Batman: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 3

Riddler's Reform

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 24, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • This episode takes place after the last episode the Riddler appeared but it doesn't explain how he was released from his virtual from that episode.

    • When Batman turns the Riddler's riddle number upside down, he gets the address of where the crime is taking place, 10 LESLIE. However if you also convert the 10 into letters, you get IOLESLIE, or I OLES LIE. The Riddler may be telling Batman that even though people think he has reformed, "I always lie"

  • Quotes

    • Riddler: I fooled the police! The doctors! The Parole Board! All of them! There has been only one person who has been able to challenge me! Batman! He is the only worth of the game!

    • Riddler: Hello, Batman. This is it: the end of the game. I'm a little sad actually. You were a worthy opponent but then I told you I'd make a killing at the Toy Fair!

    • Riddler: That's all in the past. Ancient history that's gone now. I'm a new man, but you probably won't figure that out until it's too late.

  • Notes

    • Joker And Two-face have small none speaking roles at the end of this episode.

    • This episode is episode 23 on the Batman: The Animated Series Volume 3 DVD.

    • This episode along with "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't you Rich" was released on VHS as The New Adventures Of Batman & Robin: Riddler.

    • Including the revamped episodes (Batman: Gotham Knights), this is the last Riddler-centered episode of the series. Paul Dini has since revealed that the reason for the limited number of Riddler episodes is that he was the most difficult character to write for, given that in the comic the Riddler's plots go could on for issues on end whereas they have only twenty minutes in a cartoon episode. As a result, the production team has a bin filled with rejected Riddler scripts that proved too complicated or too silly to do.

  • Allusions

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