Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 8

The Cat and the Claw (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 12, 1992 on FOX

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  • Not quite as tightly plotted as part one

    Not quite as tightly plotted as part one, but this is still top-notch entertainment. The rapport between Batman and Catwoman continues in this episode, making for some very amusing exchanges and interesting fight scenes. Of course, this kind of love-hate relationship has been visualised throughout DC's history, but it's surprising how adult and straight things are played here - this is certainly a show aimed at kids looking for adventure and adults who essentially fall into the "big kid" catergory. Overall, a solid piece of fun. The stuff with red claw only ever comes across as padding and a means to toss Catwoman and Batman into a perilous situation just so they can save each other and spar against one another, which is a shame. Still, it's highly complex and fun as cartoon relatonships go - here's to a return visit from the cat in the near future.
  • Cleverly Written

    Writers did a great job doing their part. Like Part 1, Some of the dialogues are terrific in Part 2. But the biggest problem was the Animation. Unlike Part 1, Akom did Animation for Part 2. Sunrise did the Animation for Part 1. And it was great. But for Part 2, I thought the Animation was very weak. Producer Bruce Timm was dissatisfied with Animation of this episode. He mentioned this in Animato Article that was published around 1993/1994.

    Sean Catherine Derek and Early Writers were great writers. Bruce Timm suggested Sean Catherine Derek and early writers if they could write serious episodes. So they wrote P.O.V. But their script wasn't approved by BS&P. So Many of the Major Points of the Story were taken out. Producers and Writers got in lot of trouble with that episode.

    But I am glad that this script was approved by BS&P.
  • Not quite as good as part 1

    This was the final part to "The Cat And The Claw", it did not quite live up to part one, as it basicly was just wrapping up the story, but I found some sequances cool such as the fight on the train, Batman escaping from Redclaw's base and my favorite part the car chase. Not much else to say , so all in all not as good as part one, but still worth seeing.