Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 9

Pretty Poison

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 14, 1992 on FOX
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The life of D.A. Harvey Dent, Bruce's friend, is put in peril by Pamela Isley, a woman who holds Dent responsible for the extinction of a rare flower species. It's up to Batman to grab hold of the super-villainess Poison Ivy and save his friend.

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  • Pretty Pretty

    Posion Ivy, A eco-terrorist bent on revenge to all those that do plants harm, especailly Harvey Dent! She's a real whack job and it's up to Bats to put her in a cozy pot of dirt behind bars.
  • The introduction of Poison Ivy.

    Entering the stage is Poison Ivy who has plans for revenge against Harvey Dent. She most certainly belongs in Arkham. Who gets that personal when it comes to plants? It also kind of weird to see Harvey before he becomes Two-face being a victim of a crime. I just think that he would had turn into his second personality right then and there and went after Poison Ivy. I do like how it later episodes though that two of them bring up this episode from time to time. The animation was kind of odd. Especially Poison Ivy's face during some parts of it. Still great episode.moreless
  • First episode with one of her

    This was easly the best Poison Ivy episode. It's not perfect, but its great. From the escape of that man when Harvey tells to Pam how Bruce is and at the same time Batman stoping that man...that part was excellent. The only thing that I don't like about this episode is in the final part, that rare plant that tried to eat Batman. You know I'm a fan of realistic Batman, as the representations of Batman Begins of The Dark Knight, I'm not such a fan of fantastic stuff. The episode was cleverly ploted, but kinda unnecessary, because we already know that it was Ivy who poisoned Harvey. Other than that, great episode.moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes

    The DA (and Bruce Wayne's good friend), Harvey Dent, is mysteriously poisoned. Batman sets out to discover who is behind this crime - and discovers the would-be killer is someone very close to home. Dent has been dating Pamela Isley, a botanist. What he doesn't know is that she wants him dead for what has to be the strangest motive ever for murder - she holds him responsible for the near-extinction of a rare rose. Near-extinction because she has the last example of it. This is the debut of Poison Ivy, psychotic but brilliant Batman villain.moreless
  • Not a bad introduction to the Poison Ivy character, another of my favourites, and the first appearance of a female villain.

    So, the series has so far produced the Man-Bat, Joker, Scarecrow, Joker again, and now Poison Ivy, the first female villain to appear on the programme. This episode is not as good as 'Christmas with the Joker', nor as bad as 'The Last Laugh'. It is initially an average episode, with a few qualities that make it a little better.

    The plot is rather good, original, and yet fitting in well with a Poison Ivy scheme and origin story. Harvey Dent destroys a lot of rare plants, which enrages the environment-obsessed Pamela Isley, who seduces him and gives him a poisonous kiss, which almost kills him. She becomes Poison Ivy, who protects plants. When Batman comes to her lair, she tries to kill him with her killer plants. All rather good stuff, but not as spectacular as in some other episodes.

    Poison Ivy is in character, and she has a very good look, and the fact that she didn't have any accident that gave her environmental powers, and that she uses rare plants and natural poisons to her advantage make her all the more interesting.

    This episode, like 'On Leather Wings', features Harvey Dent as a supporting character. This links nicely to the Two-Face episode, as it truly demonstrates the fact that Harvey and Bruce are very good friends, and we get a look at the Harvey Dent who is not suffering from mental traumas and personality disorders, which makes his transformation into Two-Face all the more tragic. Harvey Dent does not feature much, but his appearance is a nice touch to the episode.

    The art and animation are very good, and Poison Ivy's lair is most notable for looking very convincing. The music is rather good too.

    All-in-all, not a bad installment. Not quite as great as other Batman episodes, but not bad, not bad at all. 3/5.moreless
Melissa Manchester

Melissa Manchester

Additional Voices

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Richard Moll

Richard Moll

Harvey Dent

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Robert Costanzo

Robert Costanzo

Detective Harvey Bullock

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Lloyd Bochner

Lloyd Bochner

Mayor Hamilton Hill

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Bruce is finishing a story as we cut to the end of dinner and says, "You should've seen Harvey's face." This may be a sly foreshadowing to Harvey Dent's later transformation in the series.

    • When Batman breaks free of the flytrap, his cape is ripped and torn. When he ducks under Ivy's dart, it's whole again, but is ripped by the passage of the dart. As he runs from Ivy, his cape is patched again.

    • When Poison Ivy first appears from behind Batman, you can see that her legs are bare. In the next scene - and all the scenes thereafter - her legs are covered with green tights.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Prisoner: Who...who are you?
      Batman: I'm your worst nightmare!

    • Prisoner: Big wings!
      Montoya: Yeah, yeah, big wings.

    • Harvey: So, what do you think? Bruce: Does she have a sister? Harvey: Nope. Pam's one of a kind. That's why I ask her to marry me. Bruce: (Bruce reacts by spitting the water he drink) What?! Harvey: Yep, that's the page one headline. Is it getting warmer in here? Bruce: You're still flushed from that last kiss. Harvey, you just met her last week. Harvey: And I already know she's the one. It's so hot in here. Bruce: Marriage is a major step, Harv. Don't you think you're rushing it? Harvey: No way. When I laid my eyes on Pam, it would hit me right in the face. Bruce: (Harvey faints in front of him) Harvey, you lost your mind. Knock it off. Harv? Harvey!

    • Harvey: Thank you, Andre. I'm starving. Let's eat.
      Isley: Shouldn't we wait for you friend?
      Harvey: Bruce? Nah, he's always late. He probably got hung up on business.

    • Poison Ivy: His fate was sealed... (applies drugged lipstick) ...with a kiss. (to Batman) And now, so is yours. (kisses Batman, then laughs as Batman loses consciousness) What's the matter? Afraid I have cooties?

    • Bullock: So what did you put in this mousse?
      Chef: Chocolate, sugar, eggs, cream.
      Bullock: Strychnine?
      Chef: No, no, no strychnine, but I added just a pinch of vanilla.
      Bullock: (to another man) You know who did it. Talk!
      Man: Hey, I just clean the dishes. Ok?

    • Poison Ivy: They can bury me in the ground, as deep as they like. But I'll grow back, we always grow back, don't we, baby?

  • NOTES (8)