Batman: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 05, 1992 on FOX

Episode Recap

On a rainy night in Gotham, a criminal named Spider Conway is being escorted by boat. Commissioner Gordon sits in his car and has coffee. Spider has cut a deal and has agreed to squeal on Rupert Thorne.

As the boat passes Killer Croc sets a time bomb on the side of it. The police jump off as Croc grabs Spider Conway. Batman watches as the boat explodes. All of the policemen on the boat are fine, but Conway cannot be found. Batman heads to the dock where the police boat left. He discovers a toothpick and begins to believe that Bullock had something to do with it.

Gordon takes Bullock off the case. Batman listens outside and hears Gordon mention Bullock's ugly history with Thorne. Batman sneaks into the police's records room and takes out Bullock's file. Bullock comes upstairs and checks his file and sees that it is missing. He angrily leaves.

Alfred cleans Bruce's office and notices Harvey's file. He takes a look at it and he and Bruce talk about how Harvey was once accused of accepting bribes from Thorne. Bruce says that Spider Conway went to prison at about the same time. He believes that Spider might have known something about Bullock taking bribes. Batman thinks that it may be possible that Bullock is behind the boat explosion.

Spider Conway awakens in an underground cavern. He calls for help; Killer Croc emerges and frightens Conway.

Batman enters Rupert Thorne's greenhouse. As Thorne's goons come to stop Batman, Batman takes Thorne to a nearby fire escape. He asks about Conway but Thorne tells Batman that Conway isn't a problem for him. At the docks, Batman confronts Gordon about Bullock. Gordon tells him that he doesn't think Bullock is responsible. Batman takes a look at the wreckage from the boat. He fines a scale.

At the prison, a figure that appears to be Bullock asks to see Joey the Snail. The figure attacks the guard as he checks for authorization. The figure is really Killer Croc. He heads into the cell and grabs Joey the Snail. At a diner, Bullock is arrested. In the Batcave, Batman takes a close look at the scale he found on the boat and figures out that Killer Croc is behind the boat explosion. He also figures out that Killer Croc is behind setting up Bullock.

Bruce Wayne heads to ocean world and learns that Crocodiles often liven in underwater caves. He then heads out into the dock. He locates an underground cave and enters it. There he discovers Spider Conway and Joey the Snail. As he is untying them Killer Croc emerges from the water and attacks Batman. As Croc fights Batman Joey and Spider put on oxygen masks and head out of the cavern. Batman knocks Croc down and ties his legs with his grappling hook. Batman then heads after Spider and Joey. He grabs them and takes them up as Croc is trying to get himself untied.

Batman heads to the Batcave and does research on Killer Croc. He develops a plan to get Croc to come to him. Bullock is released from prison and mobbed by the press. He gets into his car and is soon joined by Croc who forces him to drive. Bullock realizes he's been set up as Croc taunts him. As Croc reaches for Bullock
he is grabbed by Batman who's in the backseat. As Croc and Batman scuffle, Bullock drives the car into a lamp post. Croc
emerges from the wreck and heads toward the sewers. Batman checks Bullock and finds out he's okay. He then heads into the sewer after Croc.

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