Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 14

The Clock King

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 21, 1992 on FOX

Episode Recap

Hamilton Hill sits on the train and looks at his watch. He is a lawyer and has his own firm. Sitting across from him is Temple Fugate, a time dictated man with his own company. He is getting sued for 20 million dollars.

Hill suggests that Fugate should take his coffee break at 3:15 instead of three. Hill tells him o relax so the judge won't judge him for being so stiff.

At the company, Fugate decides to take his break at 3:15. He sits on a park bench and enjoys the sunny day. A children's ball goes flying at him, causing him to drop his papers. The wind blows his papers. Fugate says he needs those important court documents. One paper falls in the fountain, and when Fugate tries to reach for it a dog barks at him and he falls in.

A quick clips shows the judge in favor of the opposite side. Fugate is ruined and loses everything.

5 Years Later

Bruce Wayne sits in the back of his car as Alfred drives him down the road. Fugate is standing on top of a very large building. Alfred crashes into a taxi. The road lights are malfunctioning and the streets are in chaos. The taxi driver blames Mayor Hamilton Hill, who is trying to get re-elected. He stands there in confusion. Fugate presses a button and a giant vandalized poster of Mayor Hill's re-election campaign unrolls from the tall building. Everyone laughs.

Bruce changes into Batman and catches Fugate on the roof. Fugate calls himself the Clock King, and throws an explosive watch at Batman. Batman dodges and stops Fugate from leaving the roof. Fugate tells Batman that the 6 o'clock train is always 6 minutes early. He falls backwards off the roof and lands on the train.

Batman discovers a clue about the watch thrown at him. He goes to Fugate's lair, and finds out that Fugate plans to rob the 2nd National bank. The vault door has been rigged to open.

Batman wears a gas mask and enters the bank doors. The bank is filled with unconscious patrons and a box is on the floor of the vault room. Batman walks in and the bank vault door shuts closed. It is a trap. A recording tells Batman that there is a vacuum sucking all the oxygen from the room. Batman attempts to use his acetylene torch, but the recording says he will run out of air in 15 minutes, which is 17 minutes less than it will take Batman to open the vault door. The box is also rigged with a vibration sensitive bomb, so Batman cannot touch it.
Batman takes the recording tape off the box without it exploding. He breaks it and takes out the tape.

Mayor Hamilton Hill presents a new train system. He tries to get media attention to get re-elected. The train does not appear on time. An announcement tells everyone that the train will be late, and it is Fugate laughing. Two trains appear on opposite sides of the tracks and they collide.

Batman uses the recording tape to pick up the vacuum box and slowly move it to the vault door with a laundry type pulley system with the recording tape. He has taken money bags and piled them up to protect himself. Batman momentarily falls to the lack of oxygen, but gets up to throw a batarang at the box. It explodes and destroys the vault room door. Batman escapes.

In the confusion of the trains colliding, Fugate has kidnapped Mayor Hill and has tied him to the hour hand. It is nearly 3:15, the same time it was when Fugate took his coffee break that ruined his life. Fugate informs Hill that his firm represented the people suing him. When the minute hand goes down to the 3, it will crush Mayor Hill.

Batman intervenes and tells Fugate that Mayor Hill had nothing to do with it. Fugate has a clock hand sword and attacks Batman. They fight in the clock tower in the gears. Fugate dominates the fight by timing Batman's punches, but Batman punches, and when Fugate attempts to stab with his sword, he wedges it into two gears. The minute hand stops moments before crushing Hill.

The clock tower collapses, Fugate jumping and saying he will escape. Batman rescues Hill in the nick of time.

Batman tells Gordon that if he made it out alive, then Fugate probably did too.

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