Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 11

Chill of the Night!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 09, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Punishment


    "This isn't vengence, revenge is not a valid motive it's an emotional response, no not vengence PUNISHMENT!

    Frank Castle/The Punisher

    "The Punisher movie" (2004 version)

    This is the darkest and most emotional episode of this show and any Batman show, it's no doubt my favorate episode of this series. This episode just grips you emotionally, from the opening scene with young Bruce and his last moments with his parients (played by Adam West and Julie Nemar whom of course were Batman and Catwoman in the 60's Batman show so that's cool) I'm not going to lie to you no matter how many times I see it it always emotionally cuts me, I know that's part of the mythos but it's one of those moments I didn't want to happen but it did or I wish I could of been there to do something about it but I can't and that's why it's always emotionally crushing.

    Batman is at his emotional best in this episode, you can really see breaks in emotion and how he is really struggling to keep it together as he is finding the murderer of his parients; all this just makes us feel heavy pathos for him. I want him to suceed but at the same time I also can't help but wonder may'be even worry a little what will the end result be. One of my favorate moments in this episode was when Bruce/Batman was able to journey back in time and he then see his parients once again but he sees his dad in a Batman like costume and I thought that really gave Batman's costume a touching sensability not just as a symbol but a way to honor and remember his father, it's kind like in "The Punisher movie (2004 version)" where Frank's son buy him the skull T-Shirt as a gift to him which of course became both the symbol for the hero but as a way to honor and remember his son. And also we see Bruce/Batman hug his mother which put a tear in my eye. And finally we of course see both Batman and his dad fight side by side which was also touching and awesome but what made it even more awesome was you were seeing both the current Batman and the Batman from the 60's show fight side by side.

    But of course it came down to the final conflict which I thought was emotionally intense. Where we see Bruce/Batman confront the murderer Joe Chill, and Bruce/Batman really doesn't hold back. We see Bruce take of his mask, I felt it just goes to show Joe has created his own enemy as well as the enemy of crime/evil in general. And we just see Bruce's blood boiling you know he is about to explode and he sure enough does we just see Bruce just going balistic beating the living crap out of Joe, it was the most intense moment I've ever seen. I really emphasized with his anger, just the sight of Joe Chill made my sick.

    The Spectre and Phantom Stranger are also great because here are two versions of Justice both balanced together and in conflict. And I actually was agreeing with both of them depite differences both idologies are right. This episode in a way philosophically questions who is the true keeper of justice as well as what really is justice.

    What also makes this episode stand out is the voice cast, this episode has three Batman's it was a dream come true for me. Or at least three cast members that played Batman from the current actor for "Brave and the Bold" down to Kevin Conroy "Batman the Animated Series" who now voices Phantom Stranger and Adam West from the "60's Batman" he plays Thomas Wayne here. And of course there is Mark Hamell whom plays The Spectre and he does it with perfection because that was how I imagined what he would sound like.

    In the end, this episode reminded me why Bruce Wayne/Batman is my favorate superhero, why he's good's greatest defender, but most importantly a great human being.

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