Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 18, 1992 on FOX
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After a botched sting operation Detective Bullock, Officer Montoya and rookie Officer Wilkes must relate what happened to Internal Affairs. The three give conflicting stories and are suspended and forced to surrender their guns and badges. Meanwhile Officer Montoya decides to solve the case herself.

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    Montoya, Bullock and another cop are under investigation for a botched sting operation. All three tell their side of the story and Bats is generally in the background as a character. It is nice to see other character get some time, personality and background especailly since we deal with them for 4 seasons.
  • Gotham City Internal Affairs interrogates detective Harvey Bullock, officer Rene Montoya and rookie officer Wilkes in relation to a botched raid at a warehouse involving several run-of-the-mill gangsters. The officers' conflicting stories gets them into hmoreless

    I would say this episode is slightly better than average. And that is only because I enjoy tales that reveal the story through alternate perspectives. With this episode, the point of view is shifted from Batman onto officers Bullock, Montoya and a rookie named Wilkes. Batman exists as mostly a periphery character here, and the varying accounts of his involvement at the failed sting operation help to lend credence to the “urban legend” mystique that follows him. My only real problem with this episode is that the villains are rather threadbare and no real identity is attributed to them. There appears to also be some kind of criminal mastermind behind this plot, but I’m really not sure who this is intended to be. Perhaps it is revealed in later episodes.moreless
  • Not that interesting

    I admit it's an original plot to have a few people talk abou Batman without him acctualy being there, unfortunatley here , it was not that interesting. Not everyone is like me and as it turns out quite a lot of people like this episode. But for me this was just boring , maybe the stories the cops told just weren't interesting for me, but I just don't like the episode. On a good note it was interesting to see what the cops thought of Batman and it was the first and only time Montoya got to play a main role , so I guess it's not all bad.moreless
  • Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya and Montoya's new partner all have different stories that are different from one another's, and thus all are suspended from the case, and Montoya is determined to solve the mystery.moreless

    'POV' is one of the few Batman episodes which does not feature a supervillain like the Joker, and yet remains an excellent episode in the series. However, it is not really a Batman episode. More like a Gotham's Finest episode(not that there is such a show)about Gotham's police force, since this episode mostly revolves around an ordinary criminal gang who can't be found anywhere.

    Batman barely features in this, but the cops are interesting enough to make this episode truly worth watching. There is enough mystery to keep you compelled enough to keep viewing, and a considerable amount of violence. There are a lot of fights between Batman, the police and the criminals, and it is all very intense and fun to watch.

    Harvey Bullock has always been one of my favourite characters on the programme, and I like the way that he gets his first major episode, shows that he is rough and selfish, and yet it is shown that he isn't so bad beneath the exterior.

    This is the only episode which has Renee Montoya as a central character, and she is a good heroine. Makes me wish there had been more of her.

    A good, violent, mysterious episode of intrigue that makes you want to keep watching, although not over and over again. 3/5.moreless
  • After confronting a group of robbers in a Gotham Docks warehouse, Bullock, Montoya, and a rookie cop have three different recollections of the events that occurred during the botched bust. Discontent, Montoya pursues the case further and solves the case.moreless

    Ever since the first time that I saw this episode, I thought it was one of the best B:TAS episodes that I had ever seen. First, the story was extremely well-written and kept you guessing as to what really happened in the warehouse at the Gotham Docks. The fact that Renee Montoya, Harvey Bullock, and a third rookie cop had different recollections of what happened reflects the comics exactly in the fact that Batman is so mysterious, know one can ever truly give a straight account of what he is like because he is considered nothing more than an urban legend. Also, I thoroughly enjoy both Bullock's and Montoya's characters in the series and this episode had a good balance of screen time with both of them giving their accounts of the bust. Overall, this was a great episode and one of the true high points of B:TAS.moreless
Robby Benson

Robby Benson


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John Considine


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Ron Perlman


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Robert Costanzo

Robert Costanzo

Detective Harvey Bullock

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • One has to question why a two million dollar sting was being carried out by one detective, one officer, and a rookie. Also, why were two of the three officers not on the scene until the last minute?

    • In Bullock's flashback, the gangster with the scarf loses his hat and doesn't bother to stop and collect it when he and his comrade flee the fire. However, when the pair are shown exiting the warehouse at the beginning of the episode, he has his hat back on.

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    • Original Script was written by Sean Catherine Derek and Laren Bright based on the story by Sean Catherine Derek, Laren Bright, and Mitch Brian. But BS&P (Broadcast Standards and Practices) didn't approve the original script. According to Batman article (published in Animato Issue # 26 and 27), Director Kevin Altieri recalled the script was much more complex when he received it: "We cut out flashbacks to Montoya's youth when she was called a liar. And flashbacks to Bullock's youth when he was playing high-school football when his dad yells at him because he was using teamwork: 'Don't be a team player, be a star. Being a team player is for losers. Go out for Number One, Pal." The cuts necessitated the addition of an action fight scene at the end as Montoya tracks the criminals to a warehouse by the docks. "BS&P had a fit because there was so much violence," said Timm. "I had to dance around it by explaining the difficulties created when we took out all those flashbacks. They had us make a number of changes. Originally, the scene where the driller is going after Montoya with the drill went on a lot longer. The guy chased her on top of a big pile of crates and he was ramming the drill into the crates. We got into a lot of trouble with that. (BS&P's) Avery Coburn said it was the most horrible rape fantasy sequence she'd ever seen. We agreed immediately to take that whole sequence out, but because it upset her so much, she really went to town on that whole episode."

    • This is labeled episode 7 on the Batman: The Animated Series Volume 1 DVD.

    • This episode along with "The Underdwellers", "The Forgotten" and "Be A Clown" was released on DVD as Batman The Animated Series: Tales Of The Dark Knight.

    • The Driller very closely resembles the character of Lothar from The Rocketeer. Whether or not this was intentional is not known.