Batman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 23, 1994 on FOX

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  • Incredible and really entertainning! One of my three favorites of Batman: TAS!

    The Joker stolen an Atomic Bomb and the Mayor refuse to evacuate Gotham city so Batman and Robin need assistance of Harley Quinn in order to find him. This episode has great animation, very interresting and funny story and lots of funny and great scene like when Harley sings Say we're sweethearts again and Batman slam his head on the table while tied up, Harley kicks the Joker in the face and many others. I Think I love the character Harley Quinn in this episode beacuase her animaton is great and she's at her funniest and her best in Harlequinade, i'm not so fond of Harley's Holiday, I hate the episode version of Mad Love in TNBA( and it's not the final episode in TNBA as it wasn't produced as, Judgement Day is the final episode and Beware the Creeper came after Mad Love. The original version of Mad Love, the comic which came before my favorites Trial and Harlequinade is way better than the episode). Harley and Ivy is good, but Harlequinade is the best Harley Quinn episode. And the actual song that Harley sings in this epiosde fits perfectly for her about the abusive relationship and tragedy between her and the Joker and the lyrics describes about the all things she's been through the relationship. And the ending of the episode is my favorite scene along with when Harley sings. This is a perfect genre for comedy and action, the best episode and it's really pure enjoyable to Watch!
  • not my favorite episode but its cool

    this episode is not why I watch this series because I like the dark episodes better, but this was a lot of fun, and a great episode also. The Bats - Harley relationship was pretty cool, and scenes like Batman screaming at her in the bat mobile or when Harley sings and Batman punchs his head were really funny. The thing that I don't like that there was in this episode is like when Batman come out of the shadows he looks awesome but you see Robin from behind and he's all dark and there's no reason for him to look like that. And I don't like that very much.

    Well then we have the Joker, whose animation was excellent, aswell as Mark Hamill as him.
  • My 3rd favorite episode.

    This is why I watch this series! For episodes like this. Harley Quinn was great. RThis was the first time they tapped into her origin and this was when she became my favorite character. Harley was silly during the whole episode (in a good way) with so many funny scenes. When she gets into a fight with Joker, I was giggling with joy. The end of the episode shows that she had the guts to kill Joker. They all thought that the gun she was firing at Joker was real. That is what drove Joker and Harley back together. Almost killing eachother. All in all, a perfect score from me.
  • Take a gander at the top of the page ;)

    I loved this episode! I was cracking up throughout!!! My favorite part was when Harley and Batman were sneaking and she follows him "Sneak, sneak, sneak" Ha, ha good stuff. They also go into her history which rocked!!! I loved the whole 'woman scorned' subplot that was there, it was all so classic and hilarious!
  • Another Harley gem.

    The Joker has stolen a bomb that could threaten Gotham and reduce it to a crater. When Batman is informed, he feels the only way to find the Joker is to enlist the help of the Joker's nutty sidekick, Harley Quinn.

    This was another great Harley episode, which provided some development for the character. She acts as delightfully looney as her puddin' in this episode, and the part where she sings about the Joker was really funny. We actually see her doubting the Joker and his wicked schemes, as Batman and Robin try to psyche her out, and she actually tries to kill Joker. But the end makes a statement about Joker and Harley's relationship: it's abusive and even when Harley starts to see the Joker for the twisted mind that he is, they always end up in each others arms again.

    Mark Hammill was his usual twisted Joker self, making this episode such an enjoyable watch.
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