Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 13

Game Over for Owlman!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 06, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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On Earth, Owlman has disguised himself as Batman and is committing crimes while framing his counterpart. Batman is forced to turn to an unexpected ally for help, while Owlman captures the heroes and uses them as hostages to force Batman to give him what he needs to return to his home dimension.moreless

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  • Even better than the first part.

    Remember back when the producers said they weren't gonna use Joker in the show? Well, I don't think anyone bought that, especially not when the series premiered and Joker's forthcoming appearance is more or less announced in the darn intro. Well, here he is. I think The Batman's Joker was underrated, and that Kevin Michael Richardson was as well. Jeff Bennett voices Joker here, and he does a decent job, of course he is not as good as you know who. But the voice has grown on me. The design is good, but the chin bothers me, but oh well. A lot of funny moments here, "To the Batmobile!" and Joker's reluctant rescue of a kid were some of the highlights.

    The Joker, Batman team-up delivers plenty of laughs, while still adding tension, you know Joker will try to kill him first chance he gets, he doesn't and you start wondering if he actually has turned g.....oh, there he goes. The alternate universe Batmen was a lot of fun as well. The final battle is a good one, but I think the one from the first part was slightly better.

    "Game Over for Owlman" is one of the best episodes from the first season and the entire series thus far.moreless
  • A Great 2-Parter episode!

    I thought that this was a very good episode! I even liked that we saw The Joker for the first time in this show! There was alot of villians in this episode like, Owlman, Clock King, Gentleman Ghost and more. In My opinion, i thought it was good. It was nice that Joker and Batman teamed up, but i was kind of sad that The Joker tricked Batman and joined Owlman. But he is a villian, so i guess i should have seen that coming. Besides that, it was still a great and cool episode. Probably the best episode of this season.moreless
  • For a long time Batman and DC comics enthusiast, this episode really hit the jackpot! Creative, sentimental, action-packed - how can you not like this one! I would have given this episode something higher than a 10 if they let me.moreless

    Let me start this review by saying wow! Where do I begin? We've got the infamous Owlman of Crime Syndicate fame from JLA comics running wild in Gotham making Batman a wanted fugitive in his own town. Next we encounter a classic silver age Joker who actually becomes Batman's team up partner for most of the episode. This would normally be enough for a great episode in itself but it doesn't stop there. We are also treated to the entire cast of heroes and villians who have appeared in the series so far. The creators also sprinkle in some nifty visual references to the 1960's Batman TV series capped with a special surprise treat: a whole line up of alternate reality Batman chracters - many of whom I have never seen before.

    There is no doubt that the creator's of this series have left themselves with a very serious problem. How in the world are they ever going to live up to the expectations this episode created? It is likely that they won't be able to clear a bar that they have set so high. But the goood news for them is that I bet a bunch of us keep watching and hoping that they can do it again.moreless
Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Red Hood/Joker

Guest Star

Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader


Guest Star

Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Blue Beetle

Recurring Role

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Plastic Man

Recurring Role

James Arnold Taylor

James Arnold Taylor

Green Arrow

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Trivia: The alternate Batmans include: 1) a cowboy Batman; 2) a "Hulk" Batman; 3) a vampire Batman; 4) an armored/futuristic "Solar" Batman; 5) a swashbuckler/priateBatman; and 6) a large-brained psionic Batman.

    • Heroes/villains appearing without dialogue: Aquaman, Atom, Red Tornado, Black Manta, Dr. Polaris, Gentleman Ghost, Clock King, The Brain, Gorilla Grodd

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Owlman: You know I'll be back somehow to even the score, Batman.
      Batman: And you know I'll take you down every time.

    • Batman: Owlman! You beat my failsafe holding cell.
      Owlman: A titanium alloy 7-pin, 8-cam lock, with only three layers of redundancy. That wouldn't have stopped you.

    • Joker: Tsk, tsk, tsk, Batman. Our game was so simple--brooding hero, dashing devil-may care villain. I strap you to a drill press, you lock me in a rubber room. and it's fits and giggles till Aunt Fannie comes home.

    • Batman: How do you know about my impostor?
      Joker: Still wound tighter than a straitjacket, I see. Ah, you're the dull deal, all right.

    • Joker: We'll make the bestest team ever! Joker and Batman! (Batman frowns) Fine, Batman and Joker. Take top billing, but why is it always me compromising for the sake of the act?

    • Joker: So what does this button do?
      Batman: Don't touch that.
      Joker: What's this one do?
      Batman: Don't touch that.
      Joker: What's this one do?
      Batman: Don't touch that.
      Joker: Ooh, shiny. What does this one do?
      Batman: You really don't want to touch that. (Joker touches it, spraying knockout gas in his own face) Told you not to touch it.

    • Joker: Jimmy Christmas, the Batcave? Look at all your toys! Oh, an entire wing for moi? I knew you cared.

    • Joker: I hope you're hungry. You're about to be served a heaping double-dip of justice!

    • Joker: (over the radio) Listen, you creep in bat's clothing. We don't make deals with criminal scum.
      Batman: Don't touch my radio. (takes the mike) We don't make deals with criminal scum. Usually.

    • Batman: (point out the car controls) Brake, choke, throttle.
      Joker: Ooh! My kind of fun.

    • Joker: Bats, based on this little adventure, if you weren't the stalwart hero and I wasn't the homicidal maniac, we could have been friends.

  • NOTES (7)

    • International Airdates:
      UK: May 21, 2009 on Cartoon Network

    • Injoke: Batman's use of a microphone and simple voice command to stop the Batmobile inches from himself is a reference to 1989's Batman directed by Tim Burton in which Batman, portrayed by Michael Keaton, performs a similar task.

    • Injoke: The plot device of an enemy stealing Batman's files on how to defeat his teammates is taken from the "Tower of Babel" arc of JLA (issues #43-46). The method used to defeat Plastic Man (freezing using Mr. Freeze's technology) is the same one used here.

    • On the episode's premiere airing, transmission was delayed by a half hour so that it aired at 8:30 Eastern.

    • Injoke: There are several homages to the 60s Batman series. Batman's flashback to being attacked by a giant clam is from the cliffhanger for "The Joker's Hard Times." The flashback to the keycutter deathtrap is from "The Impractical Joker". That episode also featured a Wax Spray Chamber that turned Robin into a wax sculpture, similar to the deathtrap Owlman offers to the Joker. The electric chair deathtrap is from "The Greater Mother of Them All" (with Ma Parker, not the Joker). And the freeze gun that Owlman uses against Plastic Man is taken from the weapon used by the various Mr. Freezes throughout the series.

    • Injoke: The costume which Owlman uses while framing Batman is the exact design depicted in Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 while being called "The Bat-Man." The costume can be identified by the long curved ears on the cowl, simple yellow belt, purple hand gloves rather than Batman's iconic finned gloves and an earless bat symbol. The series notably omits the costumes use of a gun which was present in the earlier comics prior to the depiction of Batman's vow against the use of firearms.

    • Character bios: the Joker, Owlman and the Crime Syndicate