Batman: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 10

Deep Freeze

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 26, 1994 on FOX

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    Another One shot two epsiode villian Mr Freeze. By the way does anything think what will happen when grant walker iceberg melts. Still trying to freeze everyone out??? TOO Bad they never had a follow up on him
  • Mr. Freeze is back.

    As "Batman: The Animated Series" was winding down, it seemed to be doing a lot of these "send-off" episodes for some of the villains (Riddler, Two-Face). Here, we have a farewell of sorts to Mr. Freeze, a character Paul Dini absolutely nailed in "Heart of Ice" and saved from a legacy of being just another "cold" villain, but who was never really able to find a place on the show afterward.

    Since Freeze was not a criminal in the sense of Joker or Penguin, he was really confined to stories that dealt with his efforts to revive his wife. Here, we find Freeze as a sort of victim, this time of a genuinely nefarious villain - Grant Walker. (Did anyone else see shades of Walt Disney, particularly the urban legend about cryogenics, in Walker?) Freeze really just wants to be left alone, so he's an unusual character. Unfortunately, this episode does not do him justice.

    Like other episodes from late in the run, the sci-fi is amped up big time here, and while the city of Oceania is reminiscent of the set pieces in the Fleischer "Superman" cartoons, the whole affair about freezing the city is pretty out there. Still, the final shot of Walker living forever in his kingdom is chilling (no pun intended.)