Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 3

Heart of Ice

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 07, 1992 on FOX
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A vengeful Dr. Victor Fries (AKA: Mr. Freeze) hatches a plot against Ferris Boyle, the evil and heartless businessman who inadvertently created him and is responsible for the apparent death of his wife, Nora.

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  • Chill out dude

    This was a great introduction to Mr. Freeze. I always thought he was kind of a dud villain but TAS gave him style, story and substance. Victor only wants to cure his wife of a very rare disease but not only can he not afford it the backers are pulling out. When he refuses to give up he is caught in an accident and Mr. Freeze is born. Now using powers and technology of cold he is out to find a cure for his wife but all he needs is money and tech to do it. Enter Batman!moreless
  • "The monster who took you shall soon know that revenge is a dish best served cold..." - Mr. Freeze

    loved every minute of this episode. the animation was brilliant - the ice and the ice weapon were superbly drawn and well coloured. Mr Freeze himself was well designed despite Paul Dini commenting on the design changes he would want to incorporate if he did this episode again. Batman was good in this episode too. he was sympathetic and carefully fought Freeze with wits as opposed to fists. Feris Boyle was cold and harsh - which suits the theme just fine in this episode.

    this episode contains some of the best dialogue written including that oh-so-knowing Klingon Proverb. Great Stuff! Best episode ever.moreless
  • Batman goes up against Mr. Freeze. Definately one of the best episodes.

    This in my opinion is one of the top 5 episodes of this series. The story starts out with a strange sequence of cold related crimes against Goth Corp. Ferris Boyle the CEO of Goth Corp seems as lost as everyone else in regards to these thefts. Bruce Wayne comes to learn of a disgruntled ex-employee named Dr. Victor Fries who was caught using company equipment for his own purposes. When Batman investigates he sees that Fries is just attempting to store his beloved wife Nora in a cryogenic freezing chamber until they can cure her inoperable disease. Ferris Boyle interjects and tries to pull the plug, stuff goes down , there an explosion and Mr. Freeze is born. He goes after Ferris Boyle to avenge his wife. Batman tries to stop him. Watch this episode for yourself .... its great. Good ol' chicken soup ... the only way to fight a cold!!moreless
  • One of the best episodes in the series, hands down.

    A powerful, thought-provoking episode. Dr Victor Fries wants only to save his beloved wife, but his plans are thwarted by a greedy and evil businessman, and Fries is turned into a monster - a monster thirsting for revenge. The title of the episode, "Heart of Ice", can be interpreted as referring to Dr Fries/Dr Freeze now having a frozen heart. However, it is revealed that he still loves his dead wife. Perhaps the one with the true "Heart of Ice" is the one who turned him into Dr Freeze.moreless
  • Mr. Freeze is determined to avenge his wife's death by using his new icy powers to freeze the person responsible.

    It is amazing that Mr. Freeze started off as a comedic, ice-themed villain in the comics with very fourth class, typical superpowered villain plots, having the name Mr. Zero to begin with and being casually killed off by the Joker which originally had no impact. He then went on to appear in the Adam West 1960s Batman series in a very campish interpretation(as to be expected). This episode changes that 100%.

    Mr. Freeze is obviously the main focus of the episode. He is no longer a clown who has the ability to freeze people with his ice gun. He is a tragic, complex character who has suffered a terrible loss that he just cannot get over. His wife has died thanks to the selfish, foolish nature of the greedy Ferris Boyle, and his rage has driven him mad, especially since he was pushed into a container of icy fluids that made him cold-blooded and forced him to remain in an icy suit. Mr. Freeze has lost everything, and revenge is now all he lives for. This is nothing like how he was originally portrayed, and it is no surprise that after this episode, the comics chose to resurrect him and change his origin to this far superior one, which essentially makes Mr. Freeze a far better and more interesting character. It is hard to believe that the notorious 'Batman and Robin' changed him back to the camp, cringe-worthy version that he started off as.

    Although Mr. Freeze is what catches your attention, the music, visuals and dialogue are all the best that BTAS has to offer. This is very possibly the greatest Batman ever. 5/5.moreless
John Mariano

John Mariano

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Robert David Hall

Robert David Hall

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Michael Bell

Michael Bell

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Mari Devon

Mari Devon

Summer Gleeson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Mr. Freeze apparently has the only television that produces color as every other television in Gotham is in Black and White.

    • Toon Disney does a rather interesting edit to this quote...

      Mr. Freeze: Think of it Batman. To never again walk upon a summer's day with a hot wind in your face and a warm hand to hold. Oh yes, I'd kill for that.

      Toon Disney cuts out "I'd kill for that" making it not nearly as emotional.

    • Goof

      Two times the colors of the bat logo on Batman's chest switches, yellow bat on a black oval.
      The first time just after Batman breaks his 'ice-cuffs', while hanging upside down.
      The second time when he lands after knocking out the guy behind the control panel of the freeze canon.

    • Batman's uttering "My god!" was quite unusual for a network cartoon at the time. (1992) Normally, the censors wouldn't have passed words directly discussing religion, like god and hell. In particular, using "My god!" in that context would have been considered blasphemous by most cartoon censors. Taking God's name in vain was as equally frowned upon as even positively discussing religion in cartoons.

    • The tape of the accident that created Mr. Freeze features close-ups and jump cuts. If the recording was automated as it appears to be, this is not possible.

    • When Batman is dressed as a security guard he reaches into his Batbelt and pulls out the key card. As he reaches for the card, it appears in his hand out of nowhere.

    • When the legs of one of Mr. Freeze's thugs are frozen he is wearing shoes. Later when the ice surrounding his feet and legs thaw in a chemical bath in the batcave, he is not wearing shoes.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Batman: (dressed as a security guard Mr. Boyle sent me to fill in. Enjoy yourself at the party with his complements.
      Guard: Great! (Batman sneezes) Are you alright?
      Batman: I'm fine, take off.

    • Batman: (The ice covering the criminal's legs desolve in the chemical bath) He's pulling through, the hot chemical bath did the trick. (loud sneeze)
      Alfred: You could use a hot bath yourself.

    • Summer Gleeson: (Watches Batman hit Mr. Freeze with the chicken soup container causing the helmet to shatter. Mr. Freeze can't take the heat of the soup.) What is that?
      Batman: The only way to fight a cold.

    • Mr. Freeze: I failed you. I wish there were another way for me to say it. I cannot. I can only beg your forgiveness and pray you hear me somehow... someplace. Someplace where a warm hand waits for mine.

    • Mr. Freeze: Sooner or later all who stand in my way must feel the icy touch of death!

    • Ferris Boyle: (being frozen) Stop... Please... I beg you!
      Mr. Freeze: You beg? In my nightmares I see my Nora behind the glass begging to me with frozen eyes. How I've longed to see that look frozen on you!

    • Mr. Freeze: The cold eyes of vengeance are upon you, Boyle.

    • Mr. Freeze: Let the evil that walks inside be cleansed by pure unforgiving ice.

    • Mr. Freeze: The snow is beautiful, don't you think? Clean. Uncompromising.
      Batman: ...and cold.
      Mr. Freeze: Like the swift hand of vengeance.
      Batman: I saw what happened to your wife. I'm sorry.
      Mr. Freeze: I'm beyond emotions. They've been frozen dead in me.
      Batman: That suit you wear... a result of the coolant?
      Mr. Freeze: Very good... a detective to the last. I can no longer survive out of a sub-zero environment. Tonight I mean to pay back the man who ruined my life... our lives.
      Batman: Even if you have to kill everyone in the building to do it?
      Mr. Freeze: Think of it Batman. To never again walk upon a summer's day with a hot wind in your face and a warm hand to hold. Oh yes, I'd kill for that.

    • Batman: (After watching the tape of the accident that created Mr. Freeze) My God!
      Mr. Freeze: Yes... It would move me to tears, if I still had tears to shed.

    • Alfred: If you're going to go sneaking around a crowded office building you'll need this.
      : Knockout gas?
      Alfred: Chicken soup - the only way to fight a cold.

    • Ferris Boyle: We're hosting a ceremony tonight for Gotham's humanitarian industrialist of the year. Guess who's winning?
      Bruce Wayne: I feel ill.

    • Ferris Boyle: Look, Bruce, that People Company line is great P.R., but when the wage slaves start acting like they own the place it's time to pull the plug. Know what I mean?

    • Alfred: (Batman sounds under the weather) With all the compartments on your belt, you'd think there'd be one for tissues.

    • Batman: Freeze!
      Mr. Freeze: That's Mr. Freeze to you.

    • Mr. Freeze: This is how I will always remember you. Surrounded by winter. Forever young. Forever beautiful. Rest well my love. The monster who took you from me will soon learn that revenge is a dish best served cold.

  • NOTES (14)


    • Star Trek Mr. Freeze: Revenge is a dish best served cold. This quote is most remembered as line spoken by the title villian in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. The line is a dual allusion; in the movie, Kahn mention the saying is a Klingon proverb. Michael Ansara, who voices Freeze, played the Klingon captain Kang in several Star Trek episodes, starting with TOS episode "Day of the Dove".