Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 23

The Forgotten

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 08, 1992 on FOX
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Bruce Wayne infiltrates a camp of kidnapped homeless people. The problem is that he was hit on the head to do so and gets temporary amnesia and doesn't know who he is.

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  • Unoriginal idea that really goes nowhere.

    As amnesia stories go, this episode offered little that was insightful or interesting. I have always considered Bruce Wayne to be the secret identity of Batman since the latter persona seems to dominate. The writers were aware of this. Following two dream sequences, Batman only regains knowledge of his identity when he realizes he is the Batman, not Wayne. However, Batman's identity crisis is not explored in depth, and all that is really missing is the husky Batman voice and the cloyingly friendly Wayne affability.

    Batman's amnesia parallels the situation of the kidnapped miners. As he has forgotten his own identity, their individual identities (as they are a class of extremely poor people) have been willingly forgotten by the more well-to-do citizens of Gotham City. Thus the apt title for the episode.

    With these ideas as great story material, the writers do very little with it. It is more an escape from bondage story than an amnesia story, really.

    I enjoyed the music. A strange mix of harmonica and trap set with the Batman motif. I cannot decide if Shirley Walker was going for a spaghetti western sound or a 60s mod spy film sound. It just barely works, slightly on the kooky side.moreless
  • Bruce wayne is kidnapped and has memory-loss. He is forced to work with the other kidnapped men on a awful minning camp.

    at first this episode would make me cry. But now it makes me a little angry. first,I wondered why a rich billonaire would disguise himself.I think that he could have Just went as batman and beat up boss biggis and set the prisoners free. one of the scenes that I didn't like at first was when,some homeless people begged bruce for money and then,he

    started crying. But,I liked it when Bruce finally turned into batman and fought all the bad guys. So,Pretty much this was an good-okay episode. very emotional

    though and kind of reminds me of the prince and the pauper.

    I still don't know why they called it the forgotten though.moreless
  • A potentially good plot badly executed.

    At first glance the episode shares a basic underlying plot with "The Underdwellers" with Batman coming to the rescue of enslaved homeless people. Compared to that episode, "The Forgotten" is at least more plausible in its setting and story (homeless men are kidnapped to provide slave labor for a greedy prick's mine) than "The Underdwellers" (madman forces orphans to steal for him) although not by much. However, one must ask why would anyone go through the trouble of kidnapping homeless men in less than healthy conditions, maltreat them and have them work in deplorable conditions in the first place. One can't be that desperate to avoid filing taxes and handling paperwork.

    The episode does have some high points. One high point comes when Batman is knocked out while undercover and forgets who he is. Here is a far greater obstacle for Batman than being tied in chains without his utility belt. How can one fully function without knowledge of his identity and past? Unfortunately this unique angle gets fouled by the surreal nature of Batman's dreams involving his parents, the Joker, and a crowd of begging homeless. Another high point is Alfred's nerve wrecking hunt for Batman after he does not return from his nightly patrol. It is refreshing to see Alfred, traditionally a supporting character and sometime dry comic foil to the stoic Batman, in more of an action role. His attempt to fly the Batjet and his tit for tat with the plane's computer provides a few laughs. Although it does beg the question of if Alfred and Batman have any sort of contingency plan if one of Batman's missions go awry.moreless
  • Bruce, while investigating strange disappearnaces is kidnapped and is forced to work in a dangerous mine, while suffering amnesia.

    From the beginning, i knew that this one was going to be a good episode. I think that the reason it is so successful is that it illustrates another complex level of Bruce\'s personality: he careas aobut everyone. Odds are that he had never met any of the \"disappeared,\" but he still put his life on the line to look for them. The disguise he adopts is perfect because it offers the viewer an idea of what bruce could have been, had he not become batman. The greedy boss of the mine if a perfect foil for Bruce\'s selfless heroism. Thoroughly a good watch.moreless
  • Not the best

    Bruce Wayne, while on an undercover rescue mission looses his memory and wakes up in service for greedy slave driver Boss Biggis. This was not the best that Batman the animated series had to offer. But it still had it's strong points, such as the scene were Bruce regains his memory, were we see his and his parents. Plus a lighter scene with Alfred struggling to fly the Batplane, it is especially funny when it tells him "your funeral", did Batman program it to say that ? It was also nice to have an episode were we just get Bruce Wayne and hardly any Batman. When you get used to his Bruce Wayne personality, it is sort of weird when he regains his memory and acts like Batman again. All in all a pretty good episode but may have benifited if it were more fleshed out.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • It is implied that after kidnapping Bruce, Biggis' men take the Studebaker to the junkyard. But how exactly did they know this was Bruce's car, since he was walking along on foot when they jumped him?

      Reply: We don't actually see them taking it. It could've easily been towed. The truck just happened to be at the same location.

    • One more instance of one of Biggis' men seemingly being in two places at once: A hefty man in a white shirt wearing a miner's helmet with a whip on his belt is shown helping herd new prisoners from the truck and into the camp; mere seconds later, this exact same man is the one in the watchtower who spots Bruce escaping and alerts everyone.

    • When Bruce and Dan Riley are fighting Boss Biggis' men to protect Salvo Smith, Riley punches a bearded guy, knocking him down. In the very next shot, of Biggis yelling at his men to get them, the same bearded man is shown in the background behind Biggis.

    • When Boss Biggis' men seize the prisoner in the green shirt, there is a bald man with glasses and a blue outfit standing amongst the prisoners. Later, when Biggis' men are bringing in new prisoners (as Bruce is escaping), this exact same man can be seen being taken from the truck, implying he is a new arrival.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Bruce: (nearly gets hit by the Bat-wing as it passes by) Son of a gun.

    • Computer: (after landing) Please what your step.
      Alfred: (falls out right after) I-I claim this land... in the name of Spain!

    • Bruce: What is this?
      Smith: If it's moving, it's a rat. If it isn't, it's a cooked rat.

    • Bruce: Where am I?
      Smith: Well, opinions differ, but we all agree it ain't Miami.

    • Alfred: (standing at limo) Are we ready to go, Master Bruce?
      Riley & Smith: (looking at Bruce) Master Bruce?
      Bruce: Bruce Wayne...Wayne Enterprises. (as he gets into his limo) If you're looking for a job, I might be able to help you.
      Smith: (as Bruce's limo drives away) Hit me, Riley.
      Riley: Hit you? Why?
      Smith: Maybe I'll lose my memory and wake up a billionaire, too.

    • Alfred: (seeing Bruce's signal on scanner) There he is! Take us down!
      Batjet's computer: Procedure not recommended.
      Alfred: But Master Bruce is down there! We have to land!
      Computer: Negative...terrain unsuitable for landing procedures.
      Alfred: Land, you bucket of bolts!
      Computer: Your...funeral.
      Alfred: (moaning as jet swoops down) Oh, nooo...!

    • Biggis: Don't let me drown!
      Batman: When you taste the prison food, you'll wish I had.

    • Alfred: Only vampires loath daylight more than Batman.

    • Bruce: (seeing the food) What is this?!
      Smith: If it's moving, it's a rat. If not, it's a cooked rat.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo

      Alfred: I-I-I claim this land for Spain.

      This was said by the Spanish navigator Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, who on the authority of the Viceroy of New Spain, sailed up the coast of California in the San Salvador, stepping onshore at the present-day harbor of San Diego (the official "discovery" of California). His mission was to map the coastline and claim the land for Spain.