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  • One of the greatest cartoons of all-time...

    This series is amazing. It started out slow but eventually it gets really good. One of my 5 favorite cartoons of all-time.
  • Best Batman Show

    This was a classic TV show, and is how a kids show should be. It's not a show for kids that adults can watch, it's a show for adults that kids can watch. It did a great job establishing characters in a way that even the source material couldn't do. Just look at Mr. Freeze and The Mad Hatter. There were some episodes that were admittedly too deep for kids, like psychology of the Two-Face episodes and the mind games of The Riddler episodes. This is still the best portrayal of Batman ever, it even surpasses all the movies. Here are some recommended episodes: Almost Got Im', Two-Face, Pretty Poison, The Laughing Fish, Mad as a Hatter, Heart of Ice, Dreams in Darkness, Nothing to Fear, Read my Lips, Catwalk, The Cat and the Claw, Harlequinade, The Demon's Quest, and Perchance to Dream. There are many more, and though some aren't so good like The Terrible Trio, you should watch them all.

    Fun fact: This was one of the few kids shows to use real guns in cartoons, instead of those laser guns.
  • Greatest animated series of all time

    This is by far the best animated series ever! . It has great characters , amazing storyline , great voice actors (kevin conroy , mark hamil etc) it is just spectacular and by far my number 1 favorite series . hands down

    Dc shoud give bruce timm a live action batman movie or to be the director of Justice league movie js
  • Top Shows - What Got Me Into Batman

    Various ep (95)
  • The ABSOLUTE BEST Batman series

    This was the greatest Batman series ever made and started the DC Animated Universe (DCAU for short).

    Every character was well done. Every story had my interest. Nearly every villain had a great backstory. The series also introduced Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend. The series also launched Mark Hamill's voice acting career (though he had done voice work before this) with him voicing the Joker and giving us one of the best evil laughs ever made. I love everything about this show. You can feel sorry for some villains, such as Mr. Freeze, or even despise some villains such as the Terrible Trio.

    What's really great about this show was that even though it was made for kids, the creators were not afraid to be dark. And I mean dark. There is real danger from the villains of the show and Joker even tried to blow up all of Gotham even if he had to die to do it. This showed us that kid's shows didn't have to be all sunshine and flowers but proved that kids could handle some darkness.
  • The finest Batman Television show ever made.

    I've been dying to review this show for a while and now is the time to finally write it up. First off, this how knows Batman so well, like the writers had every great Batman moment embedded in their brain. They knew that the show had to be dark, but also have the coolest yet darkest looking version of Gotham City possible. The animation is just as good as the writing, something that you sadly never see with superhero cartoons today. When you saw the origin of Batman, you had the most expressive animation to show you the story, not just tell; the art captured EVERYTHING that made the Batman comics classics in the first place.

    Did I forget to say that Kevin Conroy IS Batman?! He was born to voice the character. Whenever you read Batman comics, you hear his voice. And lets not forget the magnificent Mark Hamill, who gave us The Joker's voice. I dare say that MArk Hamill's interpretation of The Joker is just as good as Heath Ledger's Joker in the movie The Dark Knight.

    Everything about the show is just great.
  • Simply the Best Batman Adaption EVER!!

    There is not much one can say beyond that. This series has it all - Great animation, great stories and excellent voice actors! Watch & Enjoy!
  • Hooked

    This show is fucking awsome the dark deco theme the dramatic orchestra music and of course batman at his best! Im currently watching all the episodes via netflix and every episode has me thursting for more if u think this cartoon sucks then u must hate your life
  • Best Of Many Batman Series Made

    I watch lots Batman Dc Shows on Cartoon network during the time they played Dc Nation shows on a regular basis but yeah the show was great i acually still watch it to this day the Really goes deep into batman like his skill how he's never killed during a Special Ops missions that he does time to time and what i really loved most of all is when Kid Robin would go on the mission's there something about Kids taking on Adult Super hero responsibilities But overall i gave the a 8.5
  • Classic Bats

    An amazing adaptation of the Batman character and lore. Astounding animation, voice work and writing makes this the quintessential Batman show. I can't tell you how thrilled i was to see and learn that DC would carry this artwork style on through Superman, Justice League and Batman Beyond, it's simply superb.
  • With it's dark story line, creative and complex characters, and excellent adaptation from the comic books, Batman: TAS still stands as the greatest Batman cartoon to this day

    Batman is by far my all time favorite superhero in the DC universe of comics. The comics were dark and complicated, the stories were gripping, and it had excellent characters. So it would be no surprise to see him be turned into a TV show. Out of all of them though, the one that will probably remain the best Batman cartoon forever is Batman: TAS. Doing adaptations from the comics themselves, Batman: TAS does a wonderful job in sucking you in, and keeping you glued to the show. Normally, when it comes to adaptations, they tend to screw up some of the characters and how they came to be a little bit, but not this show. Batman: TAS does an excellent job portraying the characters and developing them so well. From Batman to the villains, and Robin and Batgirl. They are all perfectly developed and complex, and you will come to love them all. You even feel some sympathy with the villains as to how they came to be, like Mr. Freeze and how his life was ruined. The artwork is excellent in this show. It has the right amount of darkness in each scene, the characters have original designs that are close to the comic books, and Gotham City looks really interesting. The animation is supremely well done and is still some of the best to this day. The show also manages to combine the genres of Mystery, Drama, and they even add a little bit of Comedy in there, and the result is excellent execution with all of them combined. Even the voice work is excellent. Everyone sounds like who they are supposed to be and Mark Hamil was The Joker and that was shocking when I heard about that. The stories are interesting and have plenty of twists and turns to them that are guaranteed to keep you entertained throughout the show. My only complaint with this show is that it only lasted for 4 seasons. Now that may be a long time in terms of cartoons, but this show could have gone on longer, and maybe have 8 seasons. If you are looking for one of the darkest and greatest shows based on a superhero, then go see Batman: TAS. Go to a movie store and pick up the 4 seasons of this show, you won't be sorry.
  • My favorite Batman cartoon ever.


    To me Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are the original Batman and Joker. I hate Christan Bale is my least favorite Batman. For one thing Kevin Conroy doesn't have talk in stupid voice he can do Batman naturally.And the joker has always been my favorite in this cartoon. When i was kid i rarely got to watch this show but every time i did watch it was the greatest show ever following The New Batman Adventures and Batman Beyond.Mark Hamill was a scary Joker with sense of humor. This cartoon is way better than Batman the bold and the Brave.

  • This was my childhood loved this cartoon definately a classic


    I have always been a batman fan since this show came out when i was very young at the time. becuz of this show i was obsessed with batman and Mark Hamill had the best voice for the joker he made the character very sadistic and how crazy he was even though it was a kids show and he didnt really kill people the joker was still creepy along with harley quinn and all the villains were good i think batman has always had the best villains i know its kinda late reviewing this show and i got bored and say this show listed and i had to review this show cuz of the returning memories when i saw the title haha also i loved the theme song to the show and im repeating myself anyway very good show

  • Best Batman series to date

    This show is about Batman and him defending Gothem City from villians such as the joker and Two-face etc. I have realy only seen one episode or 2 so far, and I already have to say that I think this is the best Batman series, movie, anything to date. First of all, I like the animation style, it really fits to Batman and his character. Also, the actors who play Batman and his villians are superb actors, they really make the characters seem real. Overall, I have only seen a coupe episodes and I'm already blown away, so I'm expecting great things from this show, and my favorite Superhero. 10/10 A+
  • amazing

    now this is batman ive liked batman ever since i was in the womb. batman the animated series is great and its a classic. i have volume 1 that has 28 episodes on it. all the episodes are great this is probably the best batman show this and batman beyond. justice legue, justice legue unlimited and teen titans are also great. so this is my review for batman the animated series.
    now this is batman ive liked batman ever since i was in the womb. batman the animated series is great and its a classic. i have volume 1 that has 28 episodes on it. all the episodes are great this is probably the best batman show this and batman beyond. justice legue, justice legue unlimited and teen titans are also great. so this is my review for batman the animated series.
  • Perhaps the Best Batman tv series of all time.

    I grew up watching this amazing television show. "Batman the Animated Series" captures the tone and image of the Batman universe almost perfectly. Furthermore, the series was well written; the stories were very entertaining. I really enjoyed seeing new villians that did not appear in the comics such as The Sewer King, Kyodai Ken The Ninja, and of course Harley Quinn. I recommend this series to any one who loves a good animated series or is a fan of Batman that has not seen the show. As a Batman fanatic this television show is one of my favorite tv series of all time and I will always remember this show for helping develop my imagination as a child and a teenager.
  • This show is terrible...

    This show has no plot line, no time line, and even no action. This show only focuses on Batman solving crimes that seem to repeat themselves. Gordon always uses the Bat-signal and never gives the police a shot to solve any crimes. Alfred never gets any spotlight at all. Bruce Wayne never gets any spotlight at all. In several episodes, years could pass in seconds. Every episode, it seems that a character comes back from the dead. Originality is the last word I would use for this show.
  • a very over rated show

    well, i just started watching batman cartoons because my son absolutely loves the new "the batman" series on the WB. we watch it every saturday morning. and from what i can tell, most of the people don't like the new show because they compare it to this cartoon. because they started with this one first... but come on, things change...

    well, for me its a little bit different. i saw the new series first... "the batman" and my son has all the dvd's for the new series... and since my son loves batman so much, we decided to watch some of the older batman cartoons... and i must say i can barely stand to watch it. the animation is horrible compared to the new series, the music is definatly not as "cool", the fight scenes are ridiculous, and the characters are pretty lame!

    i guess the series was good in the 90's (i can see that)... but this is 2006 and this show seems ancient.
  • The series was based on the popular Batman comics created by Bob Kane. The series focused on the adventures of Batman a dark vigilante hero who defends Gotham City from a variety of costumed villains. Batman is millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

    This animated series was a great follow up to the movies for kids who saw or could not see the movies. I loved watching the series when it was on television and I could catch it. I loved how each episodes were different and fun to watch. This is another good series for kids who adore Batman. I think you can find it on YouTube if I am correct. I hate that this animated series had to end but I was good I was able to see it when I could watch it on television. Try to find it and watch the series.
  • He has a cape, swings on a rope sometimes, and throws bat-shaped boomerang things at people... what's not to like? The legendary Batman in all his glory...

    In the end, I actually can't believe I watched this show. I used to sit everyday, week after week, in front of the telly to watch his amazing antics, I didn't even like Batman all that much as a child. In any case, one of the reasons I really liked this show was that the villains were really well thought out (yes the villains, not the hero). The penguin and the joker always used to crack me up. Anyhoo, since I'm writing this review long after the show is gone, I don't actually recommend this to anyone. Batman beyond is much better.
  • This show was great, best batman show ever.

    this show was ahead of it's time. It combined a past look with some futuristic looks. The storys were great, the action was great, and the voices were great. I could pick a better voice for Batman, or Mark as the Joker. I will never get sick of this show. I will share it with my kids once i have some.

    this show was ahead of it's time. It combined a past look with some futuristic looks. The storys were great, the action was great, and the voices were great. I could pick a better voice for Batman, or Mark as the Joker. I will never get sick of this show. I will share it with my kids once i have some.
  • one of the best batman cartoons ever made

    i think when the batman the animated series came out in the early 90s it was a huge hit and i was a huge fan of it.i injoyed watching batman fight off such criminals as mr. freeze the joker hince were we got that jingle bell song with batman in it. and the stories always were well put togeather. with harvey dent and the scare crow. or were the children on living in the sewer and are being told what to do. and the gagets batman uses they had some pretty updated stuff at the time of the show . so i think this was a really good batman show one of the best ever.
  • Amazing TV Show

    This show was amazing, it captured the mood of batman which is dark but also made it entertaining and funny at the same time. One of the best things about this show was that the voicing was perfect especially Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil. Another thing I liked is that the epsidoes really fitted with the villians and shares the same mood. For example, the joker episodes always has a lighter mood and the riddler kinda had a mysterious mood, scarecrow had that scary mood. I my only negative thing is that it didn't really show you alot of Batman's origin and maybe they could have a little more for some of the villians. Some of my favorite episodes is trial, Make Em Laugh, Fear of Vicotry, Heart of Ice, and ALOT more. Overall a great show and an even better batman show with perfect cast and very entertaining. Best show ever
  • The perfect Batman series, no doubt!

    After all these years, and after seeing every Batman series produced until today I can only say one thing, this one is perfect!

    I just laugh so much whenever I watch the series, because they really created a series which is fun and serious at the same time. No doubt that Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, along with many others did an amazing job by creating this series, which is still regarded by fans as the best Batman series ever. One of the things that made this series eternal, was the fact that they used some characters created in this series, in the comic books years later, like Harley Quinn, and used the opportunity to re-write some villains story, like Mr. Freeze. Plus, the voice cast was amazing. No wonder it still is great, after all these years.
  • Amazing Animated Series

    There is nothing negative I can say about this show. This show is amazing and I wish it would have a reboot, to show today's generation, what a real superhero is. I fell love with Batman because of the show. I learned about The Joker, Two-Face, The Croc, Clayface & The Green Goblin Jk.. of course. This show is great animated spectacle and amazing voice cast and deep plots. Episodes such as "Almost Got Em'" and "Heart of Ice" shoke the animated world. This cartoon was much better than the Batman movies of the 90's and I believe inspired Batman Begins.
  • Amazing cartoon.

    Batman! probably one of the best cartoons out there. batman the animated series has everything you could want in a superhero show and more. it has an elegant quality to it which everyone could enjoy. it is fun to watch batman and his battle against criminals as a child and as an adult/teen it is also fun to watch the plots and twists of the show. every character has so much personality to them that individualizes everybody in a way that alot of other cartoons don't. the best cartoon of the '90s and possibly the best cartoon of all time.
  • one of my favorites, from childhood and beyond

    Voice acting is top notch and so are the story lines. It's great that the creators recreated the Dark Knight in such a dark atmosphere. You won't find any other Saturday morning, superhero cartoons with better plots. Especially when they have real guns and bullets while all the others had laser guns (the amazing spider-man and x-men). This is Batman at his finest, using his detective skills, out-smarting every villain that he has ever encountered. Mark Hamil's does a brilliant job as the joker. All other Batman's after haven't been as good as this Batman. long live the Animated Series!
  • Incredible show. Amazing artwork. Looks like a comic book come to life. The show is based on the legend of the Caped Crusader battling crime in Gotham City. Whether it's street thugs or Supervillians, he's always one step ahead.

    The show is about Bruce Wayne who, I hope, we all know is Batman. This a really great show if your a true fan of Batman. This is the real thing. The characters look perfect unlike the ones in The Batman. The Joker had dreadlocks for heaven's sake. It has The Joker along with Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, The Penguin, The Riddler, Clayface, Bane, Man-Bat, Mister Freeze, and who could forget Catwoman. There are more villians but these are most of them. But of course Batman gets Robin and Batgirl to help him. But we all know Alfred is the man with the plan. It's a great show that i wish wouldnt have ended.
  • The best animated program of the 1990's without any doubt. Yeah that includes the Simpsons, Kevin Conroy is Batman!

    So what makes this show so great? Well first of all the stories are brilliant, especially the one in the episode "Heart of Ice" and "Robin's Reckoning." The scriptwriting is well done, the show has a great sense of drama and depth. The show also has excellent and complex characters like Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, etc..The show also has excellent villains case in point, Mark Hamill's Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane. Then there is the brilliant voice acting of the cast, especially Kevin Conroy as Batman, Loren Lester as Robin and Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself, as The Joker. Add those elements along with a great animation and animated sequences, and you've got Batman: The Animated Series. Gotham Knights or as I call it Batman/Superman Adventures was pretty good as well but nothing tops the original. This show was so awesome!
  • Amazing! Stupendous! Awesome! Fabulous! I would run out of superlatives trying to describe this show. :)

    This is probably one of the greatest cartoon shows of all time. Hell, for a show that ran for only 4 seasons, it was pretty damn awesome. Hats off to Bruce Timm! The voices [especially Batman and Joker!], the animation, the plots, the villains- everything was pretty much spot on. This show was the template which all the succeeding cartoon shows [Superman TAS AND Justice League] have tried to emulate... What was revolutionary about this show was that it was dark, gritty, and meant for adults. For the first time ever, here was a cartoon show that was NOT meant for kids. How awesome is that? The creators aimed big and they certainly achieved it.

    In my opinion, this ought to be watched by everyone who is a comics fan. If you really wanna understand Batman's psyche, you should watch this.
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