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  • With it's dark story line, creative and complex characters, and excellent adaptation from the comic books, Batman: TAS still stands as the greatest Batman cartoon to this day

    Batman is by far my all time favorite superhero in the DC universe of comics. The comics were dark and complicated, the stories were gripping, and it had excellent characters. So it would be no surprise to see him be turned into a TV show. Out of all of them though, the one that will probably remain the best Batman cartoon forever is Batman: TAS. Doing adaptations from the comics themselves, Batman: TAS does a wonderful job in sucking you in, and keeping you glued to the show. Normally, when it comes to adaptations, they tend to screw up some of the characters and how they came to be a little bit, but not this show. Batman: TAS does an excellent job portraying the characters and developing them so well. From Batman to the villains, and Robin and Batgirl. They are all perfectly developed and complex, and you will come to love them all. You even feel some sympathy with the villains as to how they came to be, like Mr. Freeze and how his life was ruined. The artwork is excellent in this show. It has the right amount of darkness in each scene, the characters have original designs that are close to the comic books, and Gotham City looks really interesting. The animation is supremely well done and is still some of the best to this day. The show also manages to combine the genres of Mystery, Drama, and they even add a little bit of Comedy in there, and the result is excellent execution with all of them combined. Even the voice work is excellent. Everyone sounds like who they are supposed to be and Mark Hamil was The Joker and that was shocking when I heard about that. The stories are interesting and have plenty of twists and turns to them that are guaranteed to keep you entertained throughout the show. My only complaint with this show is that it only lasted for 4 seasons. Now that may be a long time in terms of cartoons, but this show could have gone on longer, and maybe have 8 seasons. If you are looking for one of the darkest and greatest shows based on a superhero, then go see Batman: TAS. Go to a movie store and pick up the 4 seasons of this show, you won't be sorry.