Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 5

Feat of Clay (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 09, 1992 on FOX
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The overdose of Renuyu Daggett's goons forced on Matt Hagen has caused him to turn into a monstrous creature with the ability to shift his body to mimic others' appearances. He plans to exact his revenge on Daggett, even if it means going up against Batman.

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  • Matt Hagen is trying to adjust to his new look all the while plotting to get Daggett back. Batman is still trying to find out who impersonated Bruce Wayne and how to clear his name.moreless

    Another great one. We see Hagen now totally tranformed and he comes to realize that he has the ability to control his external appearance simply on thought. Daggett sends a thug names Germs to take care of Luscious Fox but Batman intercedes and in turn Clayface impersonated as a security officer intercedes as well. A rooftop battle lets you see just how powerful Clayface is. Eventually Batman ends up in a little visual control room with Clayface and he has a bunch of tapes flashing Matt Hagen's characters in his career. This causes some sort of mental overload in Clayface and he ends up electrifying himself. At the end Batman is analyzing a piece of clay left behind and he discovers that electricity has no effect on it. Clayface lives and he tricked us all. I recommend this 2 part series to anyone who likes this show.moreless
  • example of a Good Batman episode

    Amazing part the origin of Clay face was a fine example of this show.

    The origin of clay face was amazing and well thought out. Combinig three origins of numerous clay faces together. But I digress. The episode not only showed action it showed pure emotion is face with is cruel fate and how you feel the anger against the people made Matt Hagen Clay Face. The abilities oc Clay Face are great to watch even though the battle are short their still great to watch. Ron Pearlman the voice of Clay Face should the Raw Nature of this villain. The Tear Jerker of this episode is when clay face faces his original face and goes insane also the mysterious ending the viewers find out Clay Face isn't dead.That is it Gotta Fly.moreless
  • Amazing part the orgin of Clayface was a fine example of this show.

    The origin of clayface was amazing and well thought out. Combinig three orgins of numerous clayfaces together. But I digres. The episode not only showed actio it showed pure emotion is face with is cruel fate and how you feel the anger aganist the people made Matt Hagen Clay Face. The abilities oc Clay Face are great to watch even though the battle are short their still great to watch. Ron Pearlman the voice of Clay Face should the Raw Nature of this Villian. The Tear Jerker of this episode is when clay face faces his orginal face and goes insane also the mysterious ensing the viewres find out Clay Face isn't dead.That is it and this is the Vamp Review Adios!moreless
  • Perhaps a bit better than the excellent first part.

    This episode is yet another superb, tragic, origin story. While the first part focused on Matt Haggen\'s past and his transformation, this one is about what happens in the immediate aftermath. It includes excellent animation, espically on some of the transformation scenes. The music is great too, with \"Clayface\'s theme\" perfectlly suited.

    I felt that perhaps a fight scene or two may have gone on too long, but on the whole this episode balanced some exciting action with real story development.

    The final scenes are particularly well done both in the animation and story.

    This episode certainly ranks up with the best of the series.moreless
  • Far better than part one, in just about every field

    What you will undoubtably notice , right off the bat in this episode is the animation is infinitley superior to that of part one. That is not the only thing that has improved since the first part. This episode features Clayface acctualy in action and able to fight with Batman, Clayface is a special addition to the series in that he is probably the first supervillan in the show so far that acctualy has superpowers, and in this episode they are definitley used to their full potential including, him mimmicing a secturity guard, a doctor, Batman's face , transforming his hands into, metal claws, pincers, anvils and much more. All supported by spectacular animation. Another great part in this episode was the interigation scene. While not as good as the one in part one, still great. We get to see amazing transformasion effects on Clayface, Batman outsmarting and ultimatley defeating Clayface, Clayface confronting Dagget (The man responsiblr for his condition) and much much more.moreless
Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr.


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Dick Gautier

Dick Gautier


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Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman


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Mari Devon

Mari Devon

Summer Gleeson

Recurring Role

Brock Peters

Brock Peters

Lucius Fox

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Edward Asner

Edward Asner

Roland Daggett

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Clayface says that he can't be an actor anymore because he can't maintain a disguise for long, and he loses his form when he is distracted. However, from right after that scene, he is able to keep his disguises for long periods of time, even when distracted, including when he remained hidden in a television crowd until he was ready to confront Dagget.

    • It is unlikely that Bruce would be allowed bail after being positively IDed twice by Lucius as the person trying to kill him, especially since the police caught him during the second ID. It is even more unlikely that Lucius would have no protection at the hospital after Bruce was caught in Lucius's hospital room.

    • At the beginning of the episode, one of the reporters asks Bruce about the charges of assaulting Lucius Fox. The voice of this reporter is clearly that of Brock Peters, the same actor who did the voice of Lucius Fox himself.

    • When he is putting on his costume after he get's out of jail, Bruce/Batman says that Bell said he didn't know who impersonated Bruce Wayne. Bell didn't say anything like that. He had fainted when Batman was questioning him.

    • One of Daggett's bodyguards loses his hat when he's knocked aside by Clayface, but it's back on in the next shot.

    • Germs' trenchcoat mysteriously disappears by the time Clayface gets him to the roof of the hospital, despite the fact that his arms are bound in such a way as would prevent the coat from being removed.

    • The jar of Renuyu that Batman finds in Hagen's dressing room doesn't match the one from the previous episode at all.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Batman: Look Alfred. A piece of clay left behind when they took Hagen's body away. Watch. (he touches the lump with an electric prode, the lump changes shape a few times then reverts to its original state)
      Alfred: Electricity has no effect on it?
      Batman: Exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if the body they took to the morgue was only a shell. (at the morgue, Clayface's body-like shell disentergrates)
      Batman: Don't forget, first and foremost, Hagen was an actor. He said it himself, Alfred. He called it a scene. Maybe the greatest scene of his career... (Teddy is standing outside the morgue)
      Teddy: See ya around, Matt. (as he walks away, he passes a young woman)
      Batman:...a death scene so real it fooled us all. (the young women starts to laugh madly, her voice starts to sound more manly, and her eyes turn yellow and pupiless, just like Clayface)

    • Clayface: You know what I'd have given for a death scene like this? Too bad I won't get to read the notices.

    • Batman: Look at them, Hagen. Look at what you used to be.
      Clayface: No. No. Turn them off!
      Batman: You can play those roles again, Hagen. Let me help you find a cure.
      Clayface: No! Hagen's gone. Make him stop haunting me!

    • Clayface: You again.
      Batman: Hagen... listen to me...
      Clayface: There is no Hagen. It's only me now... Clayface.

    • Clayface: Not even the Batman could stop me, Teddy, and that means Daggett won't have a prayer.
      Teddy: Matt... please. Y-y-you don't wanna do anything crazy. Why don't you try to get some shut eye?
      Clayface: DON'T YOU DARE PATRONIZE ME! I told you I don't need rest. I don't need food and I DON'T NEED YOU!

    • Clayface: The formula must have soaked every cell in my body.
      Teddy: It's... It's some kind of miracle. [changes back to Clayface] Wha... What are you doing?
      No. No! You broke my concentration. It won't work. Don't you see? It's too hard. It's like tensing a muscle. I can't keep it up for long!!! MY CAREER, MY LIFE, IT IS GONE. AND I CAN NEVER GET IT BACK. I'M NOT AN ACTOR ANYMORE. I'm not even a... man.

    • Clayface: Comeback! Comeback? From this! Face it, Teddy. Matt Hagen is history. This time for good. He's never coming back again.

  • NOTES (3)