Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 17

Two-Face (1)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 25, 1992 on FOX

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  • Two-Face origin episode with all the ingredients that made this cartoon series so fun, frightening, and masterful.

    This first installment of a two-parter introduced us to the animated version of Two-Face, one of Batman's most well-known villains. As Alan Burnett envisions him, he is terrifying, menacing, self-loathing, but fair in his own twisted way. Harvey Dent is troubled by his past, which he has suppressed so long that his bottled anger has created a second personality vying for control. Its heartbreaking and memorable television to watch his transformation, which culminates in a scene eerily reminiscent of the Joker's own transformation in Tim Burton's Batman film.

    What makes Two-Face a great villain is his similarity to Batman. Both are well-respected and wealthy men in society. And both have darker personalities borne out of violence that have usurped their original personalities. Bruce Wayne no longer exists, and neither does Harvey Dent. The key difference, what makes the story so fantastic, is that they both have a moral code, but Batman's is based mostly within the law (a mix of vigilante justice and civil law) while Two-Face relies on the flip of a coin. This simplifying of a moral code to good or bad, live or die, yes or no (and leaving the decision completely to chance instead of calculated reason) is what makes him so evil and so terrifying.

    Alan Burnett has written a classic episode that does honor to the Batman mythos. There are lots of allusions to the number two in the episode as well, if you look for them.
  • Dented

    Enter Harvey Dent. This is a little too long and drawn out two part origin episode of Two Face. How he falls from grace, is injured , becomes psychotic and takes on all of the scum crime lords in Gotham. Bats has to stop him but is conflicted on how to help Harvey/Two Face.

    I guess for me it just kind of bores me. It's too long and drawn out for such a simple gun toting villain in my opinion.
  • One of the best episodes ever. Ever.

    Man....what can I say.... Along with Joker and The Riddler, Two Face is my favorite villain ever. The hole plot of this, the problems of Harvey and all that stuff made this episode (and pt 2) two of the best episodes of the series. The begining was superb, with Big Bad Harv at Harvey's dream. The hole part of Batman fighting -but unseen- those Thorne's thughs and Harvey going mad was excellent.
    Harvet Dent becomes Two Face too fast, In my opinion. We only saw him in 2 episodes -1 nearly a cameo and the other uncouncius in mostly the entire episode- and we couldn't see a development of him. But the part of his tranformation and all the part at the hospital was really sweet. Classic
  • Two Face Begins

    This is the begining of one of my favorate villians in the Batman universe Two Face. I really love the way it is handled in this episode it was dramtic and really sad because it was a tragic tale about a good man that was slowly but surely losing his mind, making a painful transference into the dark side while losing everything that is good in the process.

    What I like is how we've know Harvey Dent in the series before turning into the villian. He's this nice guy that I could be friends with and believes in what is good, even has someone to love. But we see little by little he breaks down. Those scenes when something triggers his repressed anxiety like when a crook kicks mud on him or hearing bad news about the judge setting the criminals in the raid free his id persona I'll admit are intesnse, I really like the use of red coloring when he exersises overagression that voice of his yang person is menicing.

    According to psychology Harvey has what's called dissociative identity disorder which happens when you have feelings of anxiety you don't exersise and so you create another persona to exersise those feelings. The dycodomy that we see Harvey deal with is facinating and suspensful you can't help but feel afraid of Harvey's transformation and that he could explode at any moment if someone pushes the wrong button.

    And of course the ending is tragic when Harvey sees his burnt face which is the mark of the Two Face supervillian but signifys he's at the point of no return. But worst of all he sees his significant other faint at the sight of him. This just marks the end of Harvey Dent and the begining of Two Face.
  • One of the series best

    Let me start by saying that this is the episode where we get to see Harvey Dent, Bruce's best friend become Two-Face. One of this series greatest achievements was the idea to introduce Harvey as a supporting character, before turning him into Two-Face, creating a bigger impact on the audience when it happened. This episode definitley created a big impact, not only is it dramatic but it has a lot of phsycological aspects in as well, such as the reason for Two-Face's being. This isn't the comic books he didn't simply get his face scarred and decide to become a criminal. The scarring is Two-Faces external appearance, his being and inner personality is caused by Harvey's mental problems. The only gripe I have is the animation, noone else ever seems to bring this up but the animation just......bugged me , when I say "animation" I mean the way which the characters are drawn. Anyway, that was a minimal flaw and doesn't really ruin the episode at all. This is definatly the best episode of the series at this point in the show, and the first one since the pilot to be really spectacular and outstanding. Truly a turning point in the series.
  • Harvey Dent becomes Two Face

    Part one of a two parter. Harvey Dent is hoping to get re-elected and marry his fiance, but he is suffering from multiple personality disorder. There are several moments where his 'Big Bad Harv' persona breaks out and starts attacking people. When he goes after Rupert Thorne, half his face ends up being scarred.

    This was an absolutely brilliant episode. The themes of duality and two people residing in one body are used here to great effect, as one moment, Harvey is cool and collected, then he becomes a vicious, angry shell of his former self just because he gets mud on his face.

    There were some classic moments here. Harvey's therapy was well-done, especially when the psychiatrist asked to talk to his dark side. Another great moment was when Rupert Thorne was trying to psyche Harvey out.

    A brilliant episode that leaves you wanting to watch Pt 2.
  • Shows us the transformation of the tortured Harvey Dent into Two-Face.

    We have seen Harvey Dent in several previous episodes of "Batman," but fans of the comic book know it was all leading up to this episode, and his transformation into Two-Face was definitely dramatic. This is perhaps one of the saddest episodes of the series’ run, with Batman’s reaction to Dent’s transformation an especially sad moment. This episode also introduces the crime lord Rupert Thorne, who would become a recurring character throughout the series. Using psychology, and more specifically dissociative identity disorder, the show provides us with an entertaining and halfway plausible explanation for Two-Face’s origin. This is one of the most memorable episodes of the series. Well written and well animated.
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