Batman: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 3

Riddler's Reform

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 24, 1994 on FOX

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  • Final appearance of a villain we should have seen more of - The Riddler.

    Despite being a member of what I consider to be the "Big Four" Bat-villains (the others being Joker, Penguin and Catwoman), The Riddler only made a handful of appearances on "Batman: The Animated Series." The creators have suggested that it was hard to come up with stories for him, which is a shame, because the character design and voice by John Glover could have made him one of the best baddies of the show.

    So, for the Riddler's swan song, we have an episode that is in keeping with a theme from the later episodes of the series - reform and redemption. Of course, knowing the Riddler, it isn't genuine, even if Batman is the only one who believes it. The psychology of the Riddler - the master puzzler who cannot help but succumb to a challenge - makes him such a great foe for Batman, each smart and each obsessive in their own ways. This episode is also strong because it keeps us guessing. We know the Riddler is planning a return to crime, but like Batman we keep being disappointed when it turns out that Nygma is engaged in legal behavior. But when the payoff comes, it comes in a big way that certainly ranks as one of Batman's closest calls on the show.
  • Enigma of the Riddler

    I'll admit I thought this had to be the best episode for the Riddler villian and sadly the last but oh well. Anyway, I really liked the plot in this episode it sort of reminded me of the film "Die Hard with a Vengence" since the villain in that movie was using riddles and practically putting them out for John McClane.

    What makes this episode very good is that it really keeps you guessing from what new chalange the Riddler is laying out for Batman but also we keep wondering if the Riddler really has turned over a new leaf. At times the Riddler seems to be up to no good but then the rug is pulled from under us and he is just simply doing something that is non harmful.

    But the Riddler character was just at his best in this one, there are times when it seems he's a nice guy and I almost want to believe it. One moment I thought was funny was when a girl hit on him and Riddler acts a bit shyly around her, I get the feeling Edward Nigma doesn't date much. But other times justtify my suspisions.

    The end result, I won't tell but lets just say the Riddler is about to learn the enigma of the Batman is unbreakable.
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