Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 11

Chill of the Night!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 09, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Batman finally face the man who killed his parents

    After all the years, Batman has finally face the man who killed his parents (and the one responsible for the existence of the caped crusader): Joe Chill. This reminds me of that Avatar: The Last Airbender' episode called "The Southern Raiders" where Katara finds the man who murdered her mother. When Joe Chill warns the villains about Batman, all of Gotham's most wanted are pissed off at him for bringing Batman to life. Then in the end, Joe Chill is now dead.
  • A return to the Golden Age of Comics in Silver Age style show

    This episode was terrific. Ignoring the teaser, I'll just jump straight to the main ploy. It is an adaptation of a Batman Comic from 1948 where Batman confronted the killer of his parents. Now let me give you a description for our villain if this is your first time hearing about him in ths continuity, Joe Chill, which is short for Joseph Chilton. Chill is the man who killed Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne nee Kane. Now looking back to the season one episode, Invasion of the Secret Sanat's, from the flashbacks in that episode we believe that the murderer is just a random gunman, probably just a man in need of money. But in this episode it is reaveled who the gunman is, Joseph 'Joe Chill' Chilton, a hitman for mob boss, Lew Moxon. Now this is something that makes you think. A hitman? In a kid firendly cartoon? You must be joking. Don't beleive me? Look at the writer for this episode, Paul Dini straight from the DCAU. Back on topic here, Chill becomes an auctioneer on the black market later on and is confrotned by Batman, who reveals his identity of Bruce Wayne to Chill. Chill runs away in shock seeking help from some of the supervillains that he is selling a weapon too. Upon revealing that he is the man who created the Batman without revealing the identity of the caped crusader, the villains turn on Chill. Batman comes to the rescue but in the chaos Chill is killed by falling debris. Despite some differences, Chill is still the tragic villain from the comic all those years ago. So keep an eye out for other reviews from me and you will learn about some characters, the voice actors or anything else.
  • Best episode yet

    Overall, I'm not a fan of the show. I've found the animation horrible and the dialog worse. But I've been a Batman fan for about 30 years, enjoying team-up episodes (regardless of the series and characters). So the fact that this series is built around Batman team-ups, I set my DVR to record all new programs, and I watch each one with expectations that I'm going to dislike something. Once I got to that point, I've been happy with the series, nothing surprising, nothing disappointing since I expect nothing other than a fair Batman team-up. If I would rate the series as a whole, I'd give it a 5 or 6. Watchable, but not great.

    But this episode is truely worth the 10 points that I gave it. Even throwing in Adam West as a cameo voice of Thomas Wayne (which isn't exactly a plus if you ask me, his show 50 years ago was horrible too), this episode almost had me thinking that I was watching an episode from The Animated Series from the early 90s. It was dark, had Batman being more physical than verbose, and we finally got to see Bruce's mug sans cowl.

    I didn't even notice until I checked other reviews and someone said "See who voices Specter and Phantom Stranger. I'm surprised that I missed that. Another hats off to the Animated Series. I won't spoil that one, I'll let you look it up like I had to.

    I only wish they didn't make West say "Chum". I literally shuddered when I heard him say that.

    If you only see ONE episode of this piece of garbabe series, this is the one must-see episode.
  • Words fail me, absolutely amazing.

    Look, I'll just jump right into it and say it, this is the best episode of the series thus far. I loved it. Apart from the opening, this was pretty much a Batman: The Animated Series episode. It was very dark, very violent and so well written it could easily be a part of that series. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is my favorite Batman series, it simply can do everything, shifting flawlessly from silly, goofy adventures to hilarious comedy and now, dark, itense drama. The opening with Zatanna was not that great, but it was cool to see her make her debut in the show. Then the episode really begins, with the shooting of Thomas and Martha Wayne, frankly I was surprised, the scene is very brutal, we see the gun fire and the shadow of Thomas falling, then the gun firing again and Bruce crying. This set the tone for the rest of the episode, which has zero goofiness and deadpan comedy one-liners.

    Paul Dini, who previously wrote "Legends of the Dark Mite", another fantastic episode, really outdoes himself here. He constantly seems to be pushing the envelope in his darker themed episodes, and not only do we get to see the death of Bruce's parents and two other characters, Batman is really unforgiving and brutal here. I loved the moment where Batman holds a thug over this huge "hellish" hole of fire. But what really made the episode a lot better and really interesting, was the addition of Phantom Stranger, and one of my DC favorites The Spectre. I grinned like crazy when he said "I would know nothing about that". You'll get it when you see the episode. And as if that wasn't enough we get to see Poison Ivy for the first time in this series, she looked phenomenal, in fact this is my favorite animated design of her. Mr. Freeze drops his previous suit from when he was known as Mr. Zero, good riddance I say, it was good for a laugh but he couldn't be menacing in that outfit. His new suit is...well, better but not exactly awesome.

    Look, I can't praise and recommend this episode enough, it is simply amazing and regardless if you like the show or not, you should definitely check it out.
  • Greatest Episode Yet

    When Batman: The Brave And The Bold began I dismissed it as a throwback to the era of the Superfriends era of Batman. From its retro look of Batman and his villains plus the somewhat corny dialogue made it an easy target but I must say that Chill Of The Night has got to be one of the greatest Batman story of them all. It dealt with the origin again but with The Spectre and The Phantom Stranger as his moral compass. The Spectre deals with Batman thirst of vengance and The Phantom Stranger deals with Batmans quest for justice. By making Batman finally confronting Joe Chill the criminal who killed his parents he had to confront it.
  • An excellent departure from the campness that has plagued the show of late.

    Although we do know that the basis of the show IS camp, as Batman, in this universe, is considered THE greatest hero on Earth, and the homage to the glorious 60's show, this episode stands on a whole different level.

    It all starts with a wager, between the Specter and Phantom Strange. The prize: Batman very soul.

    Batman then is put, albeit unknowingly, in the path to find the man who murdered his parents. And the decision he has to make.

    The ending doesn't lack anything. Keeping it true to the character and the darker tone than the rest of the show.

    The script is based on a previous comic book that I remember reading when I was a kid, and unfortunately I can't remember the name of the story (which is NOT "Chill of the Night").
  • Batman goes after him parents' killer. Will Batman choose Justice or Vengeance?

    The is an excellent episode! It had the look and feel of Batman: the Animated Series. Great pick on the Voice actors on this one. Keep an ear open for who does which voice. We also find out a little more about Bruce's Parents and some background information that is important in their deaths. Let's just say that the shooting in Crime Alley was NOT a random act. We also have the Phantom Stranger and the Specter in this story. Check out who does their voices. The two take a bet on the outcome if Batman chooses Justice or Vengeance. We also get to see Bruce Wayne's Face and his Secret Identity is shown to the killer.