Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 4

Feat of Clay (1)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 08, 1992 on FOX
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An actor who uses a miracle cream to fix the scars left by an accident has the ability to change his face into anyone else's. The trouble is that he has deceived an employee of Bruce Wayne's into thinking the he was Bruce Wayne. This does not go well with Bruce's alter-ego. On top of that, the supplier (Daggett) has lost interest in the actor (Hagen).


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  • Mold it

    A great, intense detailed episode of treachery, loss, pain and revenge. I love this two part episode.

    Clayface was once a great actor until he was duped by a pharmaceutical company. Now he is clay face. a hideous monster that can shape-shift. It's up to Bats to stop him before his revenge kills some very powerful people
  • Batman finds himself in a sty when he is going after an addicted/druggy Actor, in this dramatic episode.

    Batman finds himself in another stinker as he slides into a battle against Clay Face. What he doesn't know is Clay Face is an actor who has been betrayed by a company who donated face cream that perfected his face to any face, such as Bruce Wayne. He impersonates Bruce Wayne and freaks out Bruce's good friend Lucious Fox. Story wise this episode hit a good point into what we see from actors and actresses around the world. A dire addiction they can't get over and end up dying in the process. This really hits home to me and i think this episode it selfs deserves a good pat on the back to recognition to those who deal with addiction in any form of entertainment.

    Well besides, that stepping stone, this episode was almost lack of action towards Batman. Besides a couple weak action scenes this episode was deprived of what Batman makes the money off of. However, instead of a good action performance you get a good dramatic performace by Clay Face himself.

    Overall, this episode doesn't really deserve a hard 9 but something a little lower. Good episode with some flaws.moreless
  • Bruce Wayne is accused of attacking an executive for Wayne Enterprises. Actor Matt Hagen uses one of Daggett's invention to fix his deformed face.

    This episode is part 1 of 2 all about how Clayface came to be. It starts with Luscious Fox meeting Bruce Wayne in an alley to get papers for indicting Daggett. It turns out to be a setup and Luscious just manages to get away with his life. Meanwhile actor Matt Hagen is trying to recover from some sort of accident that happened to him in the past. He has some sort of face cream which he gets from Daggett that makes his face soft so he can mold it. By the end of the episode Bruce Wayne is caught by police in Fox's hospital room and Daggetts men use the face cream against Hagen in a way that will scar him forever. The second part of this episode is looking like its gonna be a zinger.moreless
  • Great episode, while not as good as the conclusion , still a classic

    This episode is the introduction of Clayface and the build up to the superior second part. While lesser than part 2 this episode certianly still had its moments. It has an exellent starting where the audience starts to think that Bruce Wayne has stolen from Lucius Fox, we then see Batman and know that this cannot truly be Wayne. We get to see Matt Haygon's origin into Clayface ,It builds up to what is probably the best Batman interigation scene ever. With Batman hanging Raymond Bell over the city from the Batplane. The episode then ends on a terrific cliffhanger with Bruce Wayne being sent to prison for his supposed attack on Lucius Fox. You won't be able to wait for the conclusion.moreless
Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr.


Guest Star

Dick Gautier

Dick Gautier


Guest Star

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman

Matt Hagen

Guest Star

Edward Asner

Edward Asner

Roland Daggett

Recurring Role

Mari Devon

Mari Devon

Summer Gleeson

Recurring Role

Brock Peters

Brock Peters

Lucius Fox

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Batman drops Bell into the rooftop pool, the police immediately tell him that he is under arrest. Why would they arrest someone when they don't even know who it is? Even if they saw Bell's face, they have no reason to arrest him.

    • When Germs and Bell catch Hagen in the Daggett Industries laboratory, he turns around and claims he's Bruce Wayne. Surely he doesn't think this will work, since they were with him when he originally impersonated Wayne?

    • When Bell first appears inside the tramway, he isn't wearing his headphones. However, he's suddenly wearing them on his first closeup after Lucius Fox is pinned under the sign.

    • When Bell and Germs catch Hagen before the first commercial break, they're both armed with pistols. After the break, not only is Germs now holding a shotgun, but Bell's weapon has disappeared entirely.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Bell: (After Germ and Bell pour the beaker of Renuyu down Haggen's throat they take his unconscious body to his car and put him in it) Sweet dreams, slimeball. (Haggen's hand starts to turn to putty and a blob drips off)

    • Batman: Listen up scum wad, 'cause I'm only gonna ask you once. Who was Lucius Fox meeting at the tram?
      Bell: Wayne... Bruce Wayne!
      Batman: You lying sleaze. You wanna rethink that answer?

    • Daggett: Frankly, I think our Mr. Hagen has outlived his usefulness. I want him dealt with.
      But, Mr. Daggett, the man's a master of disguise. He was even before he had his accident and you gave him this stuff.
      Bell: Yeah. It's not easy finding somebody who can change the way he looks.
      Daggett: (chuckles) You needn't bother searching for him. This is the only place in the world where he can get what he needs. And when his supply runs out... he'll come to us.

    • Teddy: You can't go on like this, Matt. You hurt all the time now.
      Hagen: You're just my stand in, Lupus. Nobody promoted you to nursemaid.
      Teddy: That stuff makes your face like putty, Matt. It can't be good for you.
      Hagen: It probably ain't good for me. But unless I only want to do horror pictures, it ain't bad for me either.

  • NOTES (4)