Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 11

Be A Clown

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 16, 1992 on FOX

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  • The mayor throws a party for his son and Joker decides to crash

    This is one of the weaker episodes, not because there wasn't enough fist-a-cuffs or anything like that, it's because some of the characters, namely the Joker were out of character. Now I know the DCAU Joker cant be as dirty and ruthless as they've shown in the comics over the years, palling around with a little kid, even if it means just to move the show along isnt exactly the best idea they've had. One of the funniest things about the show that I hear alot of ppl complain (or did complain once upon a time) about the show was the humor and how Batman would utter one-liners from time to time and this episode had a few examples. I think any episode with Mark Hamill's Joker in it is a must-see but even he couldn't put this episode to excellent status, but as I've written before I dont think this show ever had a truly awful episode in my opinion but check back with me after I've seen a few more episodes again to refresh my memory and we'll see.
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