Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 33

Cat Scratch Fever

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 05, 1992 on FOX

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  • Cat Scratch Fever

    Selina Kyle is back, and she's bringing Sean Catherine Derek and Akom with her for "Cat Scratch Fever," one of the worst episodes of the series. I'll stick by my praise for Derek's early episodes, but her later work on the series has been as didactic as it is uninspired, and "Cat Scratch Fever" features an inane plot that primarily serves as a vehicle for an anti-animal-testing message. Released from prison on probation after saving Gotham from Red Claw, Selina returns home to find her cat Isis missing. She takes to the streets and discovers a pair of Roland Daggett's goons rounding up stray animals to serve as carriers for a virus that only Daggett Pharmaceuticals carries the antidote for. Selina breaks her probation and dons the Catwoman costume to put a stop to Daggett's stupid plot.

    It's a shame that Catwoman's episodes have been such clunkers, because the character brings out the romantic side of Bruce Wayne, a side that goes largely unexplored in the series. Bruce's dilemma of falling for someone that is only interested in him as a friend is one that should be familiar to most viewers, and the relationship is the episode's saving grace. Barbeau makes all of Selina's dialogue with Batman overtly sensual, while her interactions with Bruce are considerably tamer; she's appreciative of his help but ultimately not interested in him "that It's refreshing to see Bruce Wayne, the perfect man, get shot down by the object of his affections, and as a child, I often fantasized about becoming a superhero to win the hearts of my grade school beloveds. As an adult, I wonder if Bruce doesn't get off on the thrill of keeping his identity a secret from Selina. There are definitely some questionable morals at play when Batman flirts with Selina, taking advantage of her lust and disregarding her feelings for his alter ego.

    "Cat Scratch Fever" is the episode that ended B:TAS' relationships with both Derek and Akom, and it's not difficult to see why. Akom turns in some of the laziest animation of the series, with inconsistent character models and jerky action that make this one of the few truly ugly episodes of B:TAS. The opening courtroom sequence features a judge whose face looks like it was drawn with a crayon, and the painted background figures are featureless masses of brown with just enough definition to suggest a human shape. To get a really solid idea of how Akom animation compares to the better studios on the series, compare Selina's courtroom exit with Bruce's from "Feat of Clay, Part In "Clay," each figure in the crowd has a distinct body type and face and is animated independently from the group with realistic movement. "Cat Scratch Fever" features a crowd of similarly designed figures that move as an amoeba-like unit across the screen, the jerky animation moving the characters across the screen like paper dolls. And that's far from the worst animation in this episode.

    Akom doesn't get any help from the script when it comes to the fight sequences, and this episode has the most embarrassing battle since Batman vs. giant bird in "I've Got Batman In My Basement," the anti-climactic Batman vs. rabid dog scene. After the first fight sequence, the most flagrant display of deadly garbage cans on the series yet, you'd think there was nowhere else to go but up. Wrong. It shouldn't take Batman more than a couple of seconds to subdue a household animal, even one that's rabid, and his dog battle goes on for far too long, made even worse by the abysmal animation. It's just Derek trying to kill time because the plot is so flimsy, and the Daggett plot isn't even resolved on-screen, getting a small blurb on the cover of a newspaper in lieu of actual plot development.
  • A Great Episode

    I think this episode is a great episode. We see Bruce Wayne's feelings to Selina Kyle. Big Dog chasing Batman is a great scene. In the scene, we know that Batman is highly worried about Selina Kyle, because time is running out. He wants to save her. So he is completely thinking about Selina Kyle. That is why he tried to avoid the fight between him and the Dog. Sean Catherine Derek brings back Professor Milo after almost 18 years. In 1974, Professor Milo disappeared from the comics.

    Akom did the animation for this episode.

    The only problem is Boyd Kirkland's direction. The direction job should have given to a better director like Frank Paur. He directed Mad as a Hatter with Akom. In Mad as a Hatter, we really see good animation coming from Akom.

    But Akom's animation is really weak in this episode. Boyd Kirkland directed Joker's Wild too. And Akom's Animation for Joker's Wild is weak too.
  • Catwoman is being judged because of stealing, but because of her help to Batman to catch The Red Claw, the judge decides to set her free. After Selina arrives home, she learns that Isis the cat is missing. While her quest of her cat, she'll find out some

    The animated series tells us that Catwoman is not a real criminal. She has a better characteristic than other Batman stories, but it's good that the original story is also tell us the same.
    This is an enjoyable episode, that we watch Bruce Wayne falls in love with her once more.