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Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 53

Robin's Reckoning (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 14, 1993 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Robin has learned of Batman's elusive enemy that the Dark Knight is keeping him from, Robin's parents murderer. As elusive as Tony Zucco has been, he can't elude the Bat forever. What's more, is that the Bat cannot elude Robin forever in hiding this man's location from him. What will prevail in the end; justice or revenge?moreless

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  • Robin takes matters in his own hands when Batman refues to bring him in on a pivotal mob boss bust.

    Robin finds out that Batman has deliberately kept him out of a mission to bring in Tony Zucco. He contacts Batman on the communicator and blasts him for keeping him from this. He's been waiting his whole life to have closure on the man that killed his parents. I love seeing this side of Robin. Not the happy go lucky teen that is always there to even out the dry and serious (while great) Batman. This time Robin is angry and kicks some serious butt. He is determined and nothing can stop him. Finding Zucco on his own with the detective skills Batman has tough him he begins a no olds barred misson tearing through Gotham to get to the location of Zucco before Batman can take him in on his own, ends up saving Batman AND getting the satisfaction of bringing Zucco down.

  • Robin's Triumph

    "Revenge is not a straight line, it is a forest one can easy get lost in."

    Hatori Hanzo

    "Kill Bill"

    This was a great follow up to part one. Not much to say, it was great to see Robin really take things into his own hands and of course this puts him on the path to his future role as Nightwing.

    I think what affected me about the death of not just Dick Grayson's parients but Bruce Wayne's as well is the fact that their parients were killed by criminal's that were merely ordinary people. That makes it all the more sad because these are the kind of criminals that exist in reality. Tony Zuko you just plain hate him, this guy is just human garbage. I really loved some of those shots and animation of Robin on his motorbike, the one shot where he breaks and drifts that was obviously inspired by the anime film "Akira". But yeah Robin is just going to town on both the criminals and most of all Zuko whom he is just beating the crap out of him. And as usual there is a sense of emotionality, from everything Robin is saying you can feel his blood boiling but most of all the sadness eating at him. The thing about revenge is no one does it to feel better, they already know whatever was robbed from them can't ever return but they feel some form of justice must be brought to the perpetrator one way or the other. In the end we see Robin chose the conventional means of justice which is the right choice and shows Robin means to continue his form of justice. And I really loved what Batman said at the end that he kept Robin away because he was afraid of losing him, much like how a father would protect his son. Dick/Robin has lost his parients but has gained a father and a destiny, that is his greatest triumph.moreless
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Roger Rose

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • After Batman twists his knee, he hides and ties a splint to his leg, reaching from his shin to his thigh. Later the splint only stretches to his knee, like it's his lower leg that's the problem.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Robin: Stuff your advice, Batman! You and your stone cold heart! You don't know how I feel! How could you?!

    • Robin: (On dock after Zucko is captured by Police) Now I know why you didn't tell me it was Zucko you were after. You knew I'd take it too personally.
      Batman: It wasn't that. Zucko has taken so much from you, and caused you so much pain. I couldn't stand the fact that... he might have tried to take you, too.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode is episode 5 on the Batman: The Animated Series Volume 2 DVD.

    • This episode along with "Robin's Reckoning, Part 1" was released on VHS as The New Adventures Of Batman & Robin: Robin.

    • According to this episode Robin is eighteen years old. At one point Robin says he's "waited half my life" to stop Zucco. Later Zucco mentions he's been on the run from Batman for nine years. Do the math and you get Dick's age.


    • Near the end of Part II when Robin skids on his bike, the combination of the pose and the electricity coming off the motorcycle is very much reminiscent of a scene from Akira.

    • After Batman has hurt his leg and the gangsters are pursuing him, he passes in front of the "Sitting Duck Shooting Gallery".

      A sitting duck is a colloquial term for a helpless or easy target or victim.