Batman: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 6

Harley's Holiday

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 15, 1994 on FOX
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After being discharged from Arkham, Harley Quinn tries to lead a normal life but she keeps getting into trouble.

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  • Crazy Holiday

    I'll admit this is probably one of the most bizzare episodes of the show because it's a comidy which the show never does. But this turned out to be a good thing let alone a good risk, and it wound out being one of my favoarate episodes ever. In a way this episode is as funny and reminds me a little of the film "National Lampoons Vacation" which was also about a vacation gone wrong.

    Everything that happens to Harley is like a snowball starts out small but then turns into a bolder. Harley really can't fit in because she's just too much of an oddball from those hyhena pets she walks in the public to an outfit that is sort of a retro style, which makes it all the more funny and is remonicent of those silent film comidies figures like Buster Keeton and Charlie Chaplin whom always played outsider oddball characters that never really fit in to the norm. It's starts with one simple misunderstanding but then turns into a catastrophe. Harley is just a magnet for trouble he's being chased by cops, runs into some C list hoodlims, Batman, but worst of all the father of Bruce's girlfriend Harley kidnapped unintentionally (well at first anyway). The father unfortunately is a army general and he tries to save his daughter his way which is the most crazest thing I've ever seen. He drives a tank on Gotham Bridge to gun Harley down, I'm not kidding. That's when I know the sittuation just completely out of control, I'm not sure who's crazier Harley or the world around her.

    And as usual Harley has that funny but sympathic personality, she really was trying to go straight but it just wasn't working out for her. And thoughout the ordeal she is trying to do the right thing, but with what happens around her it's making her have second thoughts.

    The ending is just gold, when we see Harley kissing Batman pashionately and I think Batman might have liked it, in that scene Batman had his hand on Harley butt hmmmm; I can't help but feel it shows Harley isn't just attracted to the Joker but Batman as well. Man that about three feme fatales in a row for Batman, all I can say to that is way to go Batman. And kudos to Harley you got good taste.moreless
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    This is the exact reason why I watch this series. I love Harley and when I heard that she had gone straight I thought one thing: "Yeah right!" What suprised me and started to make me doubtful was that Harley actually tried to be good until everyone tried to blow her up and shot her and run her over and what not. I was hoping that this epsiode would get it through people's thick heads that Harley is more than just Joker's sidekick, she is a villain all on her own and that point was made when she started to fight Batman on the building and was almost winning.moreless
  • Its nice that they worked these kinds of episodes in occasionally.

    Harley Quinn was the best edition to the Batman universe that Batman: The Animated Series brought us. She really was alot of fun and, even when she was trying to kill Batman, you never got the feeling she was really evil. That is why this episode worked.

    Imagine if you were in Harley's shoes. You really do want to go straight but you just dont "get" the outside world. As a result, when a store security officer comes to help you, you immediately jump to the conclusion that he is out to get you. And it just snowballs from there.

    Just a very fun episode about a great character. And the ending, where she thanks Batman, is laugh out loud funny while also being very sweet.moreless
  • Fun episode with extra Harley to boot!

    So we find out that Harley is "cured" and will be set free. She of course pledges to Batman (who is conveniently in the hallway) to be on the straight in narrow. It really doesn't take long for her to get into trouble as she pays for a dress and does not wait for the tag to be removed.

    Chaos ensues. Being a story written by Paul Dini (as all episodes with Harley are) this is a hilarious trip. Too bad we get some oddities on the way. Like Bullock who get into accident after accident in a farce reenactment of another bumbling cop. Or the Daddy who just happens to be an Army general with the fastest tank in the world.

    The worst was when they had a brief Thelma and Louise moment on the bridge (just before Daddy showed up). That could have been skipped, but thankfully it was short.

    In the end, Batman helps Harley back to Arkham, which is good. She obviously is not yet ready for the mainstream yet. Although, it would be nice if she was given some ordinary skills (like how to shop) before she is released again.

    Quick side note. When Batman catches Harley at the end and she is in his arms, note his hand placement. He’s grabbing himself some very nice hiney.moreless
Loren Lester

Loren Lester

Dick Grayson / Robin

Bob Hastings

Bob Hastings

Commissioner Jim Gordon

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Suzanne Stone

Suzanne Stone

Dr. Joan Leland

Guest Star

Dick Miller

Dick Miller

Boxy Bennett

Guest Star

Frank Cover

Frank Cover

General Vreeland

Guest Star

Robert Costanzo

Robert Costanzo

Detective Harvey Bullock

Recurring Role

Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner

Veronica Vreeland

Recurring Role

Henry Polic II

Henry Polic II


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Bennett: (holding gun on Harley and Veronica) Any last words?
      Harley: Just one. (big breath) BABIEEEEEES!!!!! (hyenas barge in and attack Bennett) Play nice with your new chewtoy.

    • Bennett: (to Harley) The last time you was here, you not only wrecked my club, you brought the friggin' Bat down on me. (draws gun) Give me one reason I do not dust you right now.
      : (kissing Bennett briefly but noisily) Mmmm-WAH!
      Bennett: (putting gun away) I'll buy that.

    • Harley Quinn: (after getting saved by Batman) I think I made a mess on your cape. (faints)

    • Harley Quinn: I'm having a bad day! (struggling) I'm sick to death of people trying to shoot me, run me over, and blow me up! (crying) I didn't even get to keep my new dress! And I actually paid for it! I tried to be good...I really did. But if that's not good enough, fine! (pulling out Joker grenades) Let's get back to basics!

    • Harley: (after an extended kiss) Call me.
      Batman: (smiling) Don't press your luck.

    • General Vreeland: Got you now--
      Detective Bullock: --you screwy little--
      Boxy Bennett: --trouble-making clown!

    • Harley Quinn: Oner thing I gotta know: why'd you stay with me all day, risking your neck for someone who's never given you anything but trouble?
      Batman: Because I know what it's like to rebuild a life. (hands her the dress she paid for) I had a bad day, too...once.
      Harley Quinn: Nice guys like you shouldn't have bad days.

    • Veronica Vreeland: Who dresses you anyway? Alfred?
      Bruce: (blushes) Well, actually...

    • Harley Quinn: (to Bruce) Back off, rich boy, I'm armed! (hits him with a mannequin's arm)

    • Veronica Vreeland: Wait, what are you doing? That's my father!
      Harley Quinn: No. That's your father IN A TANK.

  • NOTES (5)


    • The Killing Joke:
      Batman's line "I had a bad day too, once" is a reference to the famous Batman graphic novel "The Killing Joke". In the graphic novel the Joker asks Batman the same exact thing in the form of question.

    • Bijou: A Porus Line:
      One of the backdrops seen during the big chase scene showed a Bijou theatre headlining the show "A Porus Line", which alludes to the Broadway c "A Chorus Line".

    • ACME:
      The department store alarm clearly reads ACME, the same fictitious company that provides equipment for in WB's other cartoons most notably; Wil E. Coyote

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