Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 58

The Demon's Quest (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 04, 1993 on FOX

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  • Part Two of the Ra's al Ghul Saga.

    Continuing directly from the previous episode, an insane Ra's is holding his daughter above the Lazarus Pits and wants to throw her in, so Batman and Robin have to stop him (mostly Batman, and it is interesting to note his concern for Talia, indicating that she does mean something to him after all). Soon after he returns to his normal way of thinking Ra's once again asks Batman to become his heir, but when Batman refuses Ra's tries to destroy him. Obviously Batman and Robin escape and try to find out what Ra's is planing. One thing I always loved about the Batman animated series (and the rest of the DCAU as well, of course) was its strong continuity. While I may be mistaking, I always thought the events from the previous episode ("Off Balance") lead to this episode and Ra's plan of using the satellite to blow up the Lazarus Pits from around the world. I was under the impression Ra's previously wanted to use the sonic drill he had Count Vertigo and Talia steal for him in "Off Balance" to flood the Lazarus Pit all over the world. but when Batman sabotaged the drill, Ra's was forced into modifying the plan and use satellites instead.

    The way the characters interact is handled pretty well, especially Batman and Ra's (Batman's line about Ra's being completely out of his mind is great) and Batman and Talia (you can tell their short adventure from the previous episodes was more than that and even though they're on opposite sides and have completely different objectives, they still care about each other).

    The highlight of this episode is without a doubt the epic sword fight between Batman and Ra's. The animation is great, the music is great and the atmosphere is just right. And the ending is just great, even though it was obvious that couldn't have been the end of Ra's, the scene at the end is not completely useless and once again foreshadows the things to come.

    This was probably Ra's best appearance on the show (not the DCAU though) and is both an entertaining and memorable episode.