Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 36

Moon of the Wolf

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 11, 1992 on FOX
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An ex-Olympic athlete is turned into a werewolf by an evil professor's steroid formula.

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  • review

    Fair to good episode--shows a cliffhanger of Romulus/Werewolf being struck by lighting than falling over 200 feet into the come up for a little while. then you see a wolf howling at the moon in the Tundra. Too bad this was only a one-shot villian epsiode
  • Moon Of The Wolf

    "Moon Of The Wolf" is horrible, but horrible in a way that becomes borderline enjoyable after multiple viewings. It's not quite "so bad it's good," but the plot reaches such hilariously absurd highs that it's hard to imagine it wasn't written with comedic intent, and as the coda reminds us that writer Len Wein has been taking himself seriously the whole time, the episode lands its last epic punch line. It is supposed to be a joke, right? Because that electric guitar isn't exactly instilling the story with a huge amount of emotional gravitas. Len Wein is a respected comic book creator responsible for introducing influential characters like Wolverine and Swamp Thing he edited Watchmen, for god's sake how did he go so wrong with "Moon Of The Wolf"?

    Like "The Cape And Cowl Conspiracy," this episode is an adaptation of a previous comic book issue, and both episodes suffer because they have scripts by the writers of their original stories. The reason the originals work is because of where they fit in the character's cultural context, but they need to be altered to fit in the DCAU. Paul Dini did it spectacularly with "The Laughing Fish," combining the best elements of multiple comic stories while staying true to the tone of the series. The Batman we've grown accustomed to doesn't shoot off quips while he's fighting; he's silent, direct, and formidable. The biggest offense committed by Wein's script is just how out of character Batman is written. Beyond the Spider-Man fighting banter, he's a lousy detective, pursuing the idea that his werewolf opponent is a mugger in a mask even though his maybe-girlfriend got turned into a cat a week ago. And one of his rogues gallery is a Man-Bat. Also like "Conspiracy," Batman walks into traps way too easily, and I hate when writers make weaken the character because they need it for the story to work.

    This episode is essentially an extended brawl interspersed with expository scenes of Anthony Romulus' backstory, but Romulus is portrayed as such an unlikable idiot that watching his past is a chore. A professional athlete who seeks out the services of Dr. Milo to gain a competitive edge, Romulus chugs a vial of steroids mixed with timber wolf estrogen that turns him into a vicious man-beast. How in the hell do steroids mixed with timber wolf estrogen turn you into a werewolf? It's painfully stupid, and it only gets worse when Milo offers to cure Romulus by giving him "advanced werewolfism," because apparently that can be cured whereas regular werewolfism can't. I mean, it has to be a joke, right?

    Akom does stronger work than usual and the animation is still mediocre, but "Moon Of The Wolf" has plenty of audio distractions in the usually fantastic Carlos Rodriguez's electric guitar-heavy score. Bruce Timm asked for the guitar to be incorporated in hopes of it spicing up the script, and I've come to the realization that I just don't have the same music taste as Bruce Timm. When the B:TAS composers get too far out of the box this week's guitars, Shirley Walker's drum machine it takes away from the dark atmosphere, and this episode's story is already lacking any sort of mature edge. I would prefer to have the more traditional orchestral music to ground the action is some minimal amount of sophistication.

    "Moon Of The Wolf" is an episode that is great for an unintentional laugh, which makes it an awful episode of B:TAS. Regarding this episode, Bruce Timm said, "This is what I call a good Tuesday episode. It's not what you want to open a week on or end a week on, but it passes the time I disagree. Mediocre production values across the board diminish the already weak story, making this just another crappy episode of an early '90s kids action series. It's a waste of time.moreless
  • Craptacular

    This is the type of episode that makes me cringe. Like the example they would show you of what not to do. First off I dig episodes with kinda supernatural plots but this episode was so badly done on all angles it\'s ridiculous.

    This episode is about an athlete named Tony that was greedy and given steroids by a cliche scientist named Milo. Tony wins alot of gold medals at the Autumn Games along with fame and fortune but soon the steroids make him a wlofish monster. Milo says he can sure it if he is given a higher dose, which makes Tony a werewolf. Milo makes Tony the werewolf commit crimes and then try to kill Batman.

    As if that plot weren't cliched and stupid enough this episode features the downright worst music in the shows history. I mean absoloutly atrocious. Instead of an orchestral score a stupid fake synth guitar theme. TERRIBLE.

    Then there is the animation. Now you ahve to be a blind monkey to screw up the animation on BTAS but some sequences in this episode (tony turning into the wolf) are jsut crap.

    Then there is the super poorly written script. Just so bad. Everyone avoid this episode unless you are a teacher in animation and want to show everyone in your class what not to do.moreless
  • Oh dear.

    This is not the most critically acclaimed episode; I will now be examining why.

    A strange mad scientist who looks like a reject from the Beatles finds this athlete, and promises him advanced strength and agility through experiments...which end up turning him into a werewolf.

    All I have to say is...oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. It's an episode about a scary creature you dress up as for Halloween, but it lacks tension; I would have preferred it if we didn't see the evil werewolf until halfway in rather than just introduce him right at the beginning.

    Also, it didn't feel like it needed Batman. If this were an originial short story I would probably be nicer in my review, but Batman just felt shoved in, and thus got some really forced dialogue about 'that guy in a wolf mask'.

    And the ending...oh the ending. It just felt forced and inappropriate. Compare it with such powerful BTAS endings like the one for 'Heart of Ice' or 'Mad As A Hatter'. People selling houses that used to belong to villains does not a good ending make.

    If you want good supernatural involvement in Batman, watch 'The Batman vs Dracula'. Oh dear again. I just recommended a 'The Batman' related thing over a BTAS related thing. Naughty me.moreless
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