Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 25

The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 14, 1992 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • At the fund-raiser, when the Baron is being introduced, the large emblem of the Gotham Foreign Aid Society in the background has a misspelling. The word "Foreign" is misspelled "Foriegn."

  • Quotes

    • Commisssioner Gordon (as he speaks to Wormwood in his cell): When we collared the Quirian Agent at the airport, he sang like a bird and he fingered you as the guy who was going to sell him the bonds. Oh, I almost forgot. This came for you (Commissioner Gordon hands Wormwood a package through the cell bars and then leaves).
      Josiah Wormwood (as he reads the note on the package): Confinement will speed your reform, but long cold nights will be the norm. So here's a thing to keep you warm."? What the-- (Wormwood opens the package to reveal Batman's cape and cowl as Wormwood throws them across the room with the letter as the letter unrolls to reveal the Batsignal at the bottom).

    • Batman (as he reads the clues the police lights found): "Where Washington and young Babe Ruth, stand side by side with John Wilkes Booth. Batman will find a plan uncouth!!"

    • Batman (as he reads the note that Wormwood sent): "Where iron horses go to rot and children toot their horns a lot, a damsel's pleas shall come to naught."
      Commissioner Gordon: Do you know what it means?
      Batman: Don't you?

    • McWhirter (as he reads the letter at the golf course): Where tracks and golf balls roll and wind, round colored banner of all kind. Here new instructions you will find.
      Josiah Wormwood (speaking on the intercom): You've come to the right place Mr. McWhirter. You won't be able to find me. Just follow the sound of my voice.

    • Wormwood: What will you do with the cape and cowl?
      Batman: I'm going... to wear them.

    • Wormwood: Alright. I'll get you the Batman's cape and cowl. That won't be difficult. He is only human after all.

  • Notes

    • This episode is episode 3 on the Batman: The Animated Series Volume 2 DVD.

    • This episode contains the first use of the Bat-Signal in the DC Animated Universe.

    • This epsiode bears a striking resemblance to episode 69 of the 1966 Batman "The Contaminated Cowl". In this episode the Mad Hatter attempts to steal Batman's cowl by spraying it with radio active spray.

  • Allusions

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