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  • excellent tv show

    I love this show! This is by far the best animated series ever created that has great acting in it by cartoon characters, nonetheless. It's very cool to see all of the famous villains to commit crimes and Batman taking them down. HOWEVER, the last few of episodes of Batman: The animated series were very ridiculous. I did not like the episodes where he went to Egypt to fight Ra's Al Ghul, the episode about the guy who thinks he is a God ("Fire from Mount Olympus"). Don't get me wrong, I love the animated series, but Batman should only deal with "realistic" villains. When i say "realistic" i mean mainly mobsters and criminals like the Joker, the Penguin, and Two-face. While those particular criminals are debatable as being realistic, they are basically flamboyant gangsters.
  • Watch as the Dark Night saves Gotham from the crime and villany of the Joker, Penguin, and more. Considered by many to be the definitive Batman TV series.

    The absolute best comic book based cartoon ever made. Kevin Conroy is Bruce Wayne by day, Batman by night. Mark Hamill is the Joker. The series is dark, like Tim Burton's Batman and stayed true for every episode. The only negative is that it strayed a little from the comic book, but the quality of the episodes more than makes up for it. The series lead to the launch of a slew of series belonging to the Diniverse, named for Paul Dini creator of Batman TAS (The Animated Series), Batman: Gotham Knights, Superman TAS, Justice League, and Batman Beyound. This show spawned one theatrical movie, Mask of the Phatasm and one straight to video movie, SubZero.
  • Another great animated version of the crime fighting super hero Batman.

    A great animated version of the crime fighting super hero Batman. Kevin Conroy starred as the voice of Bruce Wayne and Batman with his buddy Dick Grayson and Robin being voiced by Loren Lester. Yet another chance to root for the dark super hero catching the bad guys. The rest of the voices were supplied as follows Richard Moll as Harvey Dent, Robert Costanzo as Detective Harvey Bullock, Lloyd Bochner as Mayor Hamilton Hill, Edward Asner as Roland Daggett, Bob Hastings as Commissioner Jim Gordon and the great Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth (The Butler). This is one of the better Batman shows.
  • Batman at his best!

    The best Batman cartoon ever made in my opinion.I used to watch it when i was young maybe i was 6 or 7 years old.It is one of my favorite childhood cartoons,and even if i saw it again now it would have the same effect on me,just like it had when i was young.Its a very intertaining show,i would aways watch it,when ever it saw on.Now i can't remember all the villians,but i do remember the "Joker" the best out of them all.Batman Beyond doesn't come close to this great Batman series.Great show.What else can i say but all of that?
  • cool

    Batman the animated series is the best batman incarnation ever. I watched this show when I was five years old and now I'm 14. It has good story lines and it's not just for kids it's for older people to. Robin is a good character some people didnt like him because they didnt make him a little kid but I personally liked him as an adult. Now they have this show called the batman that I think isnt as good as the one in the 90s but it is more aimed at kids. I have some of the dvds for batman the animated series they are good plenty of comontaries so check it out. Later...
  • One of the best animated Batman shows of all time

    Batman is my favorite superhero, the reason being is he doesn't need powers and super finatical things, he uses what he has and makes his gadgets. I like this show and how its setup. Batman always seems to find a way to get the bad guys and be the savior and protector of Gotham city. He fight a number of criminals the Joker, Penguin, Two Face and many others but gets them all. Another Favorite of this show for me would have to be the Bat Mobile that car is so awesome I wish I had a car like that.
  • One of the greatest comic book cartoons ever.

    "Batman: The Animated Series" is up there with the 90's Spider-Man cartoon as being one of the greatest comic book-based cartoon series ever. One of the great things about this cartoon is that it wasn't trying to appeal to young viewers by randomly throwing in cheap jokes and antics. It stayed true to the Batman comics, with clever plots and very nice action scenes.

    Of course, none of this mattered to me (I was only a young girl of preschool age when it came on), but this just makes it all the more enjoyable for the hardcore Batman fans, or any cartoon fan for that matter. Batman is just a seriously good, very enjoyable cartoon.
  • Simply the best cartoon of its time not to be confused with its sequel series which licks ass

    dark ,moody ,realistic and full of anime influences.
    The first series of this show was fantastic
    full of tragic heros tragic villains and victims.
    I was not a big fan of the introduction of robin
    and batgirl.
    I felt it took the edge of the show
    with robins garish outfit and batgirls big smiley apple pie face.
    I highly recomend this show to anyone not just cartoon buffs.
  • This is easily the top Comic Book Animated show out there, if not the best Animated series of any genre.

    Until Batman Begins, this was the definitive Batman. Gotham was dark and menacing (the show was initially painted on solid black backgrounds), but grounded in reality. Each episode played like a mini-movie, complete with title card. There were so many classic episodes like Heart of Ice which transformed the campy villain Mr. Freeze into one of the greatest tragic characters in any rogues gallery, Robin's Reckoning, and Feat of Clay. If you include The New Batman Adventures (24 additional episodes produced in a revised style) with Nightwing and Robin 2, there are also the incredible Over the Edge and Mad Love episodes to include in the finest superhero tales ever told.

    Mark Hammil as Joker has no match, nor is there a match for Kevin Conroy's Batman. The show also had wonderful stories for the

    This is easily the top Comic Book Animated show out there, if not the best Animated series of any genre.
  • He goes by Bruce Wayne at day but during the night he is Batman, a crime fighting vigilante who believes in good.

    I stuck some old video in the VCR just for kicks and stumbled upon Batman: The Animated Series. I watched this show as a kid and it just brought back so many memories. I thought this was the best Batman adaption into a TV series and it did have a relatively good run during its prime. That's not to say I don't want anymore though. A highliget of the show was, that I found out Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker fame) did the voice of The Joker. Very surprised he did that as well as pulling it off very convincingly. It remains an old favourite of mine and will always be.
  • This show takes place most likely after Batman has been in his carrer for a good while,seeing as Dick Grayson is already in college by the time we see the show. The show follows the adventures of Batman.

    Every since I was ten and saw this show on Toonami, I have loved it! This is not just a superhero show but a great tv show in general. A tv show that not only captured kid\\\'s attentions but adults\\\'s as well. It is a classic and entered in a whole new era of Batman fans. 10 score for Batman: the animated series!
  • Best super hero show of Batman

    Followed greatly the comics and featured lots of good characters including Robin and Batgirl plus Catwoman. Best Batman I've seen ,love better then the new The Batman especially Catwoman looking more like a cat in this then in The Batman looking more like a mouse lol with huge ears lol
  • the best

    wow if only the movies were as great and cutting edge as the animated series I love Batman good thing we still got it on boomerang with the other great cartoons of our day yadadameen batman go he a pimp toooo A+++++++++++++++++ I I II I II I I II I I II I I II I I I II I II
  • The greatest superhero show in history, no joke.

    There is something too many superhero shows are plagued by, and that is their constant attempts to appeal to children. Batman has surpassed those shows on an artistic and stylistic level that made it the best show to watch when I was growing up. I mean, I hate it when people are like "oh, The Batman is the better version because it looks cooler" but that is the hugest lie on earth. I mean, come on. The Batman is glossy, anime stylized, shallow, and simply following the trend of every other action show these days: take a hero, make him younger, add some anime, there's your show. Not saying I hate that show, because I never watched it much. But Batman: The Animated Series had finesse, or however its spelled. I mean, there were so many film noir elements, from the characters to the artistic style. And the choice to make it film noir has nothing to do with pleasing kids and grabbing ratings. It was a tribute to an art form that had never been connected to a superhero before. The villains were the greatest in this series. You cannot top Mr. Freeze and the Joker, and how they were portrayed here. They did not hold back on things that may fly right over children's heads, and the show did not seem to be dumbing things down to get it on kiddie level. I was even impressed with the use of bullets in the cartoon, although I wouldn't recommend that for kids necessarily. I cannot find any kind of fault with this show, so I believe it deserves a ten out of ten.
  • Batman, a benchmark in how cool a Batman cartoon could be. I watched this every saturday without fail.

    I loved this show. Great Animation, great plot, great art, great everything you can think of! I dunno how this series could be much better it just seemed like Batman. It was very, very well done. It kinda got me into the whole comic heroes things before I knew about it. Had some really memorable episodes and villains I couldn't forget I really need some of these DVDs some day. I would recommend this show to anyone for sure but most people I know, love and enjoy it. Well I don't got much else I can say about this show other then that.
  • This show will be seen as a classic in modern animation.

    When I was little I dispised this show because it was too mature for me, now that I am have a brain...sort of, I can see just how good this show is. Teh quality was amazing and animation was great. Voices seemed real and the plots were that of a real Batman adventure. The development was clearly thought hard about to bring the comic books to life. It made the dark city of Gotham come to life in this series. Truly the best action hero series out there. Sadly it is no longer on TV from what I know, but sometiems you may catch it if your lucky. You can buy DVD sets now, and I think it might be worth it if you liek action or are a Batman nut. A great show, that will go down in animation history most likely, and if not, that would be a mistake.
  • Batman: the animated series is the one show to actually get Batman down RIGHT.

    I loved watching Batman TAS as a child and I still enjoy watching the episodes on DVD now. This isn't entirely out of nostalgia, but because Batman TAS manages to portray the Dark Knight better than any other TV series or movie.

    The atrocity that is "The Batman" aside, Batman TAS was able to do so well because it was animated. Since the ideal Batman could be drawn and didn't have to be portrayed physically by an actor, the casting directors were able to focus on someone more capable to voice Batman/Bruce. And they found a gold mine in Kevin Conroy. Mark Hamill also does an amazing job as the Joker, but it is Conroy's gravely hero that allowed the series to take off and form the only true quality telling of Batman's story on TV.
  • This was the Good batman series.

    I love shows about superheros, especially Batman, Growing up, this was my favorite of them all. I couldn't stand it when they came out with " The Batman " and its horrible character design. This was a well designed and drawn out show with a great storyline with each episode. This is a show I have and will always, miss.
  • DCAU began with this

    Although the animation suffers when we compare to the latest Justice League episodes, we cannot forget that this was the show that started it all. When I first saw the first images, I couldn´t believe that DC was going to allow his most popular character at that moment (it was at the time of Batman Returns) had an animated series with that design. But when I watched the very first episode, I realize why they had simplified the designs. The movement, the action, the light and shadow effects... It was the most amazing and innovative show I had seen. And the stories were so powerful and respectful to the original comic book and at the same time so innovative. It was a pity, though, that the last part of the series wasn´t as appreciated as the first seasons. It opened a whole new can of possibilities, including the always present tension between Batman and Nightwing. I hope they go on preparing films that keep these characters alive, because although the batwoman movie sucked hard, Mask of the Phantasm is more Batman movie than the four films together ( I´m not counting Batman Begins, which is also a personal favourite)
  • A very nice batman adaptation.

    This version of batman is closely related to the tim burton films. It's a dark animation that explores the universe set by the first 2 batman films but not necessarily related to them. This series even spawned a very successful animated movie that featured Mark Hamill as the joker. Despite the animated show's dark theme, it's still a good show, since it never gets too violent. Just enough to make it more believable. The villains themselves are stars in the show since the tim burton films never had a chance to portray all of them. This is a good animated show, even better than Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin.
  • A brillint show.

    This show suprised me I thought it would be very kiddish. However it is not I found it to be quite a dark presentation for a cartoon.
    The scripts are excellent and I would say that they are better than the film versions.
    My favourte charicter has to be the Joker he is so funny and yet he has a dark side to him.
    The animation for when it was made is excellent in fact it is better than most moden day cartoons.
    This has to be the best representation of Batman that i have had the privllage to watch. I would recomend this show.
  • This is the best Batman show, if not one of the best ever!

    This show was really good! It had action, suspense, romance and a great dark atmosphere too! It is a hundred times better than nearly anything on today. It also leaves the inferior "The Batman" series clearly in the dust. The cast of characters were memorable and the Joker was actually evil in this series and you actually took him seriously. Plus, didn't I mention that the plot was freakin' amazing?
    I tell you, if this came back, I could see more of this brilliant series. I've only seen a few episodes, but my brother and I can definitely agree that THIS was the best Batman series of all time! Ok, I'm done.
  • one of the greatest superhero's ever made by this great series. Never had a true why stop just at 85 and do a few more seasons?

    Batman: The Animated Series in its 85 episodes was an amazing show. If you like Batman you Should buy the DVD volumes 1,2, and 3. It is worth it without a doubt. Batman's archenemy, The Joker, was the greatest villian depicted in the cartoon series. With Mark Hammel's voice, it fit Joker's character perfectly with his notorious laugh. Also, Kevin Conroy played the main character, Bruce Wayne/Batman, who was the ideal voice for Batman. This show includes villians such as- Joker, Two Face, Poison Ivy, Harley, Penguin, Riddler, Manbat, Catwoman, the Samurai, Mad Hatter, and Ra's Al Ghul. Overall, this show was one of the best shows in the late 90's so buy the DVD volumes and see for yourself how good the episodes were. Plus, they never trully ended the show, so maybe someone in the future will revive it.:)
  • I don\'t fully understand Batman but from what I know he flies around town in his little Batman Animated costume and brings justice to the citizens of Gotham. By night he is batman, and by day he is a wealthy man by the name of Bruce Wayne.

    This is my best friends show ever since childhood. Personally, it\\\'s not one of my favourites but I think it\\\'s great for children under 10. They should bring it back because it provides pure and simple joy for my best friend. Batman: The Animated Series has classic and original characters. It was and still is very entertaining. I think the animated batman series is a lot better than the movies with actors but that\\\'s just my opinion.

    Batman is one of the best superheroes of all time. He beats Superman and some of the other superheroes. A decent show!

    Batman is my favorite super hero and has been since I was a little kid. This show is the one that I would watch and have on video because it was classic! That’s what it was classic! That’s what I have to say classic and nothing else. The animation alone was so cool. This was my favorite batman series out of all of them, especially compared to the entire one’s that are premiering now because there was just something about that series that made it a classic.
  • The most innovative and unique cartoon of the 20th century!

    Ahh, Batman the animated series. Where do I begin? This show changed the way America thought about the Dark Knight forever. This show has it all. Action, adventure, mystery, great storylines, everything. Each and every episode has an intriging story to be told. Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and everyone else who worked on this phenomenal show are pure animation geniuses. The show grabs your attention from the very beginning and does not let go until the end. Even the music is terrific. The type of orchestral music that really sets the tone for the genre it is. And of course the music is started off by Danny Elfman's theme from 1989's Batman movie, as the theme song for BTAS. In my opinion, this is THE greatest animated action cartoon in America.
  • Batman the animated series was good at the begining all the way through to the end.

    This was the best batman show ever made. And it was brillentily drew by the one and the only Bruce Timm. I especcily liked the fact that it was allways dark when Batman went on the prowl.One of my favroit episode must have been feat of clay. Personally i liked the costume with the yellow ovel on the chest. This really was a classic and nothing could ever replace it. The creatures ot the batman should be guted that there show will never come in to the same league as batman the animated series.I personally prefere the animation in batman the animated series over the batmans.
  • The 1990's animated interpritation of Batman, which not only reinvented some of characters, but also introduced some new one who became part of the mainstream DCU.

    Unlike the Batman of the Adam West series, this Dark Knight was not campy, but rather dark-yey-heroic, not to mention a bit sarcastic at times ("It's called, 'Better luck next time'").

    Harly, originally created for the cartoon, gained enough popularity to be added to the comics. Not to mention she added to the Joker's character, who I enjoyed for being psychotic, but funny at the same time (my favorite Mark Hammel performance since the Empire Strikes Back).

    One of my favorite things was the way Mr. Freeze was changed from a cheesy, gimicky bad guy he used to be (Pre-Crisis) to, as most people say, a tragic and sympathetic figure with emotional appeal. No wonder Heart of Ice won an Emmy.

    I wish more super hero cartoons had this good of writing and character developement.
  • Trendsetter is probably the best word to describe this show...another is excellent.

    My all time favorite cartoon.

    So many great episodes, great writing, and great animation. When I first started watching the show, i wasn't a big fan of the art, but it really grew on me. Without this show we wouldn't have Justice League, Superman TAS, or The Batman. (It has also spanned some bad shows though: Krypto the Superdog) This series really brought super heroes back to Saturday Mornings. Except this time with great story telling and mature themes. The greatest cartoon of all time.
  • This is the second best animated tv show about comic book characters, next to X-Men. The voice of Batman was perfect (thank you Kevin Conroy), and the villains were easy to hate. This show changed the Batman and DC Universes forever. Instant classic.

    This action packed series about the Dark Knight and his sidekicks, Robin and Batgirl, are classic. Later on, the show depicts Dick Grayson becoming his own person and leaving the Robin costume for the more mature Nightwing outfit. There are many trials and tribulations for Bruce Wayne/Batman as he faces off with classic villains like Joker, Harley Quinn TwoFace, Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Ra\'s Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, and let\'s not forget the Ventriloquist. Man, of all the villains, the Ventriloquist was really messed up. I couldn\'t tell if the guy was a schizo or the puppet really was alive.
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