Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 56

See No Evil

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 24, 1993 on FOX
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Episode Summary

A ex-con steals a plastic that can turn him invisible. He uses it to steal jewels and visit his daughter.

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  • Underappreciated. Enough Said.

    I felt that this episode was defenitely something worth "seeing". I was digging through my Batman DVD Collection and came across this episode. At its time the animation was great, and the story was too. While a little girl bonds with her "imaginary friend" Mojo, her mother comes in brutal contact with her ex-husband. As the episode continued, Batman used his above average detective skills and a little luck to find that their was more to Gotham's strange Invisible Man than met the eye. Overall, extremely well written and one of the most underappreciated episode in the BTAS series; one of the most unforgetable episodes at the least.moreless
  • Great action, very funny episode too.

    This was a great episode. It had classic funny moments like the guard trying to get in the bathroom, Batman shouting at the invisible man...and there's a man who don't undertands what was going on and makes a funny expression, and of course, Batman over the invisible car, which makes a man say "Man... I didn't know he could fly too!"

    What I didn't like about Eddie Ventrix was his face, he looks like a man who... can't be taken seriously... but what he does in the episode clouds that.

    Solid episode, I don't know if this Invisible Man already existed in the comics, but it was a great idea for a one time idea.

    It had a great ending too, with the little girl saying she was talking with Batman, and then he appears in the roof. Nice.moreless
  • A girl's 'invisible' friend has an adventure.

    Ok, so if I’m a little girl and some invisible guy walks into my room, I’d be freaked out, no matter how many gifts he brought me. I found this episode hard to believe when you have a little girl that has no problems with strangers that are invisible, but if they’re real then she’s scared of them.

    Well, well leave that for now.

    This episode really doesn’t seem to have much point. Bruce is at a jewelry fair (it just seems too big to be a store) buying a watch instead of working at Wayne Industries, when some guy starts stealing stuff. He switches into Batman mode and chases the guy.

    Now, Batman is smart enough to use the paint to find him, but not smart enough to use the cement powder, which would have lasted longer in the air. Although he does do that later with the water. This whole show made use of two different Batmans.

    The first is intelligent. He uses his brains and figures out where the little girl was taken too. He also thinks to use the water to help expose the guy. The second Batman is stupid. He uses the paint, and when it starts to disappear he waits to throw something else at him. He also cannot apparently hear our bad guy standing right next to him because of high ceilings. Come on people.

    A small note about the mother. The mother believes the invisible friend is imaginary. Fair enough, since this is quite common. But I’d wonder where my daughter was getting all the jewelry from. Even worse, when she figures out her daughter wasn’t lying or making up Mojo, she still brushes off her daughter when she says that she’s talking to Batman at the end. Is this woman really so stupid? Did she learn nothing?

    This episode was one of the lower quality ones with a lot of untasteful writing. So very generic in fact. So, watch this episode, if like me you like to watch B:TAS. If you’re not totally a fan, then stay away from this episode.

  • I'd hafta say that is one way to break up a family if the husband (who was divorced from his wife) was a crook, and having both the wife and daughter both hate the husband.moreless

    The episode begins in a neighborhood in which a young girl named Kimberly Ventrix gets visited by an unseeable someone named Mojo and the later gives the former a present. It turns out later on that "Mojo" was a crook in an invisible suit. The crook, Kimberly's father Lloyd, talks to his ex-wife Helen, and she warns him to stay away from both her and Kimberly. Batman then comes in and warns Lloyd that the suit is toxic, but Lloyd wouldn't listen, and then Batman gives Lloyd a severe beating, with a little help from some water droplets. Lloyd is finally put in prison and both Helen and Kimberly are safe.moreless
  • Action, Adventure, Detective work, all in all a great episode

    This episode is one of the episodes with a one time villan. This is the only time we will get to se Ventrix, which is fine with me, theres not much else he can do, but he worked out perfectly for this episode. Once again in the series the villan is great largely to do with his strong motivation. Vatrix wants to see his daughter again, but is not allowed so he dresses up in invisible plastic and comes in through her room to see her (while her mom beleves he is just an imaginary friend). This episode also shows Batman as a detective as he searches to find out who Vatrix is and how he manages to be invisible. It also has good animation and on model characters. Well worth watching.moreless
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