Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 15

The Last Laugh

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 22, 1992 on FOX

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  • HAHA Ha

    The Joker is back on the scene and he plans on gassing Gotham and basically just robbing and pillaging. Pretty simple and to the point. Almost so simple it's perfect. That is until the Bats arrives on the scene to save the day. The Joker is still a little simple character at this time. The writers and Mark Hamill improve on his character greatly over the next few episodes and really developed a great iconic version of him.
  • After the excellent 'Christmas with the Joker', 'The Last Laugh' completely ruins the Joker character, really turning him into a joke.

    In 'Christmas with the Joker', the Joker was portrayed as a humorous, slapstick comedian who was also a crazed, vicious killer who wanted to murder people in horrible ways, and being just plain evil and merciless. This episode chooses to look away from that evil side that defines the Joker as Batman's archnemesis, and focus more on the comedy.

    The Joker in this is pretty ridiculous, with very camp, Adam Westish one-liners, and he says so many unfunny jokes that it just gets tiresome. His plot is not as twisted and insane as with all the other times. He just wants people to go mad so he can easily rob them. That's what any ordinary crook would do if they got their hands on some laughing gas. And the Joker is not meant to be an ordinary crook.

    Although this episode is mainly an unsuccessful comedy, there are traces of darker elements. It is said that the gas could result in permanent insanity, and Alfred looks pretty insane when he's suffering from the effects of the laughing gas, and this adds a personal note to Batman's mission against the Joker. The Joker also clearly intends to murder Batman, but this is spoiled by the childish clown music and wisecracks that accompany him.

    The music score is actually very good, but not really suited to this episode. The animation is, as usual, superb, but this episode suffers from the poor script and disrespectable portrayel of the Joker. There may be some good action sequences, but this is definately not Batman at its peak. 1.5/5.
  • My very favorite episode of the series.

    This episode is not a favorite among many fans, but I always think of this episode when I think of the Joker. The music was epic; sometimes I randomly get it stuck in my head. Look this up on youtube to listen to the music from the episode: Batman: The Animated Series Soundtrack (Last Laugh) Part 1.

    I liked how The Joker had clown dressed henchmen and caused an uproar in Gotham City with laughing gas, not to mention the final showdown between Batman and Joker. Maybe i'm just crazy but I really hold this episode deep in my heart. Yeah, that sounds cheesy, but it is true.
  • No offense to those who thought this episode was only mediocre (we all have our own tastes, likes, and dislikes, after all), but I loved it.

    The plot of this episode is that The Joker and two of his henchman are using this mind-warping laughing gas to incapacitate the police and the other Gothamites so they can rob them (There’s a scene in which a police officer is too busy laughing to stop The Joker from robbing a jewelry store). There’s an added danger because Batman discovers that lengthy exposure to the gas “will result in permanent insanity” and time is of the essence.

    I'll admit there were some downsides. There were some elements which I found annoying (which is why I didn't give it a "10"). For example, there was the weird music playing throughout most of the episode. It was somewhere between catchy and irritating - you know, the kind of music that just gets lodged in your head. Also, some of the action taking place while The Joker and his men were robbing people was a little too bizarre, even for me (the scene with three grown men holding hands and doing a “Ring Around the Rosie” type dance was just surreal). I also noticed a couple mistakes and other things that just didn’t look right (Was Batman welding his gas mask? That’s what it looked like to me).

    All in all, however, I enjoyed it. Batman was put in real danger more than once during this episode. It's not a good adventure if the hero isn't challenged, and Batman was. I generally enjoyed the weirdness of this episode (which I'm sure is the same thing that drove some people away from it). What I liked the most was the dialogue. I especially liked the part where Batman confronted The Joker on the garbage scow the villain was using as a floating headquarters.

    Joker- Look who's come to trash the place!
    Batman- A fitting setting for you, Joker.
    Joker- Ooh, I just love to get down and dirty! Okay,'s playtime!

  • Not the best Joker appearance

    A little better than "Christmas With The Joker", but the creators had still not quite figured out the Joker's character , his crime was a little unmotivated (Distract the city with laughing gas and rob jewles and stuff) and a little reminicant of the 60s Adam West Batman. This is definatly not the Jokers greatest appearance , still it did have some good moments paticularly the scenes with Bruce and Alfred playing April fools jokes. Some people find this to be a little out of character, but I liked them.
  • Hey, Joker's at it again! People are laughing in the streets and he's . . . taking wallets? Holy Bat Crap!

    This is the series' attempt at an April Fool's Day episode, but it's humor is a little off beat. By a wide margin. Alfred, who is usually the source of the comic relief in this dark-themed series, falls flat on several occasions, and even earns a sympathy card when he falls victim to the Joker's nasty laugh gas. Joker is running rampant again, and makes a bold move by stealing a sunken bank car that he causes to crash into the river. However, once he's loose in Gotham, Joker starts stealing purses and wallets. That seems a little . . . strange, even for the Joker. The episode culminates in a madcap chase through a junkyard/incinerator that seems a little drawn out and more like "The Perils of Penelope Pitstop" than "Batman." The background just gets a little too extreme with the obstacles Batman has to cross to reach the Joker, giving the episode a real put-on kind of feel to it.

    That's not to say that the episode is without it's high points. I personally like the revised Joker's theme that runs throughout this episode, and the voice acting is still on par with the series. But the plot itself is a little thin, and doesn't have the same feel as other Joker episodes.
  • Not really the best episode but still has some pros...

    It's April Fools Day in Gotham, and Joker has provided his own trick; he's been poisoning the city with his mind-altering gas. When several people, as well as Alfred, get affected, Batman must take action.

    This wasn't really the best episode of the series; it didn't really 'click' with me as much as most other episodes. I didn't really like the storyline all that much.

    However, there are some good points. The Joker is once again a brilliantly twisted clown and there is an absolutely brilliant scene; Batman is fighting the Joker's robot and defeats it by throwing it in a garbage compacter. When he does, Joker screams, 'You killed Captain Clown. YOU KILLED CAPTAIN CLOWN!!! Genius.

    Not the best episode, but still pretty good. And Alfred's really crap at April Fools pranks...