Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 11

Be A Clown

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 16, 1992 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • While the mayor's butler is tying the purple birthday banner to the pole, his hand repeatedly changed to the color of the banner.

    • This episode is first on the list of premises in the series bible. Originally, the Joker kidnaps Jordan outright and forces Batman through a series of traps to rescue him.

    • The cards that Joker first launches at Batman disappear from the wall after he launches his final volley.

    • When The Joker, (in disguise as the clown entertaining at the party) first holds up the poster featuring the magician "Prosciutto" it is spelled "Proscuitto." Then, the next time the poster is revealed "Prosciutto" is spelled correctly. BUT, when Batman matches the poster up with the actual location, the "u" was before the "i" again. Also, the lettering is different. The first and third time the lettering is in print and the second time it is cursive.

  • Quotes

    • Jordan: How can I get to be a great magician like you?
      Jekko: Well, there are three steps. Step one: Run away. Step two: Find a magician with a great act. And step three: Steal it.

    • Joker: What? Compare me to Batman? I got more stlyes, more brains. I'm certainly a better dresser.

    • Joker: They don't make straitjackets like they used to... I should know.

    • Batman: (to two thugs) Garbage collection is normally on Monday, but in your case, I'm making an exception!

    • The Joker: If it wasn't risky, I wouldn't enjoy it!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The trap Joker uses on Batman is the famous "Water Torture Cell" that Harry Houdini could escape from in two minutes.

    • Title: Be a Clown
      The title of this episode is likely taken from the a song of the same name from the 1948 Judy Garland-Gene Kelly film The Pirate.

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