Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 42

Joker's Wild

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 19, 1992 on FOX

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  • Joker finds out that a casino was made based off of him and wants to have it destroyed.

    A pretty good episode. The animation was terrible ofcource otherwise this would have had a higher review score but alas, the plot was excellent. Joker seemed very diabolical in this episode and stayed in character throughout most of the episode's entirety. I liked pointing out small details about the casino to myself such as Harley Quinn jester outfits throughout the casino and how on the back of a certain deck of cards, a card is turned over to reveal that the joker in the deck is modeled after the Joker. I thought that the idea was well thought out (Kiaser planning on Joker to destroy the casino for the insurance money) and that it had its funny moments.
  • Not the best of Joker episodes, but eh, it'll do to erase your boredom.

    In this episode, Joker is infuriated by Kaiser's buliding of a casino in his name, and sets out to destroy it. Of course, Batman intervenes, and saves the day once again.

    In my book, this episode was on par with "Christmas with the Joker", but not in the way that most of you think. The storylines are vastly different, Robin is absent in this episode, and this episode obviously took place in another area altogether instead of Gotham. No, what makes the two Joker episodes similar is that they both had excellent potential, but turned off most audiences with their really horrible animation. In both episodes, the characters looked different in every scene, and sizes of inanimate objects seemed vastly different in different scenes. However, while this may have worked in "Christmas with the Joker" by making him look even more like a human-like monster by stretching out his features, it only makes Joker worse in this episode, especially when he tied Batman up to the giant roulette wheel, where he lost the green streak in his hair.

    But hey, not every episode of a series can be perfect, even in a god-like show like this one. Besides, it was created in the 80's - early 90's, so you really can't blame on them, can you?
  • A very WILD episode of Batman

    The Joker is mad because a casino resort is built in his image. So what is a crazy clown to do? Escape from Arkham and blow the place up!
    Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now its up to Batman to stop him! This episode was underatted but was truly a great episode.
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