Batman: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 1

Shadow of the Bat (1)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 13, 1993 on FOX

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  • The birth of Batgirl ... according to B:TAS anyways.

    Since this is a two part episode, this will be a two part review. You can use your detective skills to figure out where it continues yourself ;)

    In part one we learn that there’s a new (to us anyways) deputy commissioner of the police. And this guy is so good he has taken down three mob bosses in only three months.

    Now, without getting into the need to point out that this wouldn’t happen, but this wouldn’t happened. Ok, so I will get into it. There is no way they could set up an airtight sting on each one of those three so quickly. Even with the insider, whom I won’t give away, yet.

    Knowing who the insider is only goes to the point that he could not have setup the three boss’ himself. This is a plot hole to me. Also, Thorne is a *very* smart man and would not have been caught so simply. Way too convenient.

    But, that’s besides the point. The commissioner gets setup (no idea who would believe he was corrupt) and put in jail, no bail. Which also wouldn’t happen, but then this is Gotham. As a result of Batman’s apparent unwillingness to appear at a rally for the Commish, Barbara creates a Batman outfit and appears at the rally.

    Chaos ensures. She barely manages to stay alive, thanks to the help of good luck and a little from Robin. The question in the public’s mind is who is Batgirl? I know Robin has one of the worst disguises in Batman lore (come on, it’s just a tiny mask), but Barbara comes close.

    To date on the show, there have only been two redheads. One is Poison Ivy, and the other is Barbara Gordon. When you notice she has blue eyes that leaves only one possible choice. Wow, the people of Gotham really are stupid.

    So, we end this episode with the Barbara learning that Gil is bad and deciding to do something about it, with a really cute outfit to match.

    To Be Continued