Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 23

Darkseid Descending!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Dec 03, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • This is the WORST Justice League themed episode that this show has produced

    The name says it all. There are a million problems in this episode. First and foremost, the league was way too underplayed. Most of their screen-time dealt with infighting and the team's attempts at flirting and ego-building. The second problem was the league itself. When I first saw that this episode was being produced, I thought that it would be special and cool. I was wrong. The real JL was for the most part removed in favor of the use of stupid, underachieving, C-list hacks who could hardly pull their junk together even to save the planet from the largest invasion that the earth has ever seen. I had a small spark of hope when Martian Manhunter was introduced, but it was quickly extinguished. Martian Manhunter's screen time was minimal and mostly furnished comic relief. A few questions that I walked away with were, 'Where the HECK are the real league and why couldn't THEY have stopped this catastrophe? Even if they were away on business, wouldn't this qualify as a large enough catastrophe for them to come back and help? If this catastrophe really meant so much, why did Batman choose these stupid misfits to help rather than other powerful heroes? Why did Manhunter stay in Watchtower if he is the smartest and most experienced (they could have left Booster back in his place)?' While we're on that subject, I didn't like the way that Manhunter was characterized either. This more modern twist on him has nothing on the aged, curious, philosophical wise man direction that the original JL/JLU took with the character. Third, the action was sparse. I really shouldn't have said 'action.' t was more like dialogue and lights. The fight scene in which the heroes get captured wasn't even pictured. They went down without a televised fight. What the HECK was that stupid Batman/Darkseid fight about. Darksed is Superman's enemy and deserved a better defeat scene and fight scene than he got. Finally, this episode left too many questions open-ended. What happened to question when he jumped into that fire on Apokolips? How did he magically appear on that ship if all Apokolips was on the lookout for him? Where was the real league (this episode and comments made by Manhunter make it seem that they had disbanded and no longer meet at the Watchtower)? The Boom Tube that was supposed to allow a massive invasion of earth seemed only as large as the ones that the Parademons came through. So what was the point? Couldn't Darkseid have just come ALONE through a Parademon portal in order to speed up the invasion (that ship that he was in took too much time to materialize and did NOTHING to help him)? And the list goes on. The producers of this show made a big mistake. They (perhaps in their haste to have an incarnation of Darkseid in their show) compressed what should have been (and in many other traditional DC franchises is) a two or three-part episode into a prologue and an episode. In order for scale 10 catastrophes such as Darkseid to get the development that they deserve, time is required. The crisis is usually built up to and resolved over the course of several episodes (and once again, some A-List fights- I mean, Darkseid is SUPERMAN'S title villain; he could have at least APPEARED for a moment to rouse the heroes) in the more successful DC franchises (Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Legion of Superheroes).