Batman: The Animated Series

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 12, 1995 on FOX
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Batman and Robin learn about the exploits of Jonah Hex an Old West crimefighter who once dealt with the immortal Ra's Al Ghul.

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  • Ra's tells Batman a story.

    This episode is mostly a flashback (and a flashback back to the year 1883, no less!) where Ra's was alive of course and had a partner named Arcady Duvall, a ruthless man wanted for his crimes in the Old West.

    The highlight of this episode is obviously the one and only Jonah Hex, a bounty hunter with an unique appearance who is looking for Arcady and finds more than he wanted. The voice acting, story and most of all the animation in this episode was just great. Speaking of which, this was my favorite animated version of Jonah Hex (it's still an impressive story and Jonah is just an awesome character... plus I always liked Wild West themed stories) until his own animated short came out (earlier this year), which is a great little story with great voice acting and a steady pace (not too rushed, which is impressive for it being only 12 minutes long). Not to say his other animated appearances I can think of weren't good; they were, just not as good as these two.

    While this episode is mostly a flashback, the present day story is also of importance, as it shows Batman and Robin confronting once again Ra's after he kidnaps someone from a retirement home. The revelation that Arcady was actually Ra's son was handled well, and Ra's comment that he will fight Batman another day, after he saves his son, is also great.

    Even though Ra's is not present too much during this story, I still consider this episode as part of the "Ra's al Ghul Saga", as we do get some more insight on his backstory, one of his old plots and that somewhere deep inside he does care about all his children. Overall a good episode, a must see for any Western fans and of course Jonah Hex and Ra's fans out there.moreless
  • Jonah Hex is BAD-ASS

    I watched this episode yesterday, since I'm re-watching most of the series. I remember that this episode had seemed like a come-and-go without leaving anything.

    But yesterday was different, knowing a little bit more about Jonah Hex, the story was a classic one for him, and to mix it with Ra's Al Ghul (a villain much-overrated for me) was the perfect touch, and that Duval was a great "villain" for the flash-back episode.

    If there's anything that I like about Jonah Hex, is that he cares squad about what people says about him, like "you'll shut up when I have his body with me". His attitude (and with great voicing aswell) is just so awesome, it says "I'm so awesome" and kinda remembers me of Star Wars character Mace Windu, he wouldn't start the epic lightsaber battle, he would get the job done in a minute (Jango Fett, if you know what I mean)

    The episode had excellent animation, and excellent action sequences, and, if there's something I like of Ra's, is his honor, asking batman to let him go with his son to "cross swords another day"

    Great episodemoreless
  • An great, original episode.

    This episode occurs almost entirely in flashback, but what a treat it is.

    After a run in with Ra's Al Ghul, the episode takes us back to the year 1883, and follows a Jules Verne style tale of Ra's Al Ghul's exploits.

    This is a beautiful episode with lots of great art, the music is fitting (I particularly enjoyed the short sequence as we the flashback started), and an exciting plot. The new characters to the series are also well voiced.

    The flashback is nicely integrated into the main story, making this an excellent, but very different, episode of Batman: The Animated Series.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Duvall says he is a Heidelberg fencing champion. Heidelberg was a university in Germany where dueling meant you stood three feet from your opponent and then try to slash each other in the head. The entire point of this stupidity was to give each other big scars to wear as a sign of glory. Hence, Duvall's noticeable scar under his eye.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Sheriff: Well, well. Jonah Hex his own bad self. Been here five minutes and you ain't killed nobody nor set nothin' on fire. Slippin' ain't you?
      Jonah Hex: I'm still a little bushed.
      Sheriff: Fact is, you look a little past it, Hex. Not tired, just all used up.
      Hex: Well, when I get pushed, I can still shoot a fly out from between its wings. Provided the right lights, of course, and it's a big plump fly.

    • Arkady Duvall: You cannot defeat me. I am a Heidelberg fencing champion!
      Jonah Hex: My heart's all a-flutter.

    • Ra's Al-Ghul: We'll cross swords another time Detective, but for now, let me take my boy home.

    • Barmaid: You're a bounty hunter?
      Jonah Hex: Just to pay for my piano lessons.

    • Arcady Duvall: You're either a liar or a fool.
      Jonah Hex: I've been known to be foolish, but ain't nobody calls me a liar and goes to bed happy.

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