Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 14

The Clock King

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 21, 1992 on FOX

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  • Tick Toc

    The Clock King is a strange villain indeed. Basically he is a down trodden nerd that gets fed up with being abused and treated poorly. He has the uncanny ability to time and plan everything to the microsecond. This is what he uses to try to destroy the Mayor and defeat Bats.
  • One of my personal favorite episodes of the series.

    There is something about the Clock King that I really like. He is different than other villians. He has no super powers and he hardly has the strength of a regular man, but yet he can hold his own against the Batman. The reason for that must lie in the fact that he is extremely intelligent. He adroitly plans out his schemes, traps, and crimes with his perfect understanding and wholesome knowledge of time. It sounds kinda ridiculous but I find him pretty awesome. If you have not seen this episode then I recommend that you do, but only if you love great stories and great character construction.
  • Who calls their kid 'Temple' anyway?

    Gotham City's Mayor Hill is the victim of recent plots and ploys, all created by Temple Fugate, who has now taken on the persona of Clock King and is determined for revenge.

    This episode was alright, moving at a good pace, giving the action and vilainous obsession the series is famous for.

    The Clock King (originally a Green Arrow villain, I think) was an interesting character. While his motive, getting revenge on someone for making him late, is a little silly, it gives the character some depth; normal people like Temple can fall into sin and have a dark side. He is entertaining at times, with his obsessions during his pre-villain days and some of his fight scenes, but at other times, he succumbs to cliches; he gets illuminated by lightning, makes 'threatening' one-liners and laughs maniacally.

    This was a decent episode, worth watching if you're bored...
  • Batman is in a cat and mouse chase with the Clock King, a villain with a penchant for clocks and one of Batman's most human villains.

    The villains on the series are for the most part pretty human. Most of them have no or little superpowers and all of them have some sort of mental issue. Enter the Clock King, the most human of Batman's opponents. In appearance he comes off as a banker, lawyer or accountant. He has no superpowers at all and his only strength comes from, in all things, his knowledge of clocks and his obsession with time. Yet he is able to still one up Batman repeatedly. In their first encounter, the Clock King gets away from Batman by jumping onto the train below him knowing it is always early. He almost kills Batman in a sealed bank vault by making sure that the air will be sucked out of the vault before Batman has time to burn his way all with a welding torch. In the second encounter, the Clock King is able to time his dodges to Batman's punches. This is all even more amazing considering that the Clock King is twice Batman's age yet has the strength and agility to somersault of buildings onto trains and quickly dodge Batman's punches within a fraction of a second. To be sure, the Clock King's clock based crimes make his crimes somewhat predictable and gimmicky, but he still able to keep Batman on his feet nonetheless and should be considered one of Batman's top villains.
  • Excellent Episode. Click on continue =P. Btw, Tempel Fuget (Clock King's name) means Time Flies in Italian.

    This was one of my favorite episdoes in the series. I'll start with Clock King's name. Tempel Fuget means time fliesin Italian. I think that the origin was pretty good. Mayor Hill indirectly ruined his life and the guy wants revenge. I would too if the same thing happened too me. I always enjoyed Clock King's concept idea of a character. He seemed like that interesting, always right, cool villain. It was a bit bland when Mayor Hill realized that Clock King was Tempel Fuget. "You made me late!" just that way Clock King said that was kinda stupid. Then Hill automaticly knowing it was Fuget even though he didn't remember his name at the beginning of the episode (which took place 3 years early). Huge Wtf? But still, this was an excellent episode.
  • A great improvment from "The Clock King" in the comic books

    This is another example of when "Batman The Animated series" took a dull generic villan from the comic books and vastly improved on him. Temple Fugit (a nice little in-joke on Tempus Fugit) was a normal man , with an obsession to staying on his schedule , until one day taking advice from Mayor Hill to "Loosen up" loosing an important court case and his whole life being ruined. Now he wants to exact his revenge. Not the most sympathetic villan but IMO amusing non the less, the plot and writing were both above average and The Clock King was an exellent villan for Batman to encounter for this episode. A definite high point of this episode was the spectacular fight in the Clocktower at the end of the episode as well as a great scene with Batman trapped in a safe with a bomb and rapidly decreasing oxygen. This is undoubtably one of the greatest Death Traps a villan has ever set for Batman and the way he escapes reminds us of just how intelligent Batman is.