real and np setbacks the story was Bruce Timm classic and the stories of how the Dark Knight was almost killed was welll scripted ynbelivable 2 Face gruff character and Joker s maddness was great to watch this episode could nevr be remade. I heard of this cult classic watched and fell with the series i just watched not understood as a child. Now i watch Batman TAS episodes reguraly. The amaziing was unpredictable and dark this episodes deserves this score.That is it and this is the Vamp Review Adios!moreless
  • The Joker,Two-face,Penguin, Poison Ivy and croc describe their experiences as to they almost got Batman... wen croc spins a surprise later on...

    I liked the penguin so much... the Joker is still the King!!


    Two-Face: Whose deal is it?

    Penguin: Mine. I find your medley imaginations mildly diverting; but for sheer criminal genius, none surpasses my most recent ornithologically inspired entailment...

    Joker: Smaller words, please. You're losing croc.

    Croc: uhhhh..


    Penguin's proven time and again that he has a punch in his lines.. As for the Joker, he still the King of lines..

    Joker: Each of us has an "almost got 'im" Batman story. I know mine's the best, but lets hear yours anyway.. I would say ladies first, but since we don't have any, why don't you start off Pam?moreless
Arleen Sorkin

Arleen Sorkin

Harley Quinn

Recurring Role

Paul Williams

Paul Williams


Recurring Role

Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau

Selina Kyle / Catwoman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • All the numbers Harley reads from the phone book start with 555. This is due to the fact that 555 won't ring one up anywhere.

    • In Poison Ivy's flaskback, the outfit that she worn at the pumpkin patch is called a Bandeau swimsuit.

    • Even though Catwoman was tied up one might think that she could still attempted to roll off the conveyer belt when Harley Quinn had tried to escape.

    • The giant penny was only big enough for Batman's body to be tied to, but in every episode after this, it's about 5 times bigger.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Joker: Anyone else want to go?
      Killer Croc: (Killer Croc bangs the table as Poison Ivy gets surprised by this action.) Me!!! There I was, holed up in this quarry when Batman came nosing around. He was getting closer, closer...
      Poison Ivy: And...
      Killer Croc: I threw a rock at him. (Killer Croc is then met with awkward stares from Penguin, Joker, Two-Face and Poison Ivy.)
      Poison Ivy: (turns to Two-Face) So Harvey, what became of the giant penny?
      Killer Croc: It was a big rock...

    • Poison Ivy: And that's how I almost got him.
      The Joker: With exploding pumpkins?

    • Batman: (to Two-Face) Here, I owe you a dollar.

    • The Joker: Good evening, folks. I'm the Joker - living proof that you don't have to be crazy to host this show, but it helps!

    • Poison Ivy: So what ever happened to the giant penny?
      Two-Face: They actually let him keep it.

    • Penguin: Now, prepare to meet your end within my...Aviary of Doom.
      Poison Ivy: (incredulous) Aviary of what?!
      Joker: Yeesh, Pengers! How corny can you get?
      Penguin: Fahh! Just because you mongrel miscreants have no drama in your soul. Anyway, I had him trapped in my, big bird house.

    • Penguin: I find your petty machinations mildly diverting. But for sheer criminal genius, none surpasses my latest ornothologically-inspired entoilment.
      Joker: Smaller words, please. You're losing Croc.
      Killer Croc: (rubbing his head in confusion) Huh?

    • Joker: It seems we've all got an "almost got him" Batman story. I know mine's the best, but...let's hear yours anyway.

    • Two-Face: (resentfully) Poison Ivy.
      Poison Ivy: It's been a long time, Harvey. You're still looking... halfway decent.
      Two-Face: (glaring) Half of me wants to strangle you.
      Poison Ivy: (smiling) And what does the other half want?
      Two-Face: To hit you with a truck!
      Poison Ivy: (aside to others, referring to Two-Face) We used to date.
      Joker & Penguin: (catching her drift) Ahhhh...

    • Harley Quinn: And here's the man who puts a smile on your face whether you want it or not – theeee JOKER!!

    • Poison Ivy: (to Batman) It's just the darnest thing. I have this natural immunity to poisons, toxins, the pain and suffering of others. Go figure...bye. (Blows him a kiss)

    • The Joker: I'd say ladies first, but since we don't have any, (chuckles) we'll start with you, Pam.

    • Penguin: It's obvious our caped friend suffered some crime-related trauma when he was younger. Perhaps an over-anxious mugger blew off a piece of his face.
      The Joker: Sure, he could be all gross and disgusting under that mask! Uh, no offense, Harv.

    • The Joker: I want a nice clean game, gentlemen.
      Penguin: That would be a first...

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode is episode 18 on the Batman: The Animated Series Volume 2 DVD.

    • At the beginning, when the focus is only on their hands you see Two-Face putting half and half into his tea or coffee, an obvious joke. His poker hands during the game also usually have a "pair" of twos. Also, after Joker says he wants a nice clean game, you see him cheat by pulling an ace out of his sleeve.

    • Two-Face comments at the end of the story that the cops let Batman keep the penny. Now we know where that trophy came from - if only we knew where the tyrannosaurus came from (There was a T-rex robot in "Mean Season", but that's after the T-rex was seen in the Batcave).


    • Joker's story, that involves the Joker gassing an entire studio audience while on a talk show, is a possible reference to when he did the same thing in the Frank Miller graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.

    • Poison Ivy: (referring to Two-Face) We used to date.
      This refers to the episode "Pretty Poison", when Pamela Isley and Harvey Dent (PI & TF, respectively) were engaged, just before she tried to poison him.

    • Poison Ivy: And that's how I 'almost got him'.
      Joker: (sneering) With exploding pumpkins.
      The use of exploding pumpkins is a routine commonly used by both Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin, two of Spider-Man's archenemies. Ironically Mark Hamill, the voice of the Joker, voiced the Hobgoblin in the nineties Spiderman series.

    • Joker: you don't have to be crazy to host this show, but it helps
      In The Killing Joke at Arkham Asylum, there's a little poster saying; You don't have to be crazy to work on this place, but it helps

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