Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 49

The Man Who Killed Batman

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 01, 1993 on FOX
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Episode Summary

A small time hood becomes a hunted underworld hero when he apparently kills Batman.

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Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo


Guest Star

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche


Guest Star

Matt Frewer

Matt Frewer

Sidney Debris

Guest Star

Robert Costanzo

Robert Costanzo

Detective Harvey Bullock

Recurring Role

John Vernon

John Vernon

Rupert Thorne

Recurring Role

Arleen Sorkin

Arleen Sorkin

Harley Quinn

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Note that when Harley Quinn impersonates a lawyer, she states her name as "Harleen Quinzel", which in later episodes is revealed to be her real name.

    • This is the first appearance of Bud & Lou, Harley's pet Hyena's

    • Look for: In the opening shot with the newspaper that reads 'Batman Slain?', the newspaper goes completely blank for a frame.

    • Sidney's nickname "Sid the Squid" was listed as an alias of Tony Zucco, the man who killed Dick Grayson's parents, in a file on the Batcomputer in part one of the episode "Robin's Reckoning."

    • Look for: When Batman throws Rupert Thorne over his desk and across the room look at where Batman is standing. You should be able to still see his legs but they disappear from the frame.

    • Look for: During the bar fight, look for the bartender who nonchalantly drops the bowl of peanuts onto one of the fighters.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Joker: (about Batman) Where is he? He's never been this late before! There's a certain rhythm to these things. I cause trouble, he shows up. We have some laughs and the game starts all over again! (Points at Sid) Only now, thanks to you, I have this terrible feeling he's... really not coming.
      Harley Quinn: (wearing an assortment of jewels) Whee! Look at all the pretties!
      Joker: Put them back, Harley.
      Harley Quinn: (shocked) Oh, Mr. J, you're such a kidder. You never could... (He grabs her by the neck)
      Harley Quinn: Ack!
      Joker: (shouting) I said PUT THEM BACK! (He throws her across the room and she tumbles over several times)
      Harley Quinn: Sure, boss, I can do that. This is me putting them back, no problemo. Heh, heh. (She scoops up the jewels with both arms, grinning uncomfortably at him)

    • Thorne: I hear you've made a name for youself. What is it they're calling you? Ah yes! "The man who killed Batman"

    • Joker: (After sending Sid to his doom) Well, that was fun! Who's for Chinese?

    • Sid: Who would know me well enough to bail me out? My mom doesn't even speak to me...and my parole officer is still in jail.

    • Joker: Without Batman, crime has no punchline.

    • Joker (After meeting Sid): One thing troubles me about your story, Sid: No body. No Batus delecti so to speak. We need to pull a job tonight just to make sure.
      Henchman:Make sure of what, Boss?
      Joker (visably annoyed): That Batman's bought the cave, of course. Oh and one more thing - don't ask stupid questions. (Proceeds to push Henchman into hyenas, who start tearing him up)
      (yelling, screaming): Ow! Ouch! Ooo! Ow!
      Harleyquinn: I'll get the mop.

    • Crook 1: (While Sid is led to his cell in prison) Hey, look! It's the Squid!
      Crook 2: Toughest man in Gotham!
      Crook 3: Nearly offed the Batman!
      Crook 4: Set Thorne up!
      Crook 5: Made a fool out of the Joker!
      Crook 6: Don't mess with him, man.
      Sid: (dreamily) A big shot at last.

    • Joker: This pile of diseased hyena filth who's not fit to lick the dirt from my spats-- but I digress.

    • Crook 1: Sid's taking on the Batman!
      Crook 2: The little weasel's got guts. No brains, but guts.

    • Harley Quinn: You know what's great about you, puddin'? You really put the 'fun' in 'funeral'.

    • Bullock: Don't I know you from someplace?
      Harleen: (posing as a lawyer) I think I served you a subpoena once... It was a small subpoena.

    • Thug: Suddenly I'm thinking 'if I take down the guy who took down Batman then I'll be the toughest guy in town.'
      Sid: Hey! You got my vote, chief!

  • NOTES (3)

    • The plot for this episode is loosely based upon a story from Detective Comics #524: "Deathgrip" by Gerry Conway and Don Newton. In the original story, Sid the Squid apparently kills Batman, but this is revealed to be only a delusion that the character is suffering as a result of his conflict with Batman.

    • This episode is episode 23 on the Batman: The Animated Series Volume 2 DVD.

    • body. No batus delecti, so to speak...

      This is a play on the legal term corpus delecti, which basically means proof that a crime happened, such as a dead body. Since Batman's body had not been found, Joker questions whether or not Sydney killed him.


    • Ace Chemical Plant

      Joker holds Batman's funeral in the Ace Chemical Plant. In the comics this is where Joker's origin takes place. He was a smalltime crook who, during a robbery that was foiled by Batman, fell into a chemical vat in the Ace Chemical Plant that died his hair green and bleached his skin white as makeup. Thus he became the Joker. Whether or not this story is true is unknown, although a similar origin was used in the Batman (1989) movie and has now been referenced in this animated series.