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In this new animated series, Batman travels to the past and future, journeys beneath the sea and into outer space, and teams up with fellow heroes such as Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Red Tornado, Wildcat, and many more, in this series inspired by the classic DC comic The Brave and the Bold.


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    • Thank you Netflix!

      Being a stay-at-home dad, finding cartoons that are tolerable is often a chore. Enter "Batman: The Brave and The Bold!" Wow, what a treat! Finally something for the real DC Comics Fans! I normally am not a huge fan of Batman (too dark and brooding in recent years) so I don't know why I turned it on that fateful day... but I'm so glad I did!

      I was hooked from day one when he and the Blue Beetle traveled to a distant planet. I mean... The Blue Beetle?? What was he doing in a Batman cartoon? I didn't know about the "Brave and the Bold" Comic series that featured hero team-ups so I didn't know at all what to expect. OMG THE VILLAINS!! YES! All of the these terrible villains from the past get dredged up and treated with respect. I love how the show nods to the fact that they're weird and terrible too. Like when the Doom Patrol is featured, one of their classic nemeses appears and Negative Man tells another hero, *sigh* "He calls himself Animal-vegetable-mineral I almost fell out of my chair.

      Another great episode was when you find out Robin didn't care to much for the way Batman treated him. In the episode they do a ton of references to the old TV Show, and somehow stay true to the modern developments as well.

      If you could seemlessly blend Silver Age Batman with the Modern DC world... that would give you an idea of what this show is all about. I LOVE IT!! Batmite ftw!moreless
    • A great tribute to the silver age

      This wasn't batman show that was trying to be dark and gritty, it was trying to be a an homage to the lighter and more nonsensical era of the silver age of comics. And it succeeds in it's mission. Keep in mind that this series is about Batman: the CAPED CRUSADER, not Batman: THE DARK KNIGHT. That means that this show is not based on modern age batman like the animated series was, it's based on silver age batman.

      I see a bunch of amateur critics who claim that this show doesn't represent batman when in fact it does.

      "It's not close to the original It is in fact close to the batman comics of the 1950s-60s, it was campy, fun and nonsensical and this was before Adam West's Batman mind you. Not to mention that almost every episode was adpated from a story in the comics, some of them were even adapted scene for scene. Essentially, this series is the most comic book accurate batman cartoon, or DC cartoon for that matter.

      "Where are all the classic villians that we care about?" Oh so we should be given the same villians over and over again? God forbid we're introduced to lesser known villians, some of which that are more interesting than more popular villians. "

      Why is batman teaming up with all these random heroes?" Ever wonder where the "brave and the bold" in the title comes from? It comes from the comkc book series of the same name, and want know what else, it was a team up series. These team ups defined the silver age. This is a good way to introduce classic or lesser known heroes to the younger generation. Show some more heroes besides the familiar faces of superman, flash, wonder woman, and many others.

      "Why is batman chummy with other heroes and willing to work with them? He's a dark, avenging, Why? Because this was Batman's personality during the silver age. Yes people, there was a time when batman was the dark, brooding loner he is today. He was friendly, kind, and valued his friends. He was pretty much like superman in terms of personality. The dark, loner batman didn't come into existence until the mid 1970s.

      "This ruins the minds of kids to think this is totally Uh, yes it is, again this was pretty much batman during the silver age, so.....

      "Only kids will like this, older fans prefer a darker If by older you mean ignorant teenagers who worship the Nolan movies, then yes. But if you mean by people in their 40s and older, then they would absolutely love this show because this is the knd of batman that they grew up with and they would get such a nostalgia trip from watching it. As for the kids, the show is obviously family friendly, but the show can get a little mature at times, especially with a few sexual innuendos here and there.

      In conclusion, if you are a true batfan who enjoys all incarnations of batman, no matter what era they're from, then this show is for you. However, if you are a fan of a darker and more serious batman and refuse to acknowledge other parts of batman's history, like a common poser, then this show is not for you.moreless
    • A Fun Series if you don't take it Seriously

      A few years back, my college suite mates and I would watch Cartoon Network's Friday night line up every week. Thundercats, Young Justice, Generator Rex ... they were all a relaxing change of pace from the rest of CN's lineup. Though at first we ignored Brave and the Bold, it's lighthearted randomness soon became something we anticipated each week. Some episodes were admittedly worse than others, and I am currently only familiar with the later episodes, but from what I saw, it's a blast to watch with others. Yes, it was rather stupid at times, but its weird situations and quirky characters are what made us love it.

      It is CERTAINLY not for everyone, as most Batman fans seem distraught over this campy interpretation, but I find it a pleasing alternative to the plethora of darker Batman series. Aquaman is especially enjoyable, though some will be annoyed with how he has been downgraded to being almost entirely comic relief.

      Like I stated before, each episode varies greatly in quality, but there are certainly some great gems of episodes hidden in the rough. Especially good (from what I saw) are the "Mayhem of the Music Meister," "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure," "Night of the Batmen," "Powerless," and the final episode, "Mitefall" (a must-see where the writers basically make fun of their own series).moreless
    • Batman the fun and the clever

      This show has tons of great ideas and introduces a formula that in every episode they bring in a new B or C list comic book charcter for Batman to team up with. In every episode you also get a partly bland villian. The villians are as cut dry as I want to rule the world because I`m a bad person. But I think the show is so fun and the action scenes are great. The script is okay they could make it tighter. I like the story of every episode they did a great job. Also i thought that the charcters were accurate to the comics. I don`t think it`s one of my favorite shows but I like it enough that I watched the first two seasons and loved them. I would recomend it to anyone that likes shows about superheroes.

      Edit: This show knows what it's doing it had a season finally that broke the fourth wall while telling how Batman has impacted children. It knows of other serious takes on Batman and it tries to keep this show light hearted. With the more series episodes they were done good. It also took stupid characters and made a joke of them while reminding us of the fun aspects. Also looking back the show was very funny.moreless
    • Not horrible

      This was not the worst show I have seen, but it was very repetitive. Batman would team up with two or more lesser known superheroes to fight bad guys. The only two memorable episodes were "Mayhem of the Music Meister" and the very dark "Chill of the Night," where Batman finally confronts Joe Chill, the man who killed Bruce's parents, in a television show. Most of the episodes were humorous and Batman used incredibly lame lines, but like I wrote it wasn't a horrible show (Though I did give up on it when Batman teamed up with Space Ghost).moreless
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