Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 6

Enter the Outsiders!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Batman teams up with the super-powered animal master B'wana Beast to take on Black Manta. Then he joins forces with Wildcat, his old mentor, to take down three super-powered teenage criminals known as "The Outsiders."

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  • B'Wana Beast and Wildcat's in know it's awesome.

    This episode was so very, guessed it, awesome. First of all, the opening. Brilliant as always. Hopefully they won't stop making these in future seasons. As you may already know, B'Wana Beast shows up in the beginning, and this time he gets to use his most unique power. Which is combining animals, wait, what? Yeah, he combines a horse with a spider, and the survey says: awesome. I use that word a lot don't I? But anyway, B'Wana Beast is I laughed out loud when he threw himself over that poor Pelican. I do have a small problem with the opening, and that's the CG of Black Manta's machine. But it's not disastrously bad like in the latest Biker Mice series. Also, Black Manta is completely wasted, I didn't even catch what his scheme was. But again, the opening is brilliant. And Batman has a very funny line at the end of it.

    Then after the intro, which I now like, the main episode begins. And we get Batman boxing with Wildcat. And here's the best thing about the episode, R. Lee Ermey voices Wildcat. They couldn't have found a more perfect actor to do the voicework. The banter between Batman and Wildcat is great stuff. It's more entertaining than the banter between Batman and Green Arrow. The villains, the Outsiders are fairly uninteresting, in this particular episode. Which is unfortunate in their premiere outing. But their powers make for some good action scenes. The villain called Slug, was not very good, but his mutated form was...I'm gonna say it again, awesome. The episode is more serious than previous ones, and there aren't many jokes in it when compared to previous episodes. But it works and delivers 22 minutes of pure entertainment.

    For me, episodes like this make The Brave and the Bold the most entertaining superhero show ever.moreless
  • Just an awesome episode.

    This was a great episode, but the Bwana Beast was a little out of character. The Brave and the Bold is a great concept, I hope they add other abstract characters like Spectre or Sgt Rock, this is a great series that can rejuvanate the Batman, every episode is a 10, these unique characters can have a chance to show themselves and pull themselves up out of the depth of comic lostville.I would like to see Nightwing and other Bat characters such as Alfred and the Creeper and also Batgirl and Huntress!Would also love to see Manbat, I hope this show has a long run!!!moreless
  • This was my least favorite episode of the series so far. I've liked this series' take on classic DC characters, but this was a big misstep in an otherwise fun series.moreless

    This episode has a few things going for it. In the pre-credit sequence, we have Black Manta rampaging though a city with a giant crab-like robot, and it's up to Batman and B'wana Beast to stop him. B'wana Beast uses his freaky animal-combining powers to help Batman out, and it was interesting to have Manta rampaging through a city without Aquaman anywhere in sight. Of course, I have a big ol' crush on Black Manta, so that could just be my own personal problem.

    The bulk of the episode though, is something I'd rather forget. Batman teams up with Wildcat, an Old School superhero without powers, who just uses his fists to take down the bad guys. These days he runs a gym, and he helped train Bruce Wayne in his early days as Batman. The two heroes work side-by-side to defeat the Outsiders, a trio of misguided teens. Black Lightning, Metamorpho and Katana are the three Outsiders, and they're being manipulated by Slug, a freakish blobby guy who lives down in the sewers. I was fine with this take on the Outsiders--operating outside the law until they get more guidance from either Batman or Wildcat. But that "Slug" was a dull, disgusting villain that had me wanting to change the channel. The violence done to him--electrocution, dismemberment--was also beyond the normal scope of the fisticuffs for this series. I watched it with my six year old son, and wished I hadn't.

    I'm hoping we see the Outsiders on this series again--I think there's some potential for these characters. I'm just glad they'll be on the side of the good guys next time around.moreless
  • What? Do the people writing this show know anything about comics?

    I just can't express how much I hated this episode. Seriously, I wonder if the people working on this show have ever paid attention to comics. I was really looking forward to this show about The Batman and Legion were both kid themed but still managed to be good. The plot lines in this series are horrid though and over simplified.

    This episode was the worst of all of them so far though. The animation for a lot of the characters in this episode was really bad even for this cartoon's style. Wildcat looked like they actually tried to make him part cat and his head just looked way messed up. His teeth bothered me too. Katana's costume was really ugly and Metamorpho just looked bad. Black Lightning I wasn't even sure if it was him when he first showed up, he seemed like a mix between Black Lightning and Static Shock.

    After getting past the animation isssues my second issue was... The Outsiders are the villains. Sure they may be redeemed in the end, but really? Katana and Metamorpho may operate on the fringe of the DC Universe's heroes, but to actually have them destroying malls and being so easily manipulated by slug was ridiculous. I was waiting for them to say that they were being mind controlled, but no, they were doing it of their own free will.

    My other main issue with this episode was the ages of the Outsiders. Black Lightning and Metamorpho are not that much younger than Batman. To have them be teenagers was really just way more than I could handle. I mean, Black Lightning is on the Justice League with Batman and has a daughter on the Outsiders in the comics, so how can he be just a teenager in this? It makes no sense...

    I hate this show. The plots are stupid. The animation is bad. It does a disservice to everthing in DC comics. The only good point that I've seen this entire run so far has been the inclusion of Jaime as the Blue Beetle... Everything else has been bad bad bad.moreless

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    • Batman: Wildcat is a hero from a bygone era, and he's waging a war against an enemy he can't beat: time.

    • B'wana Beast: We did it, Batman. What do you think of my powers now?
      Batman: They're unorthodox, B'wana Beast, but quite useful in the fight against crime. (thinking) And incredibly gross.

    • Batman: And I wouldn't need to track them with gizmos if I didn't had to bail you out while they got away. Twice.
      Wildcat: And who said I needed you to bail me out? You know, I've been doing this since you've been in bat diapers and I've got along just fine.

    • Wildcat: This is my fault. The world's changed around me, and I'm still the same as I've always been--all fists, no brains. You were right. I should have retired a long time ago.
      Batman: If I wanted you to retire, it's because you've been like a father to me. And I didn't want to lose another one.

    • Slug: I'll pound you into dust!
      Wildcat: I'd better turn up my hearing aid, because all I can hear is you sucking wind.

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