Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 3 Episode 1

Battle of the Superheroes!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 25, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Batman goes to Metropolis to help Superman take on Lex Luthor. However, when his heroic partner turns evil due to exposure to red kryptonite, Batman must team up with Krypto the Superdog to subdue their friend and ally.

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  • Batman vs. Superman


    I may be in the minority on this but I think this is a great episode because finally Superman comes into the picture. Not much I can say it's a pretty straightforward build up to pay off episode. It was fraking hillarous once Superman was exposed to Red Kryptonite as Jimmy stated he was acting like a super d...

    We see how much chaos he is causing, from tieing up traffic literally, putting a cat in a tree, going on a picnic with another girl instead of Lois which I can't help but crack up to because it's obviously a sexual overtone. My favorate moment though was when Superman came back from the fortress of solitude and then takes the miniature city and then shakes it like a snow globe, that I thought was blackly hillarous.

    Then there is that time when Superman pronounces himself to be the King of Metropolis which was funny but surreal at the same time because this is something I'd expect from Zod, and during his reign he's practically abusing his power.

    But then it comes down to the one on one fight between both Batman and Superman which I thought was great. Batman was wearing the same power suit from Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns". Both were going at each other, I really love the tricks that Batman was pulling against Superman which really gave a sense that Batman could really win this fight. I know I'm short on detail but it's just something you have to see for yourself.

    The only bad things about this episode and why I didn't give it higher is yeah it did start a little slow and I felt the fight between both Batman and Superman could of been a little longer, but this is just a minor quib and due to time limitations the fight being longer wouldn't of been possible so I can't complain too much. Overall I thought this was a great episode that wasn't just a love letter to Superman but the clash and coroporation between two great idiologies.moreless
  • Starts slow, but once the red kryptonite is introduced, it becomes hilarious.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold returns after a loooong hiatus, and what a return it is, Superman makes his official debut on the show, he had a cameo in "Sidekicks Assemble!", and he is set to make more appearances this season, I got to say, the episode started off really slow, even the opening teaser with King Tut and Batman and Robin wearing mummy outfits, it wasn't very funny or cool in that sort of "so lame it's awesome" way like many other moments in the series. The action is okay, but it's the comedy that really shines in this episode, if you have any sort of knowledge to the more bizarre behavior of Superman, or have visited, you will laugh out loud and notice the, probably the best references this show has made, in my opinion. That's right, red kyrptonite makes Superman act like a di...fferent person, that's one of the funniest moments that caught me off guard. Yeah, Jimmy almost says "d**k", but is interrupted by Lois Lane, and he really acts like one, remember the cover where Superman burns the robe that Jimmy bought him for father's day, saying something along the lines of: "this is an awful present,I'll destroy it right before your eyes just to teach you a lesson". I just wish the cover where Superman rips Lois Lane's air hose apart when she's in space because she wouldn't marry him. But that would've been really contrived just for a gag, so that's fine.

    Lex Luthor appears, looking very different from Supeman TAS, he's fatter and has an even deeper voice than Clancy Brown, the voice is provided by Kevin Michael Richardson, so that should come as no surprise, but of course that mancan do high-pitched voices as well. I don't know, I think this version of Luthor is okay, it works fot this particular show a least. The voice for Superman was fine as well. I know certain people are starting to get a little sick of arious shows presenting Superman as a complete jerk, like in Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice and now this, but at least they know it and have fun with it, I don't think Superman's that big of a jerk in Young Justice BTW. Anyay, I'm glad this awesome show is back on the air, too bad it'll be the final season, but I am relieved that James Tucker will work on the next Batman series as well.moreless
Sirena Irwin

Sirena Irwin

Lois Lane

Guest Star

Richard McGonagle

Richard McGonagle

Perry White/Brainiac

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John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio


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Jeremy Shada

Jeremy Shada


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Pharaoh: Feel the wrath of Osiris! (unleashes a mystic blast) By the power of Horus, it's not possible!
      Batman: Sorry, Pharaoh.
      Robin: Our wrappings are covered in buttermilk, the one thing that repels Pharaoh rays.

    • Luthor: You may be the Man of Steel, but I have fists of titanium!

    • Superman: Mr. Mxyzptlk!
      Mr. Mxyzptlk: Superman! And Batman! What fun!
      Batman: And I thought Bat-Mite was a weird one.
      Superman: Don't worry. I just need to trick him into saying his name backwards. Knock knock.
      Mr. Mxyzptlk: A joke? I love jokes! Who's there?
      Superman: Kltpzyxm.
      Mr. Mxyzptlk: Kltpzyxm who? Oh, nuts!

    • Lois: He's not the same person. We were supposed to have a picnic, but he was with another girl.
      Superman: It serves you right, Lois. After all the love schemes you pulled to get me to marry you!
      Lois: I have no idea what he was talking about.

  • NOTES (6)

    • The fight between Superman and Batman is a direct homage to the brutal showdown between the two superheroes in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, also borrowing snippets of dialog from this scene in this graphic novel series. Batman is even wearing the same armor that Batman wears to protect himself from Superman.

    • Injoke: Batman's line, "You diseased maniac!" refers to Superman: The Movie (1978), when Superman describes Lex Luthor the same way.

    • The various scenes of Jimmy transforming are taken from numerous covers throughout the years. The scene of Superman burning Jimmy's gift of a robe is from Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #30 (August 1958). The shot of Superman wearing a crown with an S and receiving tribute is from Action Comics #311 (April 1964).

    • The Pharaoh villain is based on King Tut, a villain created for the 60s Batman series. The name change here was made for copyright reasons. The reference to buttermilk refers to the second time that King Tut appeared in that series, in "Tut's Case is Shut", when Batman uses buttermilk to resist the villain's mind-control potion.

    • Character bios: Superman, Lex Luthor, Krypto, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen

    • Injoke: Mayor Swan is named after Curt Swan, long-time Superman artist.